15 Most Expensive Domains Ever Sold

15 Most Expensive Domains Ever Sold

15 Most Expensive Domains Ever Sold. 15, Beer.com.
Sold in 2004 at a price of $ 7 million, this premium domain served as a search engine for
beer, beer brewing, tasting, beer news, history of beer and drinking games.
Thought Convergence bought it, but if you were hoping to pay it a visit for some boozy
entertainment, disappointment awaits. Today the site is up for sale to the next
highest bidder, I wonder who it will be? 14, Diamond.com.
This domain was acquired in 2006 at a price of $ 7.5 million.
Diamond.com is now live as a premium domain that caters to customers who prefer to shop
for diamonds and other ornaments online. It’s really surprising why the new owner
paid a huge amount for this site; after all he is using it so sell one of the most precious
substances available in the world. 13, Business.com.
This domain was sold for $ 7.5 million in December 1999.
It is as expensive as diamond.com, but considering this deal was made 7 years earlier, business.com
deserves to be ranked above diamond.com. 12, Fb.com.
Fb.com was snapped up by the ever-growing social networking monster that is Facebook
in 2010 for $8.5 million from American Farm Bureau Federation.
Well, you do have to protect the most obvious contraction of your businesses name, don’t
you? You can guess where it points now, but it’s
also used as the domain for Facebook employee email addresses as “@facebook.com” addresses
are available to the public. 11, Porno.com.
“Domain king” Rick Schwartz, who has made millions from flipping web addresses,
bought porno.com for $42,000 in 1997 and hung onto it until February 2015, when it was sold
to a Prague-based adult internet company. We don’t show you things like porno.com here,
so have a picture of 50 Shades of Grey 10, Porn.com.
Another site for one of the internet’s most popular pastimes,
media group MXN bought porn.com for $9.5m in 2007, at which time it said: “The possibilities
with porn.com are limitless.” Well, you can probably take a good guess at
what you might find on Porn.com, and unsurprisingly, it’s now a porn video site. 9, Fund.com.
This domain was purchased in 2008 at a whapping price of $ 9.9 million.
It was purchased for a financial service, however, this domain is still not live.
Maybe its new owner is waiting to resell this domain in near future? 8, Hotels.com.
This domain was sold for $ 11 million in 2001, it was bought by Expedia Group and in a November
2012 interview with the BBC, David Roche the president of Hotels.com said
that when it was purchased, “it was thought to be a crazy sum of money..Now we look back
and think, what a bargain!” 7, Insure.com.
Insure.com’s deal happened in 2009 and happens to be the second highest deal of all time
for three years, when PrivateJet.com broke this record.
The deal was made at $ 16 million. It was bought by QuinStreet Inc. a lead generation
company. 6, 360.com.
Qihoo 360, a Chinese internet security firm, reportedly paid $17m for 360.com in May 2015,
buying it from Vodafone who had previously turned down $14m.
This sum was never made public, however. 5, Internet.com.
This deal was struck at $ 18 million in 2009 and is yet another savvy purchase by QuinStreet
Inc. who know the true value of a super premium domain name. 4, Sex.com.
Here comes another deal from porn industry. It was sold in November 2014 for $24 million,
having been previously purchased for $ 14 million in October 2010 an amazing $ 10million
profit in just four years. This domain is doing very well in its own
right, as it is linked with one of the most searched keywords on all search engines. 3, PrivateJet.com.
This deal came very close to become the all time highest deal ever made for a domain.
This transaction happened in 2012 for a staggering $ 30.18 million.
It was bought by Nations Luxury Transportation LLC who said they bought the domain to increase
the company’s visibility in the private aviation sector,
and believe the acquisition of the domain, which is expected to result in 250,000 unique
visitors each month, is a “phenomenal asset” that will help the
company become a world leader in the private jet-chartering sector. 2, VacationRentals.com.
This deal took place in 2007 for $35 million. At the time, this was the highest deal ever
made to purchase any domain. Brian Sharples, the founder of HomeAway, is
the new owner of this domain and admitted that he purchased it as he did not want his
competitor Expedia to acquire it. 1, Insurance.com.
The biggest deal of all time unsurprisingly took place in the financial services industry,
when in 2010 insurance.com was sold for a cool $ 35.6 million and was yet another multi-million
dollar domain purchase by lead generation company
QuinStreet Inc. who have three domains in this Top 15.

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