6 BEST Ways To Get Website Traffic For FREE & Grow Your Website!

6 BEST Ways To Get Website Traffic For FREE & Grow Your Website!

39 thoughts on “6 BEST Ways To Get Website Traffic For FREE & Grow Your Website!

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  2. Hey Frank, Great video thanks for making it! few more ideas for me to implement. Keep up the great work.

  3. hi boss , god bless you my wonderful mentor , boss : my /English grammar/ is not that great , i mean it's normal (i do writing mistakes) so to start an affiliate marketing and make money : do i need to be my /English grammar/ good or great to start making money with affiliate marketing boss or it doesn't matter , please if you see my qw answer me boss , thank you so so so much my mentor .

  4. Awesome video Franklin! These are very effective ways to get traffic and all of them work with consistency 🙂

  5. I am pretty sure The Original Grumpy Cat started out when her owner put her picture on something like Qoura. After that, her popularity just blew up. With one picture. It won't happen with everyone but it does work. Thanks Frank!

  6. hey franklin i wanna ask you a question and that is should i need content on my fb fage to start fb ads or paid advertising on facebook

  7. Hey fRank, will these FREE Traffic for a website be good for Shopify – or should a tool like you mentioned prior be the way? A tool in which you pay around $99 or $50 a month? Or should one attempt these methods instead? Thanks in advance!!

  8. I've done so many searches for how to get free traffic over the past month or so and then I see this post just pop up in my subscriptions. This was exactly what I was looking for. The best one by far.

  9. Thx Franklin for sharing lot of valuable information on your channel. This will help a lot of us newbies to start something nice. Cheers

  10. I totally agree what you said about people spamming. Everyone does it and it doesn't work for obvious reasons. It is like people trying to grow there YouTube channel and they go into people's channels and say something like "Let's help each other to grow, sub to me and I will sub to you" that is just spammy and annoying. This also applies to growing your website, blog, Instagram etc. Other then that great video Franklin. Thanks

  11. I personally think that SEO is the best one. I created my blog 3 months ago and one of my post review of a popular clickbank product started to get a lot of traffic, ranking at first page for a lot of keywords after 1 month after posted it. I made my first 4 sales recently in a week. I didn't even expect to make sales with clickbank, but it happened. I expect the other posts to get the same traffic after 1,2 months, but people must know that SEO takes time.

  12. Very good video like every other from you. I have used most all of these ways and still use them and they work.But what would you advise to do for example after a google update, when our site drops a lot in the ranks for example ? I'd be very interested to hear your opinion .

  13. What method would you recommend for my travel site. It works on an affiliate scheme and basically compares prices.

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