today I have six tricks for you to use
an adobe illustrator for your graphic design workflow what is that people
welcome back to you Satori graphics the home of graphic design content right
here on YouTube I’ve got many videos on this channel relating to tips and tricks
for Adobe Illustrator but always keep things fresh for you guys and so today I
have six more tricks or tips for you to use in your graphic design workflow when
using a new video straighter the first illustrator trick for your
graphic design workflow allows you to paste an object in the same position
across multiple artboards so if you take the artboard tool here and then hold
down alt option key you can duplicate the eye board many many times so let’s
say I’m gonna create a heading with the type tool I can then copy with command
or ctrl C but if I then press command or control +
Alt + shift + + V they will be copied across many different artboards in the
same position this is a great tip for when you’re designing multiple page
documents such as brochures or magazines when you have many objects on your
artboard you can hide a specific selection of them with this illustrator
trick press command or control 3 when you have a selection of objects to hide
them and then you can press command or ctrl Alt + n 3 to allow you objects to
be shown again this helps you organize and see your work when you have a very
busy designer illustrator this next illustrator trick for your
graphic design workflow is very useful when you have a selection of objects you
can group them together with command or control G and most of us know that
already but then if you double click the
selection a gray bar will appear you can now move an object independently around
or the other ones with the selection tool even though they are grouped
together you can then also press a on your keyboard to access direct selection
tool and edit the curves and anchor points and once you’re done click the
gray bar once illustrator and things will return to normal with the group
selection the fourth graphic design workflow tip is really interesting to
play with and it’s great for digital illustrations press command will control
R to show your rulers and then make a rectangle around the entire artboards
using a stroke only in no fill then pull a guide from the rulers on the
left side aniline is centrally done the document in Illustrator so go ahead and
open up the layers window here where you can locate in the drop down menu create
a new layer like so and then access the pencil with P on your keyboard draw a straight line down the middle of
your new layer and then increase the stroke way if need be I moved away the
guide select the bottom layer in the layer window and then in the appearance
window click the effects tab you then go to the store and transform and transform type-in reflect one copy and check the x
box here on the right now you can select the brush tool with B on your keyboard
and then when you draw on one side you have a reflection the other side this is
great for symmetrical illustrations and you can also use shapes and pen tool
paths but everything is going to be reflected over the other side I’m sure
you can have some fun using this illustrator trick and you can use more
than one reflection mirror if you won for this next illustrator trick to help
your graphic design workflow make sure you have a stroke and no fear in the
color palette press M to select the rectangle tool load before and generate
a box around the entire document then go to object path and split into grid you can now have control over how many
rows and how many columns you want to use for your graphic design layout you
can then go ahead and select every single box and lock it down in place
this helps you create design work evenly spread out across the district’s
document the last trick in today’s video helps
you learn objects to a specific object so select everything then simply click
once more on an object you’ll notice a thick blue line appearing around there
so now when you go into the line window and press an align function
everything will be orientated around that specific object that you selected
this has multiple functions across your graphical design workflow such as
aligning typography layouts and so forth so what did you think of today’s video
on six tip tricks for adobe illustrator let me in the comment section
below and also leave a comment letting me know we want to see on this channel
if you have any opinions or suggestions I’m always open to ideas from you guys
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  1. Back again! I hope your weekend was dandy!? Today more tricks and tips for you to use in Adobe Illustrator.Let me know if you learned anything in todays video, and also check out the links in the description for deals on web hosting, graphic design resources and much more.

  2. always great stuff subscribed you when u were having only 3k subs wishing to get u 100k subs early and love u alot

  3. Hahah cryptocurrencies everywhere, you just had to remind me about the bloodbath huh? 😛
    Well it's discount shopping time anyways 😀

  4. Always amazing work the ONE trick that blew my mind was the mirror effect I had not idea that's one to use for mascot logo design 🖒🏾 Always good Stuff

  5. I wish I would have known about the mirror trick last week before my deadlines! It would have saved me from so much stress, but it's definitely so good to know for future use! 🤗

  6. Tom, I've seen many many tutorials right here on youtube in the recent years. And the result: You are my favourite professional "teacher"! 🙂 Keep it up! Woohoo… and the top tip in this video is #4! It inspires me. Have a sunny day… take care 🙂

  7. Awesome!😎 What if I have 5 or so different pics and I want to add a text layer in the same spot on all pics? How would I do that?

  8. So helpful tricks i learned some new things and last trick blew my mind because i never thought that the blue line that appears to me when i double click by mistake is that helpful! great content Tom 🙂

  9. Hey excellent video. I learnt a few tips I didn’t know about and I’m all about keyboard shortcuts so thank you. Just a quick question though, the font you used for your channel name on the tshirt in the background, is this something your created from scratch or is it a regular font you used but just tweaked for your logo? Thanks!

  10. Great tips .. I used to use them all but it is the first time to use the transform effect in this way nice touch .. but when I used it never do the same effect as you did it is reflecting on its pivot not on the other side.

  11. Hai Satori, nice tricks.
    Do you have some trick for make a brush tool with mouse but the result like we using a pen. I mean like trick about pressure.
    – Cris

  12. THANK YOU!!! Def learned a few things. I don't fully understand the last one, but hopefully I will soon! I knew that thick blue line did something lol. Thanks again!

  13. I have many objects say, rectangles, of different sizes on an art-board. I want to make them of the same size. Kindly make a tutorial on this. Thanks.

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