7 stages of being stuck in traffic | Noodleboys

(car horns honking) – No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
probably just an accident. Everybody slows down to look at accidents. It’s not rush hour it’s only six o’clock. (groans) I should’ve taken the bus. You mother fu–
(car horn honking) I am collected. (car horn honking)
Okay, okay, all right! (car horn honking)
Alright a–, okay! Stop looking at the accident, move! I will never yell at you again as long as you find me a way out of this, so just please reroute,
do whatever you do. – [GPS] You’re screwed. – You piece of sh– (horns blaring)
(anxious piano music) (chair reclining) ♪ Born to live on a ladder,
ladder, ladder, ladder ♪ Hey.
(light knocking) Hi, Z24 Magic 101? – Yep.
– Yeah– – [Radio Host] But I’m sorry
you are not caller number nine. – Oh, okay do you just wanna chat then? – [Man] Bop it, twist it! – Did we just move? Did we just move? – [GPS] No we did not. – Oh, okay then, I could just die here. Just practice your breathing
like the instructor told you. Merge away! Merge yourselves! It’s a company merger! Yes! It was an accident! Oh yeah, nothing but
open road, baby, whoo! (skidding)
(crashing) – [GPS] Recalculating. (car horns honking) Recalculating. Recalculating. (happy music)

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