A Brilliantly Simple Way to Boost Website Traffic – How to Get International Blog Traffic

A Brilliantly Simple Way to Boost Website Traffic – How to Get International Blog Traffic

Do you know what the easiest way to get more
search traffic is? It’s not by writing more content. It’s actually by expanding internationally. Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m
going to teach you how to double your search traffic through internationalization. I want you to take a look at this picture
here. This is an analytics screenshot of NeilPatel.com. You’ll notice that I get a lot of traffic
from the United States, but the United States doesn’t even make up 50% of my traffic. Why? Because I’ve expanded globally. There’s a lot of popular regions on my website,
such as India, Brazil, all the Spanish-speaking markets. I’ve expanded globally. You know what? I’ve done this because there’s no competition
overseas. So now, I’m going to teach you how to do the
same. This has been one of the biggest driving factors
of my growth. The first thing you want to do is translate
your content. Whatever you do have, you want to translate
into the languages that you’re going after. Keep in mind, the majority of the world doesn’t
just speak English. There’s languages like Hindi, Mandarin, that
are extremely popular, and there’s a ton of money outside of just the United States. The world doesn’t revolve around America. It’s much bigger than just one country. By translating your content to different languages,
now when people are googling within their own language, they can then come to your website. You can use a plugin like Transposh. It’s a WordPress plugin that helps translate
your content. It’s not that effective. A better way or a better strategy is to do
it manually. You can go to sites like Upwork.com and hire
translators. They’re not that expensive. You can translate a lot of the pages on your
site for 50 bucks, 100 bucks and go from there. Now, after you translate your content, the
second thing you want to do is use hreflang code. Hreflang code is from Google, or at least
Google uses it. I don’t know who created it, but a lot of
search engines use it. What hreflang does is it tells the search
engines, “Hey. This page here is my English version, and
this other page is my Portuguese version for Brazil.” If you look at the source code for NeilPatel.com,
you’ll notice that I have hreflang for German, Spanish, and Portuguese Brazil. By using hreflang, it tells Google, “Hey. For these search engines over here, let’s
say in Brazil, rank the Portuguese content instead of the English content.” You want to do that because let’s say in regions
like Brazil, roughly 5% of the market speaks English. 95% speak Portuguese. All you have to do is give it time, do the
hreflang set up, make sure you enter a link, so your Portuguese pages should link to your
other Portuguese pages. You don’t want your Portuguese pages linking
back to your English pages. By doing that, your rankings are going to
go up. One simple thing to know is that when you
use hreflang and you’ve translated your content, when someone is coming to your website, you
want to redirect them to the region that they’re from. You do this because of browser settings. Let’s say they use Google Chrome. Well, Google Chrome tells your website that
hey, this person reads, let’s say in German, or they read in Portuguese, and you can automatically
redirect them. You can hire a developer from Upwork.com to
do this, and let them know that do not redirect search engine bots. The reason you don’t want to redirect search
engine bots is because a lot of servers are in regions that are English-speaking, like
the United States. Google is crawling your German version of
your site from the United States. You don’t want to redirect them. You want to let them read your English site
and your German site, but you want to redirect the users. When you tell the developer this, they’ll
know how to do this for you.

32 thoughts on “A Brilliantly Simple Way to Boost Website Traffic – How to Get International Blog Traffic

  1. Neil i can't write good artical,and I feel lazy while writing is it mean I can't became successful blogger,should I quit 🙁

  2. Really great tips Neil.. I like every video you upload! You are giving a ton of value for free. Keep it up!

  3. My business as a golf instructor has about 90% of my content in video's. All my video's are in English. Will this strategy still work? Thanks

  4. Neil, I have a website that has been set to rank in USA via Google Webmaster Tools. I want to rank in India for some Keywords but anyway my site rank Higher in the US than it does in India, and on a specific landing page I want it to happen otherwise. so can I add the landing page URL example : xyz.com/RankInIndia in webmaster tools again as a new site and let it not affect my rankings in USA for other keywords?

  5. Wow!!! Can't believe I'm the first person commenting on this. Excellent video on expanding your audience and gaining more income in the process. Thanks Neil!!!

  6. Hey, loved all your videos. Keep up the good work. However, I feel you should do a video (and may be a few blog posts) on SEO for web applications. Not all websites are blogs and there are many sites like content curation portals, social networks, etc. they also need good search rankings. Internet is full of tips for blog SEO but I don't find any SEO advice or tutorials for web apps, SPAs, etc. These kind of applications do not have the advantage of long text and thousands of words, and have their own unique SEO challenges. What do you think?

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  8. Hi Neil, I love this idea, but the first thing that pops into my head is what about your email list? Do you translate all your autoresponders/funnel pages and programs in the other languages as well?

  9. What are the down sides if I use a plugin for this? Cuz it seems little expensive for a intermediate blogger like me.

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  11. I think, the problem with intenationalization is when your readers ask questions in the comment, and you can't even understand what they're talking about.

  12. Um, Audience Members….. I am a professional translator and know what kind of quality you will get from a translation through places like "Upwork", i.e. Not Good (sometimes just laughable mistakes, others costly ones). For quality translations, you should expect to pay much more than simply $100 dollars…. _per language_. Please, please trust me on this; you spent a lot of time working on your English content so your company looks good; Quality translators will spend just as much effort to make sure you look good in your target market.

  13. Nice big fella.We tend to become so Anglo-centric. But you're spot on. There are so many more lucrative markets. Quick question… I notice for example you use neilpatel.com/de/ to serve up German content. Can you tell me your thoughts as to whether neilpatel.de would be better than, for example, neilpatel.com/de?

    Thanks so much, really enjoying your channel. Keep it pumping man!

  14. Hey Neil, i am English blogger from India.
    you try Hindi can you tell how is your results because right now your blog is in English

  15. I wish I would come across your channel earlier.
    Thanks from all the startups who can't afford a content marketer nor to become one, still need to get marketing done at a tolerable level.

  16. Is the wpml.org a more reliable translator than "Google Cloud Translation API" because it is a lot less expensive than Google. With Google, the cost would average $20 for every 250 visitors at $20 per 1 millions characters.

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