A2 Hosting Review: 5 Things You SHOULD Know Before Buying [2019]

A2 Hosting Review: 5 Things You SHOULD Know Before Buying [2019]

In my previous a2 hosting review I’ve
talked about how their turbo plans might not be all that turbo. But there’s
still no denying that a2 hosting is one of the fastest web hosting providers
that are available right now. So, in this a2 hosting review I want to go over
the top five things you should know before starting with a2 hosting let’s go! Do you already have a website?
Well, a2 hosting will move your websites from your old web hosting provider to a2
hosting completely free of charge. Other providers like Bluehost charge as much
as $150 per website transfer and a2 hosting just does it for free. And this
is an awesome feature especially if you already have a website but you’re a bit
uncomfortable with the idea of moving it somewhere else because there is some
work involved and there’s always the possibility that something might break
leaving your website not functioning but the great thing about these free
migrations is that you can just hand over your website to a2 hosting experts
and they’ll do everything for you free of charge. While most providers offer a
30-day money-back guarantee or even a 90-day money-back guarantee a2
hosting goes a step further for 30 days your plans are fully refundable and
after the 30 days are up you are eligible to get a refund for the unused
time on your plans. This makes a2 hosting one of the
safest choices if you’re just looking for a web hosting provider to test the
waters with since they move your existing website to their servers for
free and they give you an unlimited amount of time to get a partial refund. My previous a2 hosting review talked
about their performance a lot and by the way if you want to find my full in-depth
a2 hosting review you can find it right here and now let’s take a look at
the most recent a2 hosting performance statistics and see if they still hold up.
Once again I’ve monitored their stability using UptimeRobot as you can
see there’s not a single spike in performance it’s been super stable over
the period of 30 days and the average response time is just 400 ms.
This shows that a to hosting is still the king of fast websites but they
had some issues with downtime 17 minutes in total over the months not terrible
but to be honest 14 minutes of that was in a single day October 29th so you can
expect less downtime during a month on average. And I’ve noticed that towards
the end of October a lot of web hosting providers had issues with stability I’ve
experienced issues with Hostinger, Bluehost, SiteGround and now a2 hosting.
It’s really weird how all of them started acting up at the same time but I
guess this is just like starting the holiday rush a lot of people are getting
their websites so this might be a little bit overloading their servers. By the way
real quick I want to mention that my work is supported by affiliate links
this means that every time you make a purchase through the links in the
description down below I make a commission and you get a
discount this is a win-win situation for both of us since I get to make more
videos, buy more web hosting services to test and keep my content ad and sponsor
free and you get the best possible price for any web hosting deal. So, thank you
for supporting the channel and let’s get back to this a2 hosting review. The price
of a2 hosting cheapest plan is usually $7.99 a month you can use the link in
the description below to get 63% off your purchase and get that price
down to just $2.96 a month. All plans with a2 hosting
include a free SSL certificate and a free cloudflare account to make your
website faster internationally. However, you do not get a free domain with any of
their plans. You will need to buy that separately and it will cost you an
additional 15 dollars every year. A2 hosting offers something called the
turbo plans. These turbo plans have extra built-in optimizations for WordPress
that are activated automatically when you install the WordPress client through
a2 hosting. A2 hosting turbo plans run on better hardware and they’re
currently the fastest shared web hosting plans you can get anywhere. But just
because they’re the fastest it doesn’t mean that you need to buy them. For most
users these Swift plans will do
just fine. And you can install some optimization plugins yourself almost
mimicking the turbo plans and while using a2 hosting you will be able to
install WordPress with just one click automatically no matter which plan you
buy so that’s a very convenient feature if you’re just a beginner. You also get
access to their business emails and creating a business email is super
simple you can do it through the cPanel that a2 hosting has and your business
emails will use the same domain name that your website is using. If you want
to have the fastest possible website for the lowest cost then I would definitely
recommend a2 hosting and if you’re interested in more web hosting reviews I
recommend you to check out my channel I do weekly hosting reviews I talk about
websites I show the backend of different providers I do tutorials about website
creation. So, if you’re interested in that sort of stuff consider subscribing and
if you just want to ask me something feel free to do that in the comments
down below I read then answer all of your comments
so there there are no stupid questions basically if you’re interested in web
hosting just go ahead. My name is Emit with the hosting.review team and as always
good luck making your websites

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  2. Hostgator cloud vs A2hosting vs Hostinger cloud vs Bluehost….for 3 websites with 1000 users each per day traffic…which would you recommend to be in budget??

  3. Can I agree with everything ypu said bro, thanks for the speedy content and great job with the special effects in the vid looked really cool while triping on shrooms dude. Keep up!

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