Banner Ad Best Practices – Mobile Ads Garage #3

Banner Ad Best Practices – Mobile Ads Garage #3

22 thoughts on “Banner Ad Best Practices – Mobile Ads Garage #3

  1. hi admob,
    i am a hobby developer and I've made an app named FIT gym trainer. i want to monetize my app but i have no idea of coding. i don't understand what sdk is and from where that coding page pops up. i have made that app using my android phone. please help me in monetize my app. i also want to mention that it is next to impossible to find admob customer support email.
    also please make it simple for hobby developers like me.

  2. this is the link to my app.

  3. Can you explain about refresh rates in a video or in reply. How often a request for banner should be made. What would happen if a request is made within 60 seconds from the previous request.

  4. Im adding a smart banner throught my layout but it shows only when orientation is portrait and hides when it is landscape ??

  5. DON'T USE AdMob! After years of quite good numbers this happened few weeks ago: banner's match rate at 40%, fullscreen at 80%, ridiculous RPM and NO SUPPORT AT ALL!!!

  6. I have a question is it safe to use isHidden, to hide the ad while in game and set it to false when the pause screen is showed? Or does it record false impressions while hidden?

  7. Hello ! I heard that it's not safe to put up real ad id before publishing my app on playStore. At what time is it advised to stop using test ad id ? Is it before or after Hosting the app on the Store ?

  8. About 4:15, when you talk about not putting ads in scrolling views, how come Google does it in its own news app ?

    Also, what's the best practice to avoid refreshes of Admob ads?
    It's really annoying that upon every orientation change and every time you visit an Activity, it reloads the ad, instead of caching what it has loaded so far and use it.

  9. i have 5 different screen in my app, can i use 5 different banner with 5 different ad-mob ads unit id for each screen

  10. If their policies exist to make sure that developers aren't causing people to click adds unless they intended to… why is google recommending to put the banner right where the swipe up control buttons will appear?

  11. hello the test ads showed in my app after building it, but when i make my live code and build the app and install the app in my phone, the ads never showed, did i need google play 25$ to start showing ads in my apps??!!

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