Best Budget 4K Video Camera Panasonic Lumix G7

Best Budget 4K Video Camera Panasonic Lumix G7

25 thoughts on “Best Budget 4K Video Camera Panasonic Lumix G7

  1. I notice a lot of people use digital cameras for Youtube video. What are the differences between using a digital camera vs a digital camcorder?

  2. Hi Roberto! Micro 4/3 is actually between 16mm and 35mm motion picture frame sizes (closer to 35mm in fact). APS-C is practically identical to the 35mm cine frame. Here for comparison are the rough effective frame widths rounded to the nearest millimeter.

    10 mm – standard 16mm movie film (classic 1.37:1 aspect ratio)
    12 mm – Super 16 (single perf, wider picture, used only for origination)
    17 mm – Micro 4/3 sensor
    21 mm – standard Academy 35mm projected movie film
    22 mm – Canon APS-C sensor (T3i and the like)
    23 mm – Nikon/Pentax/Sony APS-C sensor
    36 mm – Full-frame 35mm still photography (Canon 5D and similar)

    Except perhaps for the weight, I would prefer the GH4, but of course it costs almost double what the G7 does. I wish both cameras had better low-light sensitivity, but as Stephen Wright says, you can't have everything, where would you put it?

  3. Hello, this camera is used to record moving me carrying it in my hand? I wish to travel vlogs but not which camera fit this need. Thanks for the answers .

  4. Hello Roberto, just watched your video on the Panasonic G7, I am considering buying one for my first YouTube video. I just bought a Canon Camcorder Vixia HF R700, I like your channel and you give quality content which is a plus for me. My question is this, should I stick to my Canon Camcorder R700 until I get some experience or should I get the Panasonic G7 from the start. Thanks again Roberto.
    Harry Swank

  5. I have a rebel sl1 but for vloggin I wish I had a monitor I could see myself…. is the a screen I could buy to attach to this camera

  6. Has anybody here heard of the Panasonic Lumix FZ300? It's really good from what I've seen, it can record 4k, and has other good extra features for around 500 bucks, but somehow it doesn't seem that popular. I'm still muddled around asking this question, "What good camera should I buy?!"
    I would appreciate some feedback and advice on any good 4k budget cameras.

  7. This might be an old or odd question Roberto But why didn't you purchase a Panasonic Lumix GH4? From what I have read and saw its better than the G7 in many ways.

  8. Awesome reassuring video. Thanks. I'm a Canon guy and was considering the 80D, but tired of buying yet another 1200 dollar camera body that doesn't shoot 4K.
    And you said were considering buying a second one. I shoot w 2 cameras myself mostly (interviews and such) and could get TWO of these for the price of ONE 80D…. God bless Canon, BUT…..
    Edit: oh, liked and subbed btw. Cheers.

  9. Seems like a cool camera. But I always worry about the audio input since I don't shoot my video and audio separately. Ideally, I like to use a Rhode video mic with an extension cord.

  10. Hi Roberto, a great review! Could you tell me if this will be a good camera for a youtube channel? I mean some cooking, some unboxing, talking in front of the camera while sitting on my chair, reviews, a bit of travel/restaurant vlogging? Will the AF be an issue? I watched your G7 UHD 4K Video Test video and I noticed some AF problems and you said it was due to focus set on the eyes, is that the only thing that must be changed?Can you recommend it for my purposes?

  11. Definitely looking into this ever since I saw your tweet! (Don’t worry, if I get it, I’ll use your affiliate link 🤠) I’ll check your other videos out next but I’m curious how the audio is? I’ve heard mixed reviews. No issues with a rode mic I assume?

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