BEST SMMA Niches of 2019

BEST SMMA Niches of 2019

In this video I’m gonna tell you the top
ten social media marketing agency niches of 2019 so stay tuned here we go welcome
back everybody and thank you for joining me my name is Jordan Steen also known as
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oh and PS make sure to stay tuned to the end of today’s video and I’ll give you the
number one niche to target for 2019 so guys choosing the right niche can be
challenging really a lot of people are looking for which one is gonna make me
the most money what you need to understand is really that any niche can
make money if it makes sense for that business really it’s more about what
businesses are spending money and with whether or not that business owner is
willing to spend or not so you can find clients in any niche I don’t want you to
think that there is a niche out there that just doesn’t exist if the business
fits and needs the marketing then you have a client that’s all that matters
but ultimately there are some niches that are more prone to buy into digital
marketing just because of the nature of their business and ultimately they have
larger budgets most of these ones that we’re going to talk about with regards
to spending on their digital marketing campaigns and that could be for several
different reasons but we’re gonna focus on the top 10 niches and why you want to
consider those niches in 2019 so let’s go through them really quick after we
get done going through all of these niches it’s up in the top right hand
corner but come back and check out that video it’s our proposal template and
guide that you’re going to want to use when you go in to actually pitch these
potential clients so the number one niche we’re going to talk about is the
healthcare niche and this could be doctors of any kind surgeons and the
reason why that the healthcare niche is so great to go after is because they
have super large budgets I mean just think about it one surgery could cost
ten twenty thousand fifty thousand a hundred thousand depending on the
surgery but it could be super expensive so if you bring in one new client for
let’s say a plastic surgeon they just made thousands and thousands of dollars
for you to potentially spend anywhere from 25 to maybe a hundred dollars to
bring in that one client right so if you’re spending $100
and you’re bringing that person a customer worth $10,000 they’re gonna be
pretty happy right and that’s what’s great about the healthcare industry they
have a higher markup on their product meaning that the profit margin is
usually going to be a little bit higher meaning that they’re also willing to
spend more so doctors ultimately spend more on campaigns healthcare industry is
great number two is the fitness and weight loss industry everybody gets
really involved with something when it’s an emotional trigger right and people
ultimately want to look and feel good about the way they look on the outside
right so that’s why healthcare and fitness does really great with digital
marketing because they can get in on places like social media platforms and
use that platform to engage with their audience and show them workout routines
and ideas and ultimately changes from start to finish what people look like
and that pulls at the emotional heartstrings of people right so these
are really great ways for them to land clients thus why weight loss and fitness
places or gyms are looking at digital marketing so heavily and actually
spending a lot of money in the digital marketing space number three is going to
be lawyers or attorneys and that’s because they are one of the largest
spenders outside of auto dealerships lawyers and attorneys are the probably
the number two spender in digital marketing or just in advertising budgets
across the world and the reason being is because they have such a high markup on
their services and their profit margins are typically a lot higher thus meaning
again that they have the budgets to spend on digital marketing also they
understand that clients in their local area are typically going online to
Google to search for these types of businesses first right so then from
there you can use social and email and all of those remarketing techniques to
get them into that attorney’s door versus someone else but ultimately they
do know where these customers are beginning their journey and that’s why
it’s so important to them so lawyers number four is dentists so we kind of
look at these a little bit separately from the healthcare industry you know we
focus on doctors and surgeons dentists are kind of different because yes it is
healthcare but it’s more cosmetic than it is you know taking care of your
actual well being right but dentists are another one similar to doctors and
attorneys where they make a higher dollar income versus the amount that
they have to spend to run their business meaning their profit margins higher so
they know that they can spend the money on digital marketing also they’re just
like doctors and attorneys where they understand that people in a local area
are going to go to Google search first to find
their potential dentist that they’re going to go to right so they understand
the importance really the biggest thing is people have to understand the
importance of digital marketing and ultimately all of these niches that were
covering are starting to understand or have already understood for a long time
the importance of being online question of the day has your agency worked with
any of the four previously mentioned niches or not and if not one of those
four then definitely let me know if you do any of the other six we’re about to
go into but I’m curious which ones you’ve worked with number five is a
veterinary care practice and that’s because vets are just as similar to
doctors and lawyers and dentists as any other doctor anybody on the healthcare
industry would be and they understand that people really care about their pets
that’s why social media is a great place to go people always engage with cute
puppy videos and photos and stuff like that so it’s a really great way to promote
engagement with their business but it’s also a great way to reach their
potential customers because just like you when you’re looking for a doctor or
a dentist or attorney in your area if you need a vet you’re gonna find one
close to you and local to you so where are you starting search again vets
understand that so they know they need to be online and again their profit
margins are higher just due to the nature of their business so they’re
willing to spend number six is salons or anything dealing
with like beauty and getting your hair done or your nails done or whatever it
is that you’re trying to do as far as looking good as concerned and the reason
being is because salons are able to take all of the stuff happening inside their
salon so all the new haircuts they’re putting together all of the new nail
designs and all of that whatever it is that they’re doing at their salon
they’re able to take that and put a ton of cool video and photo together and
then advertise that to their local community showing their talents and
their skills and that draws ultimately new customers into their place of
business typically you have to understand that when a business has a
larger profit margin because salons charge a lot of money to do hair and
just to dye hairs like $400 women y’all are crazy I got to tell you all that
because I don’t have that kind of money to be blowing on hair every single month
but they charge a ton of money so they have a higher profit margin and they
understand that their their product or their service is very visual or visually
appealing right so they need to put that on line and the best way to do that
forget putting it at a newspaper or on TVs when you can do it on social media
super super cheaply salons are another great one oh and some of you have
actually already met with a business owner
maybe landed a client but a lot of you don’t know what the next step is so in
case you’re wondering what that is we put together a video on the onboarding
process check out that video up here in the top right hand corner number seven
is chiropractors so if you guys can’t unsee the trend already a lot of these
businesses or niches that we’re talking about are in the service industry and
their professional style services that deal with the the way you feel about
yourself right your confidence level all of them ultimately affect your
confidence level a chiropractor is going to help you feel better which is
ultimately gonna make you feel happier and feel better about yourself right
chiropractors also have a higher profit margin and they have something that they
can appeal to the masses if you have pain nobody wants to be in pain so it’s
easy to pull at those emotional triggers to get people in your door versus trying
to sell something that doesn’t necessarily have an emotional attachment
of some sort so chiropractors again very high budgets and their customers are
perfect for emotional trigger selling number eight is general contractors and
general contractors are always going to be great because again higher profit
margins but also again very very visual when they go in to do a new home or do a
new bathroom or whatever it is that they’re remodeling or building you
always start with something that’s not very appealing or attractive but then by
the time the job is over it’s beautiful and it’s usually very
easy to want to look at right so that’s why they do well is social and then they
ultimately have to bring these people in every market to them right
so remarketing is a great way to get those people with social right but a lot
of general contractors aren’t using that and they’re starting to realize the
importance of visually showing people what it is they do and then also
remarketing to them with customer testimonials and experiences and what
they felt like their experience was like so that way they can give it to people
who are potentially considering buying their products but again general
contractors really great definitely suggest checking them out number 9 is
restaurants and restaurants are always going to be appealing but when I say
restaurants I want to give you guys a little piece of advice from my past
experiences if you’re going after a restaurant and it’s a brick-and-mortar
location right that’s pretty much every restaurant I don’t know why I said that
but you guys get comes if they have only one location that’s typically not the
best restaurant to go after so for example a one location pizza restaurant
probably not ideal right because the average plate is probably going to be
anywhere from ten to fifteen maybe at the most twenty dollars per person it’s
just not enough for them to justify a budget
especially of $1,000 or more but if you have that same pizza location and they
have three locations their budget is probably a little more justified so they
might that at that point they would be more willing to spend but at the same
time you have restaurants like in my area we have one called Papa Doe that
one restaurant does five million dollars in sales every single year do you think
they could afford a budget I’m gonna say yes so that’s the difference you really
have to look at each restaurant independently and say okay what type of
restaurant in is this how much money are they really pulling in and do they
really could they really afford $1,000 to $1,500 per month yet or are they not
at that point in their business cycle but that’s it for this video guys thank
you so much for sticking around and since you stayed till the end I’m gonna
give you the number one hitch that I recommend trying to target in 2019 and
the reason why I want to recommend this niche is because number one I’ve had a
lot of success with it but also number two is there one of the newest niches to
the game and they’re one of the largest industries in the world if not the
largest industry in the world and that industry is real estate has real estate
agents and real estate agencies were the last ones to the digital marketing space
I honestly don’t know why it took them so long because they have one of the
most visual brands or products to sell out there but ultimately they were the
last ones to come to the game or one of the last ones and so there are tons and
tons of real estate agents to get out there and start bringing into the space
ultimately there’s I think over 2 million real estate agents just in the
US alone so there’s plenty of businesses out there and they’re learning the
importance of being online and having their listings readily available or
easily available on their website and on social media but those are the top 10
niches guys I really hope that that showed you or maybe shed some light on
what to look out for in 2019 and who you might want to consider targeting into
2019 but before I get out of here you guys do me a favor and leave me a
comment below and let me know again I want to know what niches you guys have
you tried any of the ten that I mentioned and did you have success or
not if you did what do you think happened that caused these success if
not why do you think you failed or why do you think that niche wasn’t right for
you but that’s it for me guys I’m gonna get out of here and I will see you guys
on next week’s video until then Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start
living the six figure work wherever be your own boss lifestyle
well at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how to use a laptop and
internet to start your own social media and digital marketing agency get started
with our free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see
in the course Cereal Entrepreneur out!

20 thoughts on “BEST SMMA Niches of 2019

  1. This was helpful! Thank you! I'm going to talk with my agency partner about diving into a marketing program for these exact niches. Already had my eye on Real Estate (got that "itch" from your last live Q&A). We currently specialize in nonprofits, but have worked with a construction/remodel company. You are absolutely correct! The before and after photos are visually appealing and really made the website sail!! Looking forward to more videos!

  2. great video very detailed with awesome structure definitely going to invest in your course. The black back drop helped my low attention span (squirrel 👀…) lol keep up the good work.

  3. Hey, Jordan’s the man!!!!
    I’ve gotten so much GOLD from his contents.
    In fact, he has inspired me so much to get into my own online business. So much so that I’ve set myself a HUGE target; to make 1 Million dollars online, in 4-5 years…. 🙆🏽‍♂️
    Well, I’m 3 weeks I’m up to 4 figures (and this grows everyday)!
    You can follow my journey….. Remember I’m brand new 🙈
    And, my SMMA in Jamaica is now BOOMING!
    Thank you Jordan!

  4. I think one very overlooked niche, but high ticket one (and one that I plan on going after once I get things started), is the retirement home niche. Think about it, these places charge anywhere from 4-6K per month for 1 person. People die so new spots are ALWAYS opening up and those beds need to get filled.

  5. Awesome video!!!
    – I have a few clients from the fitness industry.
    – Currently, I have been working on attorney niche…lets see how that goes!👍

  6. Another great video Jordan but I have a question regarding your number 1 niche. How can someone local compete with the big marketing companies that have specialized in that niche for many years? I ask because i used to be in that niche and there are so many gurus if you can call them that, that spend tens of thousands of dollars in marketing to that niche.

  7. good vid jordan, How do you think travel agencts for fitness and wellness retreats would go as a niche? They usaully have a big list of retreats and countries to go to on their website would this make it difficult to do? like car dealerships are?

  8. Love working with attorneys–they understand the importance of digital marketing and have the budget to invest to do it RIGHT.

  9. I’ve been targeting real estate agents/agencies but haven’t gotten my first client. What do you suggest I prioritize when it comes to suggesting services (SEO, SMM)?

  10. Don't we need to keep in mind the $ value of a sale in the fitness industry. If the average sale is $18 we would need to do alot of work to mak it woth while for the agency to spend 1-3k with us .. :/

  11. Hilarious about the dental comment.. good video kid accidentally clicked on it but I think I'm going to take I use a couple of these ideas for my actual agency thanks.. I got you on the sub tip

  12. I have a hard time going super niche.

    I want something i know a little about. I’m a sports person, fitness, allways used and researched with hairproduct and gaming.

    I could have taking a barber salon, but when i ask what his budget is he Said 1500$ and then working from there. He wanted more time with family, but the budget wasnt really anything. He Said i could come with a Price and he would see if he could adfford it. He wanted to sell his products online, but there is soooo many products.

    I like ecommerce because of scale. Just dont know what in ecommerce

    What would be the best decision?
    I haven’t taking him on as a client but he keeps asking about my business everytime i get a haircut it drives me crazy haha.
    And in niche i dont know what to do?

  13. Jordan, I'd choose the following 3 niches: 1. Fitness (gyms like CrossFit, Title Boxing, etc); 2. General contractors; and 3. Real estate. I choose fitness because I have a excited interest in it. I choose contractors & realtors because I'm determined to be a real estate investor (REI). No 1 & 2 will help me in my future REI career.

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