Best Video Editing Software for Mac and Windows PC 2016

Best Video Editing Software for Mac and Windows PC 2016

28 thoughts on “Best Video Editing Software for Mac and Windows PC 2016

  1. I see you left Pinnacle Studio off your list and Magix Movie Edit Pro.

  2. Hello, could you tell me please, which video editor allows to save video project with the highest audio quality? I would like to use separately recorded quality WAV-audio (stereo). How about Sony Vegas? Which are the highest audio parameters possible for saving in video? And I would like to have convenient tools for syncing audio and video (it will be my most common operation).

  3. Thanks Roberto. I've been battling along with Photoshop for editing for a while. It's Damn near unusable! But I've had to make do. I might look into Adobe Premier Elements. Thank you for the great round up.

  4. some significant final cut pro x (fcpx) benefits if on mac are missing. Time-intensive tasks of video stabilization and render times are almost always vastly faster with fcpx on mac (vs premiere pro cc). Keep in mind if you're wed to mac for certain reasons.

  5. Now I'm a bit confused, as in another video you recommended CyberLink PowerDirector 15 for the middle price class which doesn't even show up here. Was that video, as you said it was sponsored, just advertisement for it and not really your point of view?

  6. I need a software to make my Youtube videos. They are very simple gardening videos, I don't use many visual effects(just fade in & out). I'm searching for free software. Is Windows movie maker good? or should I get premiere pro or powerdirector?

  7. Sony PXW-X70  is the camera I'm looking at I talked to the premier pro people and they said xavc files not supported I'm just getting a start as a apprentice money is not a issue just need editing for interviews and some of my dj shots which editing program would you recommend

  8. Once you said that "downloading adobe premier if your already making money on youtube," that made so much sense to me

  9. Roberto, is it easy to get a hold of Adobe customer service whenever there is an issue? I am with wondershare filmora and we've been back and forth for a week. I am still not able to export my videos and I was told it would take 2 weeks for a refund. I can't deal with this again. I need to grow my channel and this is holding me up. Do you have any suggestions.

  10. Best Video tutorial Editing Application for Mac and Home windows PC 2016

  11. I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6. I don't use Adobe CC. I think Adobe has gotten greedy charging a monthly fee. So I refuse to use CC. I stick with Adobe CS6. The way I learned Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 was through a PC training DVD I bought on last year. But I've been editing videos since I started back in 2003. I used other editing software. I used Avid Free DV a couple of times. Then for the last few years, I used a small editing program called Magix Video Deluxe. I used that program for years until 2014 when I upgraded my video editing platform to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Oh and I use a PC. Not a MAC. I hate macs.

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