Best Web Hosting for WordPress in 2019

Best Web Hosting for WordPress in 2019

Hi guys welcome to my youtube channel
today we are going to be looking at the best web hosting for WordPress in 2019
right so um we all know what what WordPress is maybe you’re trying to
start a blog you’re trying to you know what platform to
use today powers over 30 if not 40 percent of all
the websites on the internet I wrote a very detailed article about which web
hosting is best for present 2019 so I’ll due to popular demand that making it
video you know explaining the best web hosting for WordPress in 2019 right so
um you know the Internet has grown in leaps and bounds and web site is one of
the major things on the internet I thought today you know what press is a
popular CMS system you for building websites and opposed about 40% of the
estimated 1.5 billion websites on the Internet today
so um a lot of website if you go to and come down here to
showcase Shakey’s right you see a lot of websites that shielding from on
WordPress you know beauty um powerful websites a city of New York
you know this warrants on WordPress be right Facebook newsroom a glad what
about this or this one of websites they run on WordPress loss in red bits rather
you know the Village Voice oglivie matter South Africa vogue India this is
Finland which one upon a foundation of a motto LG the Orang on
wordpress you know this misconception misconception about wordpress that is
not very secure ik and we cannot be used to build rule post website you cannot
you know all those things are lost what it is you know misconceptions people
don’t do you think WordPress cannoli logs and all that no become you the
full-fledged website sweet wordpress and what press actually makes it easy to a
pivot website you know for me studying out on the Internet you know I was
writing HTML CSS PHP on everything until I discovered WordPress right and before
what press actually tried Drupal force then Joomla then I found what press very
easy right and I’m sugar opposites actually do find WordPress easy which is
why he powers over 40% of the of all websites on the Internet today including
this one that I’ve mentioned condos go to is Lukas you see all
the sites you know that that are run on WordPress CMS side business side
business for instance you see export reveal do what Disney Company right
boost in my head the tomahtoes Brazil lots of big company Bloomberg
professional post by target I do all run Facebook newsroom Sony Music New York
Times the all run on WordPress including white house the govt all run on you
guess right WordPress so um if you are taking on purine your web your website
you should consider WordPress because actually it’s very very very easy to use
and very robust so you can basically do anything with it
so if you come to colleges you can find if you can use WordPress also MIT Sloan
if I see of money to buy and Georgia State University is Canada right the
state university in the US because state university a lot of them run on
WordPress you see a College of Medicine University of Mary Washington they all
run on WordPress right so WordPress is like the way to go
if you are trying to build a website I want to learn how to
their website you know you should actually focus on what plate because if
they were very easy to use and very robust so that’s my take
then I’m but today we are gonna be looking like I said on best what web
hosting for one or for WordPress you know they are some web hosting companies
that I did the kids head you know they have like a special theme for WordPress
you know so we’re going to be looking at all these today and these are based on
the ones that I have used personally over the years arrive computing website
and I found a lot of them very force you’re going to be looking at is good
daddy right you know good that is very very very big very big I think they’re
like the biggest when it comes to domain you know what we are looking at
WordPress web hosting you know so what place were posting be good at is
actually very interesting you know I tried it ways good that good okay this
is good at it does calm right I’m logged into my account so we’re gonna be
looking at a few things you know um let’s see let’s see there are plans I
see their plans for their hosting plans you know she plan some pricing school
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section I respond to my comments almost in media right so um business web
hosting is telling you that it supports my chin – jinwu / WordPress right
there’s hardly any hosting company that do not support WordPress so so let’s see
plans and pricing for dish okay so this is it actually talked about it in my
blog online hosted Oh Angie you know have it here basic the
logs ultimate improve five right and all the advantages that come with it what press hosting yes
looking at wordpress hosting wordpress hosting made easy fast and simple blah
blah okay this is it right so if you look at this place you
found that is that basic that basic WordPress hosting it has a last one web
site thinking about storage you know all these good free domain with purchase you
know which is standard on everything but the come to this page you see pod has
something here this guy has free SSL certificates for the first one year this
guy has it yet to right it is not on this basic and the locks plan
I remember my plan was a deluxe plan right but I had to move my hosting away
from who tended to SiteGround how to move it over to the side around
you know because of some issues that had weeds good addict actually believe in my
opinion I think we daddy secret company when it comes to to me but I don’t think
it’s that big is that when it comes to web hosting you know I moved my hosting
from who daddy to side ground upon recommendation and I noticed a few
things my sites record became faster you know under already have to fit me for
migration site ground actually money actually did the transfer I don’t give
them my good at working details they transferred all my website about 20 of
the free of charge from GoDaddy – yeah – aside ground so that’s
something I think that is that is wonderful when it comes to GoDaddy
WordPress hosting hosting their promises 99.9% uptime which is you know like
almost correct free to for some support right what are the major issues are
hardly good at is that the chat system you don’t have the support system is not
very wonderful right like if you come here and click and you go to no change
any phone number we stock right you know it’s not easy to
actually find the our customers I’ll chat with them or something and I
most times what I spoke with then was over the phone I had to call this number
to actually talk to them and it’s not convenient one time I asked myself is
that so why don’t you have a functional chat system on your or you say that our
customers prefer talking on the phone obviously I’m not one of those customers
I don’t know if you are but I’m not right which is one of the reasons I
moved to set ground so I talked about it here my take on GoDaddy hosting you know
customer support that’s one of the issues I had with them which I moved for
a move to high ground so if you serious cause chat system this is it he kept
saluting right so if you want to buy a domain we go daddy or hosting we could
daddy you know here is the lead I also had an a convention box of this video so
– lets go to a site ground right side ground is another interesting or finally
to turn off another very interesting web hosting company you know they say this
interesting thing about site ground after I moved to them I saw my speed of
my website actually increase right and they have a managed wordpress hosting
site grandma niche WordPress hosting I thought about it yeah sacrum managed
wordpress hosting is either a fuse and order so let’s take a look at it
yes you can get started and look at the plans so this is it managed wordpress
hosting powerful yet simple to use if you sell recommended by II
look at it I’m gonna talk about this in a little while so this is side ground if
you come here you notice that there is new to me
they don’t sell do me as a like selling demand alone so that’s something that
will tell you that their dedication is worth of steam that is what the amp
indicates head to so you have a plan for what price they have for you comments
actually on WordPress so side groundwork on WordPress hosting that’s what we are
so let’s see what he got so the a plan is reading compared prices
here did we okay this is six point nine nine per month that the loss is nine
point nine zero you know for small businesses an order
so this guy starts at 3.90 my sister cheaper these guys that’s you got that
and yeah go geek it’s 11 point so obviously this is a lot cheaper right so
if we’re looking at the price one website this one for five point nine
five five months you get unlimited websites unlimited website right
unlimited website this got one website is on one to two this one five to fifty
five to fifty right but so this is better you know this is better a lot
better so I’m blessed because if you look at this essential for instance you
find out that they have free SSL you see it free SSL and HTTP 2 4 7 was it called
support and all that omitted traffic blah blah blah you know they have the
same thing here and so across a board they have free SSL but good that it
doesn’t have that doesn’t offer free SSL here it doesn’t know if I ETA your
friends it here at here right that’s one of the things that
actually attracted me to sacrum they have free SSL across blood so it doesn’t
matter what you buy and you are sure that the HTTPS SSL you are getting it
you know three emails everything do the standard what I was concerned about this
free SSL because if you buy an SSL elsewhere and we are going to spend a
little money for that oh this is like 27 points it’s by you know for buying SSL
or you can actually get it buy a domain and hosting from psych round and you
know get it free of charge but I could see might give you domain and hosting
free of charge so I think III party using my wordpress hosting with side
ground on some of my website and idly it’s been amazing but then there’s an
issue I also have with side crown I just have an issue with them too
oh that is very fast compared to good Ally and although right
you know they have all these are promises when the Habad is the all-time
is top-notch and everything right and it’s also just like they told you hear
our side ground is recommended by – official website for
WordPress recommended this particular hosting company which tells you a lot
about hosting company right and WordPress so my take on site grant was
him you know I moved to site ground after I had issues we could add
knowledge everything they moved my site 20 website completely free the micro-tv
for me free of charge they offered me free SSL on all my domains at no extra
cost of course there was a great improvement I made a video here on how
to install side grounds free SSL on all domains which I did so but I had an
issue my website went offline you know they sent me an email telling me that my
group big plan at la right here include big is supposed to be unlimited websites
right unlimited website and they also have original sin shop which was harmony
also has the premium which is what we’re super cut blah blah blah I want to cook
it all that which is fine but I had an issue I log into my account and I saw
that this thing this ended usage was filled up was over 300,000 and all my
sites were offline automatically so what did i do i contacted Emily told me that
the in word is not supposed to be so I had to start deleting
folders inside folders and files and everything that was not active right so
finally finally finally I moved to I moved to and this is the plan on using
it supposed to be unlimited website so I moved to new hood right so we’re gonna
get the Blue Hose in a little while so this is side ground if you want to buy
hosting with sacrum please use this link I like them I see use them it’s
wonderful it’s a lot better you know it’s recommended by WordPress
is very fast and also you know about the only issue I had with them was this nude
stuff and the customer service is just mind-blowing just contact them
immediately just come to that chat box you know it should be somewhere okay
contact us login for support of course you have to log in and everything you
know you connected immediately by logging right now you see me because I
connect me almost immediately right so um I’ll leave a link in the sflung box
below if you want to buy hosting we sell ground you know so that’s that’s two and
three are gonna get a blue hoodie so after I had this endowed issue with
Bluehost I knew that I was cool need another hosting right so I did my
research I went to Blue Hose right Bluehost calm so let’s this is beautiful
right it’s it’s an interesting work question I was already using it is been
wonderful they also offer you free SSL certificates on across all hosting you
know free domain for one year which is basically standard and their price is
cool but 0.95 remote but this is okay now just click on get started what price
what price fifteen I see let’s look at the options you can compare with the
others so he said choose plan this plan I click OK for the hair area but also
happy to see on my site on my blog rather you know expert okay
the interesting thing about Bluehost Bluehost is has a special dedication as
like it’s as if it’s designed for WordPress does the trick it’s as if is
designed for WordPress the company that owns Bluehost ways it endurance
international group the also own who’s gets our ID page inaudible web hosting
companies but Bluehost is WordPress for costs which is why it is also
recommended by WordPress Toto algae right
so um that’s something interested as something that
it’s mind-blowing so here are the options three point nine five five point
nine five blah blah blah so um if you look at this is it free SSL free and
cellular across board you know so side ground and Bluehost offers free SSL this
guy gives you 50 gigabyte SSD storage while side ground so I have to go back
but okay while inside ground the basic plan offers you as you think about it
for the same price right and they are grouping of as you 20 gigabytes you know
so let’s look at the 5.95 let’s look at side ground 5.95 but it offers you only
meet on mid side unlimited as it basically means and you have unlimited
website is actually the plan that I am on you know you can have on the mutate
website this one offers one website you know which is basically what these go on
website also this is ten gig and the bandwidth visitors 20 gig and 25,000
explica Daisy this is on meet hard unlimited unlimited subdomains 200 human
gives you 200 the last marketing credit you know for Google ads gives you super
awesome I’ve been enjoying it since I joined them unless we gives you
automatic corporate but one of the issues that had a force was that is a
little different from all the other the interface all the orders of usually
party okay this is it I’m logged in here right now so this is Bluehost you know
all that I’m not creating my websites I’m just gonna click so you see how
basically so it took me a while to figure it out we’re about a minute or
two hours me to figure it out unlike the others have used in the past you know so
basically this is holidays so I think he hosts III mean I mean gently host
attitude you know I’m enjoying it and I recommend it
% I also have a link here with which you can actually purchase a Bluehost and
also you leave this link in the section box below
you know so you use my link to buy any of this thing bullshit gets your robos
discount to have like a documentary there ok last but not least you are
gonna be looking at dream host dream who’s another interesting web hosting company and it’s all guess what it’s
also recommended by WordPress dr. lg2 official WordPress
site so what was hosting starts by it start from 259 which is like the
cheapest from everything that we’ve seen less than one see the other options they
have you know so your plants of a few shared hosting for WordPress managed
work with WordPress hosting VPS or precision so this is two point nine five
two point five nine every month learn more about shared shared hosting this is
a let’s take a look at it and see what it entails actually so it gives you one
click in status inside to see what press installation which is what basically all
of them gives you so um this is two point nine five a month free domain
including one website unlimited traffic or press pre-installed fastest SD create
a certificate across port so everybody gives you free as a
certificate accepts GoDaddy know so this is a limited website for this exam prize
with lujo Bluehost and side ground 5.95 unlimited website free domain in me dead
unlimited traffic you know so there’s no cup like this guy has a cup here on
traffic has a crappy on traffic has a crappy on traffic right hundred thousand
every month this guy doesn’t do a unlimited traffic unlimited traffic
there’s no carpet so you know with a dream who dream host I think that’s
that’s that’s something interesting so if you look at the managed WordPress web
hosting it’s also in the interest one Tim press press blah blah blah so
this is awesome so let’s I said I was gonna come back to the fact that this
guy is recommended by you officially this money’s worth WordPress
was seen from sacrilege officer recommended by WordPress Auto LG you
know this guides who is recommended and Jim hosts the committee recommended what
side ground is sorry good at least not right so what do I mean by that this is
where I showed you the sites that are due to WordPress
please I want to encourage you to just refer to my channel also leave a comment
in the comment section so this is Bluehost right
if you come to what results or allergies slash hosting you see that the italics
are web host out there the vast majority of rich meaty wordpress minimum
requirements and choosing one of the crowd can be a job just like flowers
need to right environment WordPress was the best when it’s ever we’ve dealt with
most hosts and we can imagine and we can imagine in your opinion how hosts below
represent some of we’ve dealt with more hosts than you can imagine
in our opinion the hoods below present some of the best and brightest of the
posting world right so that’s why they recommended us to them hosts and
SiteGround right so I think they actually put it in
in in like the best so you know Griffith will be best anti ground being like not
washed what about what you want to use so this is the best this is better this
is this is best this is better this is good in my in my opinion I think that’s
what we wouldn’t mean by this so I’m the offer history offer free SSL you know
unlike most other ones and the holder of wada
you know customized of WordPress and it should be good in is a muslin when you
install WordPress we do one click installation of sorry from Bluehost
to automatically put in a few plugins for you that will help you know match
beauty orbs had very easy so I’m coming to the end of this video I want to
encourage you guys to like my channel and subscribe leave a comment the
comment section also subscribe to my youtube channel again my opinion I think
Bluehost is the best and fortunately my opinion on the opinion of WordPress Auto
LG is the same thing right followed by DreamHost and then SiteGround so if you
want to buy two back hosting from any of these companies please I will have a
link in the comment section below please use it I have a link in the description
box below please use it or make a purchase
thank you and I seen you naked you keep winning

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