Billy Crystal’s Favorite Moment Hosting The Oscars

Billy Crystal’s Favorite Moment Hosting The Oscars

64 thoughts on “Billy Crystal’s Favorite Moment Hosting The Oscars

  1. Billy is 70 years old ?!?

    He either has great genes or a very skilled plastic surgeon.
    Either way, he looks great for his age !

  2. Billy's way of talking and so on: I see that a ton in John Mulaney.
    I love your style, talent, heart and so much about you Mr. Crystal! ♥

  3. His favorite might have been a small helpless child. You should be careful
    what you ask these two.
    Can you say pedophile stevie?

  4. Also I had to google quickly and check that there weren't two Billy Crystals, because how the hell does he look that young?

  5. What a terrific human being. May I mention married 48 years & a cannabis consumer in addition to being a very funny guy!

  6. Wonderful Human both of you. And there are those absolute good for nothing idiots who just give that brainless (they mostly are spineless too) "dislike" judgement

  7. Wow! Billy looks great! Love him! What an amazing story about he and his mom at the awards show. Nice to see my two favorite comics together.

  8. When I was developing, I was so scared to tell my mom that when I did jumping jacks in gym, my boobs hurt from bouncing. And she said, it's ok, honey, you are just maturing. So we went to A&S and bought my first bra called "First Impressions" I was so relieved, I could start wearing makeup now. And that's another story………..

  9. I love when you get to see Stephen be a little bit vulnerable. It's a lovely part of him we don't see too often, but it makes me love him even more.

  10. Apart from all the Talent he has, he has empathy and feeling, he is a great family man and a GREAT human being, he would make a great friend, he would always be there for you, through the good and the Bad, easy to see how Billy and Robin Williams were such close friends…….very similar in more than just being great entertainers…….as good as they are though, their talent can be replaced but their Humanity is irreplaceable…….the world is sadly lacking humanity at the present time…….I hope Billy lives forever, the world needs people like him

  11. After Billy told his story about his Mom, stephen asked him "you still look for her?" So Billy said yeah and stephen said "me too"

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