Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019: Hostinger Coupon Code & Review [90% OFF]

Hostinger is among the first web
hosting companies to start their Black Friday sale campaign. Offering plans as
cheap as $0.80 month this is actually the best possible time to buy
web hosting services as the price is going to be the lowest it can possibly be
all year. And actually I have some additional coupons to get that price
down even lower, but more about that later. To show you what kind of results
you can expect from these cheap plans I’ve done some performance tests and
we’ll share the results in this video I’ll also show you how to set everything
up and what kind of features you can expect from Hostinger. But first I
won’t talk about their crazy pricing a 4 premium plan with a domain
name and an SSL certificate now costs $93 that’s 4 years of premium
hosting where you can host up to 100 different websites and get weekly
backups for just $93. No other web hosting company on the market right now
comes even close to these low prices and if you only need to host one website you
can get their single website plan for $35. So, that’s four years of web hosting
for just $35 and they throw in the SSL for free. At this point I’m not even
sure how they make money because these prices are absurdly low but you can get
an even lower price by using the links down below for an additional 10% off any
order. This is also a great time for me to mention that my channel is supported
by affiliate links what exactly does that mean? Well, every time you use the
link below you get a discount and I make a commission. These commission’s allow me
to continue making more videos – it’s a win-win situation for both of us. To get
the best possible prices and support the channel at the same time consider using
the links down below when making your purchases. Thank you! Just to give you a
rough idea of what kind of performance you can expect using these cheap plans
I’ve did both stability and loading speed tests. So, first I’ve tested how
much time my website was offline for in 30 days of monitoring my website was
offline for around 4 minutes not bad considering the price. Most importantly
their performance was stable and it didn’t constantly spike up and down.
Actually there was only one spike in response times and that’s what I
like to see when choosing a web hosting provider – stability and consistency.
There’s one more test I wanted to do and that was the loading speed test. So, for
that I’ve used the GTmetrix and I test all of the providers with the default
WordPress theme installed so the only variable in speed is the provider itself.
Hostinger loaded my website in just 1 second. Again, fantastic results as
you want this number to be as close to 1 second or below as possible.
Obviously by using Hostinger you will get all of the same features you would
normally get with other web hosting providers just for a lot less money. And
let me show you exactly what I mean. You can still install WordPress with just
1 click by going into your control panel navigating to the auto installer
section and choosing WordPress. Of course, there’s a lot of other one-click
installations available as well but WordPress is amongst the most popular
ones so that’s the one I’m showcasing. The Installer is incredibly simple to
use, you just type in the password you want to use in your WordPress dashboard
and your website title, then click on install and you will be able to manage
your WordPress website in just a couple of seconds after that. Oh and it looks
like our website shows up as not secured because the SSL certificate is not
installed yet well that’s not a big deal because Hostinger and their Black
Friday deal also include a free SSL certificate for you to install. So, to
install it you just navigate to your control panel then go into the SSL tab
and click on activate. If we will go back to the website right now boom there’s
a green lock and the connection is secured. Again, super simple. Another cool
feature is the email accounts. From your dashboard you can go into the email
account section and by choosing a name and a password you can instantly
create a professional email address with your website name. Your new email box can
then be accessed straight through Hostinger as you can see there’s
practically no reason not to use Hostinger your right now if you’re looking for a
web hosting provider. The prices are insanely low the performance is on par
with other web hosting providers, you get 24/7 support and all the latest features.
If you’re interested I’ll leave the full Hostinger review on the screen right
here, but for now if you’re looking for a web hosting provider I highly
recommend you check out Hostinger especially during this Black Friday
period when their prices are extremely low. And as I mentioned before you can
make them even lower by using the links in the description down below my name is
Emit with the team if you have any questions feel free to
leave them in the comments down below because I read an answer every single
comment and good luck making your websites.

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