Bluehost vs HostGator Comparison Of Hosting Services

Bluehost vs HostGator Comparison Of Hosting Services

hey guys just in bright here from
self-made success dot com and I wanna do a comparison up to very popular hosting services Bluehost and HostGator okay with your Bluehost versus HostGator complete comparison only be comparing
things like see payroll customer support uptime performance SEO extra features email things like that and we go over every
part of it a I’ve got a lot of feedback dat a people
love my comparisons in some my other videos I
did a bus services HootSuite I did a Weber
verses get response so now every website owner in every
entrepreneurship have some kinda WordPress site and obviously
need hosting for that Bluehost HostGator to the best to
start out with and you policy in all over the place it’s hard to tell which one is better
than the other self there my experiences and through the constant a research I’ve done on other website owners and what they’ve
said through honest reviews not just people
that are trying to sell affiliate links and things like that this is a complete
on this comparison I’m not going to have an affiliate link
for this I’m not gonna sell you anything this is just for your purpose a figuring
out which one is best for you okay cell first of we’re gonna go with the sea panel spars to see payroll goes it’s basically a tie okay they have both very um navigable see panels that are easy to
manage easy to you find what you need they have different applications and
features they had they both have one click WordPress installation which is maintaining need you know you
can set up your email setup anything in there very easily and boasted both them do you see panel and
they’re both very similar so I wouldn’t worry too much about making a
decision based on exit about it I second customer support obviously with
hosting things can happen hosting is what keeps
your website up in running sheesh you need to have good
customer support okay both of them have 24/7 365 days a
year phone support that is us-based they both have live chat pretty much all
day long they both have email support and even
self-help support pages where they have tutorials and set up pages to you
help you do it yourself if you don’t want to you know talk to
somebody you can go through their tutorials first so basically they played a high emphasis
on customer support between Bluehost and HostGator both so with that it’s another try then we get
too pricey okay pricing is obviously very important if you’re starting out your first
website or your first business and you do you want to keep the cost
down in you not gonna need a whole lotta a
you know you not getting a whole lotta server
space you know they need your own dedicated servers yet you’re not gonna need a bike show
expensive faint cell Bluehost uses yearly plants something like that better some people
go HostGator offers monthly and you know as you can tell by the
prices they’re very similar you might save a few sets by going with skater
cell if you look at that then yell they have
very similar packages by you might see that on the hatchling plan versus the starter
scare has unlimited disk space and its here less than thirty cents cheaper but if
every cent counts when you’re starting a business which it does for white people day I gotta go with HostGator on this by a small margin okay so Host Gator
when’s a pricing and next we’re gonna go over uptime its case of uptime don’t know what that
is uptime is CEO when you’re website is
live people were able to go to it click on it read your post go through
your pages things like that down time is when you’re site does it
work heard there’s an air when people try to
go to your site make a quick then you’re pages you can’t read your post the King go through it and a lot of times we use shared servers and things like that
downtime can be a problem a depending on your hosting companies HostGator offers a 99.9 percent uptime
guarantee from what I’ve seen and from what I’ve
used they’re very good on that promise and I’ve never heard anybody complain
about HostGator time problem and sell Bluehost has hosted a lot of web sites that tend to have more down time that hurts
care they don’t really have the same guarantee cell I’m gonna have to go with a HostGator although I have had a bad
incident or two with a skater where the which shut down my site
because it would get slow because of a plugin or
something like that said to be careful about that for the most part HostGator will
probably have much better uptime and and Bluehost for speed and performance its very close again you know both these
companies are very close in traditional categories but Los tends to have a slightly better
server response time page load time in time to first dead which is when you first go to page as in
new visitor to a site that you’ve never been to and although some people claim to have
better luck HostGator Dustin’s have little bit
their performance at bay and I think it’ll load your pages a
little bit best although it can vary another
problem with this is HostGator has trouble things like plugins for SEO purposes sell maybe even some
people have better low time with her scare starting out but
Bluehost actually as as many problems
with like the joost SEO plugin board only three total cash don’t know
what those are six-shooter most important to with the up the most important plugins for your
WordPress site because they help you SEO it to help you
rank better and they have to get more traffic and
speed up your site but HostGator has trouble integrating those into their hosting for your site in they can actually slow
down your sides and make and mess-up and when you go to support a
bad they tell you to uninstall those plugins so acted be a
problem for your SEO purposes which leads me to the next part SEO immigration a scare has
problems with those plugins that I just mentioned the joost SEO plugin is very important
permitted scription meta tag styles RSS things like that that will help your site better rake it
will also teach you to break your blog post better by showing you had to do
on-page SEO it has a lil check list at the bottom each post that you can go through for
that BBC co total catch it catches your site it optimize your site it makes it faster exit perform better and keeps your load times low okay both those are two the most important
wines for all website on WordPress and HostGator
has problems both those and support will say the same
thing so the actual with your HostGator hosting
I don’t know very good alternatives for those plugins but
you’ll just have to you deal with that figure skaters so blue
house wins SEO X email features obviously it’s good to
have it emailed a is posted to your website that has your
website name so if your name is Johnny you’ll be like johnnie at your domain
got caught cell you want to be able to use your
domain as your email looks more professional shows
people where you’re from both offer unlimited email accounts email access from any device email
forwarding for your website still me so I can’t
pick between them they’re pretty much dead hi and email
features so as far as extra features for BlueHost versus HostGator Bluehost offers Free Domain and probably more promotions in coupon
codes in-house gay rights NoHo skater gets a
light promotion but I see a lot more Bluehost
promotions coupon codes things like that for cheaper rates than ideal for host
care maybe that’s just the site I go on maybe not but when it comes to getting a
discount on Bluehost you know you’re gonna find alive offers backing apply to a whole year instead
you know how scared as I got one set much first might for their stuff but
that only last year months so you might get a better
promotion for long-term using Bluehost and the free domain is great too you know I showed you that
the pricing a little bit better through HostGator
but when you back during the coupon codes & promotions and the Free Domain a free domain can
cost you a lot of money a can be fairly cheap would depending on the domain back either way just a cheap domain is still fifteen or
twenty dollars a year so that if the tack that onto the monthly rate up the pricing Bluehost would actually
have better pricing and how scared to you back to that it
selling a longer and you may say more money as well as time using boobs because you would also have the a you also have the free domain set
frugal host see would have you will be able to skip
this step in the setup process putting your domain hosting and
WordPress site altogether when you start your website
from scratch so a topic that you know like I said you
see time because annual billing dinner thing
I hate about HostGator is the way their billing was
kinda sad obviously with hosting companies like times they
don’t do automatic charges you actually go there pay the bill let’s
do but it’s kind of annoying way at the end of
every month he always had to go scary do that you know he’s emails about it it’s overdue our daughter whatever and it’s just annoying in personally be annual billing would be better I think
and that you know maybe not for you maybe or appear much at one time by in no are month to month basis LCD time from having to pay a bill every time and
like I said the free domain makes this setup easier because the domain sorry
invalid post and most also offers are made weekly backups for free ice
skater charged fifteen dollars for the same service so oh no extra features a included will host is aware that so closing notes HostGator tends to disable sites at
performance problem sometimes if you’ve ever bred the article that
juice default did on yo stuck on the mat if you know what you’re stuck on his or
doe is was a top SEO sites around I know I love in the world actually so when it comes to you SEO or need to know more about SEO and
optimizing your site Yoast is the place to go and he does not approvals so scared because if some other they
have been shady things in the past for his customers and offices obviously
I do you have personal experience with that they’ve shut down my site a few
times because you just weird things that without notice so be careful that although they may be the better option
for you depending on how you view this comparison watch out for things like
that and make sure you go let support journey by take advantage if you make sure you know
exactly what’s going on and why they may shut down your site if they do
that but if you get the product that quickly
they’ll teacher site live again very quickly so you know that’s how girls cover that detail there’s really no
problems I have with those Gator just one experience so I’ll I don’t want to sound biased repay and
in everything the pros at a local hospital us does
have you know their own deal and their little bit
different from those care so that verdict between how skater and will host would be you know if you
want slightly cheaper monthly rates long-term if you want to be able to pay monthly if
you will what much better up time which it argues is very
important without giving up support email services usability things
like dat HostGator might be there option for you when it comes to up warning at Free
Domain included for the first year if you’re
hosting save you money annual payments be we are having to pay every month free
backups which you can get plugins for that
really free backups it shouldn’t be the main reason you do
either one better SEO because it the best SEO
plugins and without giving up support quality no
sources are used Billy Bluehost might be a better choice okay
so really they’re very close I’m not gonna tell
you either way which one you should pick because everybody’s different everybody
has different needs I am if you’re really trying to make a
decision up time is very important but you don’t want them to disable your
site of the way above thinking that you did
something you might not have done with your site I don’t know when you’re sharing service
to other people things can happen like that where you
get your side disable for couple days in a couple days could
cost you money sell Bluehost they’ll have more down time so
it might really even out in the end as far as time down time things like that but
chances a you having a problem with then disable
your side a skater probably pretty low if they do
that ale you know may happen to you once or twice
over a long period of time but not very often a a free domain can
really add up here that can be great here you can see why I might do that as
oppose and they’ll see light I’m this startup process the better SEO plugins are big plus but you know like I said I use both those
plugins so that was a problem with how scary is dating really support either one and it
hurt speed and performance my site but there
might be some good I know there are some a theme setter SEO supportive and there are also other
plugins that are alternatives a the joost SEO plugin and every three
total catch so in my own even out and dad you know it’s a tough decision self I’ll
leave it up to you whether you think Bluehost or HostGator would be best for you
as my comparison and I hope you enjoyed the video hope
you weren’t and things about these companies that you didn’t already know and a are seen the next video don’t forget to LIKE subscribe and the let me know in the comments
which taught about the video I love to hear from you guys and get
your opinions I or see if you want to add to it and on top that don’t forget to visit us at
self-made success to calm ALC the next video this is Justin Bryant and I hope you have a great day

43 thoughts on “Bluehost vs HostGator Comparison Of Hosting Services

  1. Hostgator is worst one, I cancel it due to their terrible customer service, 0.40 – 1.5 an hour wait each time for them to reply on online chat, can you believe it, online Chat, and at the end, most of them are not qualified at all. Disaster really.

  2. Bluehost/HostGator Parent organization They're the same company !!!! Endurance International Group
    They've also acquired
    A Small Orange,
    SEO WebHosting,
    Justhost & thereby Hostclear,
    Apollo Hosting
    and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Says it all, really. They've "eaten up" at least 212 companies and at the very least as many as 30 of those are hosting companies and at least 90 are web/networking related.. Some peole might think that's a good thing, since with such a big company they ain't gonna go bust anytime soon are they
    (even though that never prevented the collapse of Barings, Enron, WorldCom Inc, Gen Motors, Lehman Brothers, American Airlines, MF Global, PG&E, Thornburg Mortgage, Chrysler, Conseco, CIT Group and Washington Mutual, all multi billion dollar companies with a combined worth of well over $1.5 trillion, yes that's trillion !) Pardon the pun, but I wouldn't bank on it.

    The point is, all this company does is just eat up other companies and so their goal is profiteering. The technical services they offer, the customer service and the usefulness to the wider internet community is either secondary or nil. Prime focus here is money by a huge percentage and so much so that they really do not care that much about the secondary areas, but it is those secondary areas that are so important, vital in fact, to their customers. Is it really such a good idea to have a single monstrous hosting company that will eventually completely wipe out all the competition or at best two or three super massive black holes that the internet fall into. If all hosting falls under a few large corporations then there's a way of controlling the internet and the internet is the the single best opportunity for the human race to remain free. Medicine and healthcare is almost totally in the hands of corporates, food manufacturing and distribution: the same, education is well and truly on its way to becoming a tool of propaganda and the mass media, well, that really has been wrapped up for decades.
    Oh ! Hostgator's shit so I switched to Bluehost, then Justhost and now I'm with A Small Orange, Whoopie !!! At least there's choice out there eh ? Well there is but it seems as soon as any hosting company gets to be decent they sell out. Where are the Whatsapp's of the hosting world ? Yes I know Whatsapp sold itself to zuckerburg (for, whatwasit ? $19billion) but the whole point of whatsapp was NO Advertising and I'm pretty sure there was a clause in the contract that whatsapp, following acquisition, would remain ad-free and it still is. So, I suppose someone like Koum, being absolutely totally loaded having $7billion in facebook shares and able to raise $274 million by selling a mere 4% of them, he could just get rid of EIG by buying them.

  3. Endurance International Group own about 86 hosting companies also fasthost and asmallorange. Asmallorange went offline they caused my business loss of revenue, so I took back my domain and then pointed it to their and Wa-La their website is down as of 5-5-2016


  5. @Justin Bryant if both have same owner who do they have different different
    up-time / down-time both have same shared servers same support team

  6. This is A lie about Host Gator You Can Install WordPress give you Blank Page and on yours Video does not
    have Button like in mine that sey 49 Dollars and when you are on live Help chat they will give you login page and if you try to Log then they get rid of You , and that's it , dont Have your money 16 dollars and send you message whit Pay Your Bills and you actualy pay to them right now un thill they reach about 160 $ from some one ,and Custemer then mauby whil have some thing to work , i will Make Anti Propaganda Video , Contact me For More information ,, PS Doe's not Exist 45 days Money Back , Thats It You Dont have Those Money once When you'v Payd ,

  7. PS : Never Pay on Host Gator whit Credit Cards they mide to Pull Money for some Future that They Need , only Whit Debit Cards just to Have Enaf incede the Card for an about 16 $ to Check what kind of Story is , and if you Get F…. o.. , just to be only 16 $ ,

  8. DON'T GO TO BLUEHOST. The first thing you read in the main page, is:

    – "30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE", and in the description
    – "no hidden fees or penalties for ending your term early".

    I cancel my account one week later. And they keep 1/3 of the payment, they told me that the domain names are nonrefundable. Even when the page says "FREE DOMAIN", (so they keep money for a free thing?) and you don't get an email or something about that, you have to go by yourself to the terms of conditions to check if the information that they sell to you, is not false… and it is.

  9. Thanks for the help. I've been on StartLogic for a decade and find it to be a bit overkill for what I need… as well as a bit uncomfortably priced. I'm gonna try one of these two

  10. Thank you for this video.
    Btw guys i have a link that gives 65% off if you signup in a month after that.
    Applies to first 1000 clicks so u myt wana hurry

  11. Gr8 video! Hostgator's account suspension issue (I researched it) arose from scripts using more CPU or memory than allowed, slowing all accounts on that server. This has included sitemap scripts and (I gather) YOAST. I HAVE used HG for years and love my new Cloud service. This puts reseller accounts in a new light, however. If one customer's script shuts down all Websites on a reseller account, I wouldn't rely on it. If their policy is now to shut down the offending script and send a notice, that is far better than shutting down the account right away.

  12. hostgtor is a very bad hosting service even wordpress optimized. their servers is now down from 2 days and till now they are not resolve this problem. it's just brand name and not equal what you pay

  13. Hostgator sucks. they did not return my money after cancellation of order. as they advertised 1 month money back guarantee. when I contact them, they asked me that they have refund the money but i did not receive even after 6 month. fu**k hostgator

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  15. they are both owned by the same scammer … Here is the list I found  below

  16. Comparing a company to itself… EIG owns both Hostgator and Bluehost… which is why you have the same support and service performance and also one reason why I started, I just wanted to provide an alternative to the corporate shuffle of EIG.

  17. Up to 70% OFF – On Hosting & Domain – claim Your Discount Now
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  18. Hi Guys, I think you should look up an about RedServerHost which is quite popular for their features and technical support in hosting market.

  19. They all are the best but if you are looking to buy services at the cheapest cost then you should visit RedServerHost, Indi's No.1 web hosting comapny.

  20. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE guys, after I've tried so many hosting services lately was hostgator, i'd like to share my experience in real & static land here!
    these guys "hostgator" are bunch of not qualified to mange it as they doing it through old & obsolete machines & system structures… I've encountered so stupid issues & thousand bugs here with them.
    their help won't help they'll manipulate & fooling you around takes 1-2 hours every time trying to solve your problem kaaaaaaaaaaaaak
    please save the planet & don't go with them even if they offer it free!! they take my money by mistake also & trying to set me up I've evidence that i can approve all issues i'm telling you about!
    DON'T then DON'T go with hostgator

  21. WORST HOSTING EVER!!!!! Host Gator knocked both my websites and offline without warning because of CPU usage.

    Fair enough, I wiped out half the website through my files. Stopped Google Adsense and needed to stop Google from crawling the site… ALMOST TWO DAYS LATER the site is still not up and all I get from the help desk is "I apologize our best admins are working on it."

    I even upgraded the site a few months back because in order to do anything I had to wait 5 minutes for the screen to change. I smoke cigarettes outside my house. I literally had to hit the Publish" button then go out an have a cigarette, and come back and STILL wait for the draft to be published.

    USE A DIFFERENT WEB HOSTING company. I won't say which because it'll make this review look like an ad, just don't use Host Gator

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