Buddha In A Traffic Jam (2014) Full Hindi Movie | Mahie Gill, Arunoday Singh, Anupam Kher, Pallavi

Buddha In A Traffic Jam (2014) Full Hindi Movie | Mahie Gill, Arunoday Singh, Anupam Kher, Pallavi

Father… Father… So, what is it? I’ve heard a lot of praise about your goats. I’ve heard their milk is sweeter than nectar. Won’t you offer me the goat’s milk? Go, get the milk. Wow! So, the rumors weren’t wrong. All of them were right. Indeed, you goat gives sweet milk! I am called Nanhe Singh. Have you heard my name before? Tell him, who I am. He is the leader of a political
party in Delhi. A politician from Delhi.. ..and do you know the Salwa Judum
Of our district? It’s under my jurisdiction. Understood? So, at least ask me to sit now! Is she yours? How many do you have? And, children? Two. Two? You seem to be a man with a family plan… How does that make you a tribal man? If I make him wear my glares,.. ..see, I’ll put them on him and show you. See, see, see.. Doesn’t he look
like Rajesh Khanna? Now, I know why your goats milk is so sweet. Do you know what Salma Judam is? A public movement to protect you, your
wife and your children from the naxalites. And, I heard that you have
refused to go to the camp. Why? Do you have a death wish? You will be safe in the Government Camp! If you stay here, the
naxalites will kill you! Come with me! I can’t leave the temple, the lamp there
hasn’t been extinguished for 5000 years. 5000 years, my foot! Do you know when our
country attained independence? Have you ever traveled by a train? Do you know a single Lord Ram temple? Nonsense! 5000 years! Understand, what I am saying! Where’s your older boy? Son of a bitch, family planning! Do I look like an idiot to you? Two of us, we’ll have two more… Where’s your older son? What? Hey, woman! Get some water. Isn’t he with the naxalites? Give it and go! Carefully! Get up! Up! Wear it. Now, you decide for yourself.. ..if you want to be with the protectors or
the enemies of the state. The country is your mother, asshole! And, those naxalites are raping her! Look, I could save your son. I can get him out. Like you, even he can live
with dignity, at the camp. You just give me your thumb impression here. Which will signify that you
support Salwa Judum. See the others have
also done the same. Give me the ink pad. Hurry up. Here, take this. Put it. Put the impression, will you! You won’t do it? What do you want? You want me to force your son to rape your
daughter and wife while you watch? Do it! Father, should we go to the camp? I don’t know. Hey! For how long are you going
to rely on prayers? Heh? We have left our homes,
our parents, our kids for you.. ..and you? You want to go to the government camp? With Samva Judum? The same government that is fooling
you since 60 years? Nanhe Singh is a beggar! If a beggar becomes a minister,
he’s no less than a dacoit! His hunger will never be satiated He will take over everything! Do you know what happens in that camp? Do you know? The doctors perform vasectomy
in these camps.. ..they cut your veins, castrate you.. ..making you impotent. What do you do with this? You make children. Like they cut the testicles of horses.. ..so that the horse runs faster. Same way, they’ll cut yours too They’ll make you impotent! They’ll enslave you for your own farm. Now you tell me, what you want to do. Do you want to fight or die? If you want to die, die fighting! Like your son. You have become a traitor
to your own community. They forced me to give a thumb impression. See, what politics they play? The British did the same, forced us to give
our thumb impression and made us slaves! These scoundrels are using
the same strategy. Now, tell me what have you decided to do. I’ll betray the government. Father!
– Father? You’re not betraying the government,
you have betrayed us as a community! Mother India, my foot! They have made you a eunuch,
you don’t have the balls. If this boy stays with you,
he’ll also become a eunuch! He will fight with us! He will come with us. Fight with us… Hey! So, those naxalites threatened you at
gun point, kidnapped your son.. ..and you did nothing. Now see another show
from these glasses that you wear. And, don’t you dare say a word. Father! Listen to me clearly.. ..anyone who will have ties with the
naxalites, will be treated like this! Get me some water! And, I am going to get high! How are you? Good. Good job, babe. Good show. Hi, baby. Hey, sweetheart. Guys, are we going to watch the film or not? I’ve finished my quota for the month
after watching The Social Network. What a movie, it was amazing! It wasn’t that amazing, man. Fuck off, pal. How sweet, you thought it was
a true story, Shibu? It’s a lie, you know that, right? It’s all manufactured. As far as am concerned, your film should be
called The Anti-Social fucking Network. Anti Social Network? What the fuck? What do you do on Facebook? You go home, sit alone and poke people. And, who are your friends? And,
what do people do on Facebook? They farm, they gamble and
they become gangsters. Is this social network? Twitter, is what you call innovation. Steroid blogging. That I get. Vikram, chill. Facebook and Twitter are like
apples and oranges,.. ..both are different, but both
are awesome, dude. Oh, honey! It’s like saying, a shag and a blow job
are both different and both are nice. Ask any guy, he’ll tell you what’s better. I prefer both. Of course, you fucking do! And you know guys, according to a survey,.. ..Twitter posts are complete
nonsense and pointless. Where did you read this? On Twitter! No, you didn’t! I did, on Twitter!
– Fuck you. Bet on this! How much? Guys, guys! I want to get this tattoo
done on my back.. see. Sorry. That is so pretty. See. Dragons, eagles, tigers, cats, bats.. ..why do all pot heads get animals tattooed? Because, my love, humans
eventually become animals. Okay, guys. I have a theory. Oh God! For example.. ..this world started with 100
people and 100 souls. Those 100 became a thousand,
then a million and the billions. So, humans are just increasing, right? Babies are born everyday,
the population is increasing by the minute. But, nor does a soul die neither is it born. So then, where is the soul for so
many humans coming from? From where? Animals! Animals! Why did you…
– What nonsense. Today is the day! Why do you think…
– Ladies and gentlemen.. Pooja Reddy, you have broken
the sound barrier.. ..broken the stupidest…
– Why do you think… Why do you think people are turning into
pig, rats, vultures, dogs? Etc! Understand? This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Pal, did you realize? Why you mostly behave like a donkey? What are you? Even you are a bad soul. What animal is inside you? See guys, confirmed! He’s 100% donkey reborn. No guys. Vikram is not a donkey reborn. He’s a cock reborn! Oo hoo hoo.. I will.. just wait… And, we can all call him dick reborn! You know what you are? What the fuck! I am… ..a bitch! I am a bitch! I am a bitch! A born again, bitch. I’m loud, am proud, I’m bad! Should I take her as Juliette, in my play? Juliet was a virgin. Go, Pooja! Come down! Pooja! Pooja, come down! After today, no girl should
be seen at the bar. If you want to live in INDIA,
live as Indians. We won’t let India turn into America! Long live India! Long Live India! The Pink bra campaign. Interesting concept, right? Yeah, these
bastards should really be set straight. Look, this is awesome! Okay, guys! I am the profile picture,
fuck those bastards! Fuck those bastards! Corruption is the much needed grease for the
squeaking tyres of our administration. Who said that? Okay. You tell me. Sir, Huntington. Absolutely right! So, that’s why I say, Corruption Is Good. Sounds weird, isn’t it? Okay, let me explain it to you. Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai.. ..these are the 4 major metro cities
of our nation. The traffic on these streets never sleeps. We all know the conditions of the streets. And, the traffic sense of our country
is world famous. People somehow reach their homes and
offices no matter what the struggle. How? How? So, to make the impossible, possible.. ..the traffic cop standing at every
crossroads is majorly responsible. Who the government pays him a meager salary. He has no other option than to go to work. Because, at work he could ask for bribes,
and that’s how he will manage his expenses. Now, like that traffic constable… ..ticket collectors, municipal corporation
workers, electricity board workers.. ..everyone working in the whole political
system, work or don’t work.. ..because of just one reason! And, that is bribes! Yes? Sir, if bribes were so good, it would benefit,
the poor and the rich equally. But, it doesn’t. Corruption is an economic stimulant. A catalyst for growth. For the economy, corruption is like tonic! Yeah? Am sorry, Sir. Don’t you think it’s time to
change this tonic? I mean that’s ridiculous! So, how do you propose to do
that, Mr. Vikram Pandit? By starting a ‘Pink Bra Campaign’
on Facebook? Why not? Because, you can deal with local issues,
by creating a social media campaign.. ..but can you change a corrupt system with
Social media? Perhaps, no! No, Sir. I mean the.. revolution in Egypt. That was started on social media. Okay. Then the Kashmir issue can
also be solved on social media? We can solve the Naxal problem
on social media. The tribals could also get their
rights on social media,.. ..but that does not happen, Mr Vikaram Pandit! Sir, I don’t know if i can
get justice for the tribals… But I can certainly raise a voice
for their rights. That’s a start. Okay. I’ll see you in my office. That’s all for today. Thank you. The greatest weakness of
a tribal is that he is not corrupt. He plays no part at all, in
this robbery, this bribery. And, unfortunately, you and I can’t
do anything about this. You mean, until the tribals don’t become
corrupt, he can’t progress? That is the logic. You are my student. I didn’t want to make you feel small
in front of the whole class.. Especially after…
what… what’s that…Pink Bra Hero. This social justice, socialism,
are mere words. Socialism has no future today. It’s a… It’s a hopeless situation. Am sorry, Sir, in a country where
70% people are poor.. ..only about 1000 people have money,
Socialism can’t be just a word. I mean, I’m convinced it could be
the hottest trending issue. Yeah. Hottest trending issue. Okay, Mr. Pandit, if you are so confident.. ..let’s play a game. Reliable source claim that the
government has decided to deploy over.. ..150 CRPF battalions in
the Maoist infested areas… One second, please. Home Minister has called for a… Hello, dad? Did you hear the BBC? Yeah, yeah, tune in and listen. I’ll call you in a while,
I’ll call you later. Dad, bye. Bye. The earlier government had
discussed using Air force to fight.. ..against the terror, It yet to be seen…
– What game, Sir? The game. Okay, yeah, yeah! The secret game. Take this file. It has my notes. Umm… Articles, essays
on Social Revolution. How old are you? 27. I was 21. When I started writing this. This is useless to me now. You’re the Social Media hero.. ..publish it on Social Media.. ..blog it. But, use your name. Because in 2014 no one wants to listen
and think about Socialist Theories. The difference between Tribal issues and
‘Pink Bra’ will be understood. Try it. Okay. Yes, Dad? No, no, I was about to call you. Did you hear it? Hey, hi.
– Hey. Hello. Yes, Vikram, tell me. Yes. Um.. When is the next
student body meeting? The next student body meeting is on Sunday. Why? Okay. Um… Can you book me a slot? Okay. I want time. What? You want a time slot? No, I.. I want to speak. You want to speak? Are you serious? Yes. I want to speak. It’s not that funny. Ever since I can remember myself.. ..my answer to a “no”, has
always been a “yes”. If everyone here wanted beer, I’d want rum. If all of you wanted to have rum,
I’d want beer. I’m pretty sure I was born prematurely,
cause my mother was not ready for me yet. When my girlfriend wanted a tattoo
on her left breast,.. ..she ended up with one on the right. When she wants to be on top
of me, she ends up under. It was such a big deal for me.. ..that I didn’t realize that I started doing
exactly what other people wanted. Because, they’d figured me out. I am just this quirky fucker, that has
this stupid predictable habit. But, because of it, one thing
I positively understand.. ..is that, when people know what your weakness
is, they can manipulate you at will. Now, it’s a big mystery. Whether the Government of Pakistan,
manipulates the terrorists.. ..or whether the terrorists manipulate
the Government of Pakistan. In either way, Kashmir is paying the price! Everyone gets a piece of the pie. Employment for the unemployed youth.. ..business for the arms and
ammunition dealers.. ..winning elections. ISIS is enormous budget gets justified. The President of Pakistan, be
he elected or otherwise.. ..gets a very convenient truth to fool
his own people and the powers in the West.. ..everyone gets the piece of the pie! Except for the people of Kashmir. Be he the Pandit (Hindu priest),
be he the Mullah (Muslim priest).. ..he has nothing in it now. He’ll have nothing in it later,
and he is paying the price! And, this is something we as Indians,
understand very well. And so, we scream slogans like,.. ..Bharat Maata ki Jai!
(Long live, Mother India) Vande Matram.
(Long Live Mother India). So patriotic! Now, simply replace the Government of Pakistan,
with the Government of India. The terrorists, with the Maoists. And, the Kashmiris with the Tribals. I’m not saying am a naxal or
A leftist or a Maoist. Please. Am just a quirky fucker. Not bad. More than 100 hits in two hours. Nope. 136 to be precise. It’s true that we need support
from outside the border. We need help. You know, we need friends. We need guns, we need ammunition.
And, in this war.. ..because, this is going to be a new war. The guns have got to be our minds.. ..and, the ammunition are our thoughts. And, we have this enemy.. ..that’s inside our country. The biggest enemy! Are the people who are in the
government offices,.. ..in the Parliament, they’re in all
the institutions, running this country! That’s right! That’s who we need to fight against. You know? Thanks. What we actually need, is to raise a storm.. ..you know, a tornado! An army of incorruptible, intelligent youth! To finally take the fight to these imperialist
bastards and to bring them down. I mean, what we need is to strike.
We need a revolution! Yeah, we do.
– That’s what we need! But how, man? We do it by thinking it, man.
We do it by believing in it. We do it by getting out there. You’re going to get placed,.. ..and you’re going to work out there as a
corporate drone for 42 Millions a year.. ..and, you’re never going to look back
and think that may be.. ..may be, if you’d have tried,
you could have changed the world! Cause you can do it! But you’re never going to do it. Because somebody is going to come from
Infosis or Google.. ..or somebody, they are going to give
you a fat ass pay cheque.. They’re going to give you a crappy little
house, and that’s going to be your life! And, if everyone thinks that way, then everyone
becomes a slave to the system again! But then it’s just 10 of us. It’s not 10 of us, it’s 10 of us now! Then it’s the other 10,
then it’s the 10 they tell.. ..then it’s the 10 they tell. How many kids of our age are in a position
to do something, if we just fucking try. If we just fucking believe. It’s right there! Excuse me? Could I? Hey. You wrote that piece, inside? I did. Wow. How… How did you think about it? Honestly, I was doped. May be, then even I should try some. I always wanted to be a writer. Then why don’t you write? Never understood, what to write. As it is, half the people are either
writers, or actors. That’s true. Going this way? So, do you live in Hyderbad? Yes, now I live here. For the past
six years I’m here. Oh nice. Married? Yes, I’m married. Why the long pause? Honestly? Honestly. I was tempted to say no. Do you have kids? No. You don’t like kids? No. I love kids. Any plans to have kids? Not today. Not today. How about a drink today? Sure, why not? Priceless. So, what do you do? As in, job? I don’t have one right now.
Earlier, I used to work. What? I was in Delhi, I used to work for the
National Museum of Modern Art. Oh, wow. I mean, that’s a great job.
– It’s a wonderful job. Yeah. So, why did you come to Hyderabad? Married, relocated. But enough about me, already. You tell me. You tell me about yourself. There’s not much to say. No, you write so well, speak so well…
So? Thank you. Girlfriends? Am sure you have plenty. Sadly, no. Why? Because, I don’t understand. You tell me.. The girls that are sexy, have no substance. And, the girls that have substance,
are just not sexy. And, by the time they have both,
they’re married. It’s too much…
– Thank you. Oh, you know, there’s a very
interesting version… There’s an interesting way of reading these. Oh, I.. Add a word, in the end… Yes, yes. You know this?
– Yeah, yeah. You wanna try?
– Same one? Sure. Word? Yes. In bed. I know it’s a little corny. It’s very corny.
– Sometimes, corny is good. Okay. So. Plan for many pleasures ahead. In bed. See, I see girlfriends in the future. I hope so. You’ll find something,
that you’ve lost, in bed. I did, my earrings. And, for Vikaram Pandit’s future.. ..nothing! It’s blank. It’s actually blank. It’s not funny. Blank. In bed! Man! Vikram Pandit? Bloody, naxalite! You’re sitting here, having imported beer,
and, there you talk about tribals? All these bloody people are alike. Write a book, win an award and then become
the pimps for the naxalites. What book? what are you talking about, man? What do you think, the country is a stupid? We don’t know? Are we stupid? Ow! Fuck! Oh my god! I’ll come to your own institute
and shoot you. If I ever see you here, again,
I’ll bury you alive! Bastard, bloody ISI agent! You’ll understand what revolt means,
you bitch, selling the Nation off! You’ll enslave us, again! Hypocrite bastards! Educated, motherfucking
intellectual terrorists! So, what do you have to say about it? It was a game for me, Sir. Game’s over. Your file, your thoughts. I have come here for my MBA, Sir,
not to become an activist. And, you’re right, in this country,
there’s no hope. Thank you. Vikram? You won the game. Thank you, Sir. Vikram, this is Mr. K B S Prasad, Additional
Director General of Police. The man behind, Grey Hound. Grey Hound, as in? Grey Hound as in Grey hound dogs. Hunting dogs. And, we get paid to hunt. But, it’s a different thing that
he hunts men. Buhbye, see you.
Yeah, I’m coming. Not men, terrifying animals. Sorry, am a little confused, what
are you guys talking about? We are talking about naxalites.
Bloody traitors. Anyway, you tell me about yourself. Not much, um… I was in IIT, Delhi. Then, I went to New York, worked
for 4 years at Wall street. And, then I came back for my MBA. But, tell me, this naxalite problem,.. ..why is it called a war? And, why do you call them traitors? How many of our soldiers died
in the Kargil War? 587. And, who killed them? Our enemy did. And, here in my area, I mean the naxal area.. ..do you know how many soldiers have died? 1500 soldiers and 4500 civilians. Kargil: 587. And, naxal area: 6000. Now, you tell me, where is the real war? Or who is the real enemy? Potter’s Club is Sheetal’s brain child, and
as a good husband, I take care of the child. Okay, just hold on.. Hello, hello, hello, Sheetal? Come here, come here. And, keep the rest…
– That is Sheetal, my wife. Sheetal, this is Vikram, you know
the same boy.. Hi, how are you?
– Hi, I’m very well. Okay, you know each other. Okay, then. I’ll leave you alone. Be good.
– Yes, Sir. Oops. One girl had joined Sheetal,
in the first year. And, today, we have 58 people. In Potter’s club. Professor, I need to tell you something urgent.
– Give me a minute. Yes? May I have everyone’s attention please? Excuse me? Just gather around please. It’s time now. A very very good afternoon to all of you. Thanks for coming. How, a bored housewife’s hobby,
became a business and,.. ..how that business got converted
to a charity.. ..there couldn’t be a better example
of that than Potter’s Club. So, welcome to the 5th year
of the Potter’s Club annual. This year, the Tribal Welfare Department has
given us a grant of 22 Million rupees. And, it’s such a wonderful coincidence.. ..that the Tribal Welfare Department’s
under Secretary Mr. Dubey is here with us. Welcome, Sir. Wow, keep it up!
– Good, job. Thank you. But, this year our target is not
22 but 25 Million. Which, we have promised an NGO named
Peace Commando. Because, this NGO is just not an NGO for us,.. ..the whole and soul of this Ngo is a
very dear colleague of ours. She’s my good friend. Where is she? Charu? Charu! Come, come. Let’s give it up for Charu Sidhu. Come, please come. And now, the man himself.. ..my husband, Professor Ranjan Batki. Please, Ranjan. Well, friends, I won’t take much
of your time. Thanks, Sir. Just like Sheetal just said,
we are short of 3 Million. So, buy our pots and help us make
this charity popular. Sir, you’re doing a great job. Don’t worry about the popularity shit. Thanks. So, buy gifts for your friends and contribute,
so we can take this charity forward. Yeah guys, all of you please contribute
to this charity shit. I think, young lady, the wine is very good. But for your kind information, this
Potter’s Club is no charity shit. But now, I formally announce the opening of
Potter’s Club 2014. Cheers! Congratulations.
– Thank you, Sir. It’s urgent.
– Oh, yeah, yeah. Let’s go, let’s go. Go on, you start. Professor, I don’t know how to say this. This is bad timing. But the Government has
canceled all your grant. Can celled? What do you mean? Why? Sir, the money that the Government gives you,
through Potter’s Club goes to.. ..that NGO which is in Maoist afflicted area. We are IIB what have we got
to do with Maoists? Sir, IIB has nothing to do with it nor
do the Peace Commandos. Then? All the NGO’s are under the radar. Sir, it’s an intelligence report,
I’ve seen it. The money goes to the naxalites
through these Ngo’s. Everything was good, but they blew up
an entire CRPF bus. The Home Minister wanted to
involve the airforce. The PM has said to cut off just one nerve,
the bloodline: funding! Think about it yourself, where is the money
for the bombs and guns coming from? AK47. And, all these land mines,
how are they getting funds… I know all that.. I’m seeing you at the wheel after
a very long time. Oh shish… Am so sorry, sorry, sorry. No that’s okay. I was seeing if
I still have it in me. There is just one cigarette. Anyway… Hadn’t you quit? Just felt like having a drag. Am sorry, I couldn’t do much for you. But, don’t worry, everything will be fine. It’s not about the club, Ranjan. You know am not ambitious. I find my happiness in little things. It’s just that you know, everyone is so busy.. ..everybody, at their own level is contributing
something or the other. Even our maid, for that matter. I have been working with Charu and
the tribals for so many years.. ..I thought even I was contributing. I guess it’s back
to the potter’s wheel for me. Sheetal, no matter what,
the money will be arranged. Potter’s Club won’t shut down. Trust me. Professor, please join me? No, not me. You’re sing beautifully. Come on.
– Please, 2 lines. Guys, I’m going home. Pooja, take admission here,
life will become easier. MBA? Who will give the GMAT exam? So good isn’t it? I can enjoy
without tension. Hey Pooja, will you do Juliette’s
role in my play? Depends, who Romeo is. Well tried, Sir. Thank you.
– Sir, please sit. Sir, how about beer? Yeah, get me one. Sir, I’ve got information.
I’ve got a job from Amazon. Fantastic.
– 30 Millions. Congratulations.
– Thank you, Sir. And Sir, Vikram Pandit is joining Infosys
and Sudhir is picked up by ICICI. Fabulous, congratulations.
– Thank you, Sir. I am so proud of all of you. Sir I got McKenzie!
Pretty happy with it. He’s so happy, Sir. Girls will actually
now talk to him. Okay, I need to say something
very important to you. Not that I haven’t been saying
for all these three terms. But, you see, the country doesn’t
only need successful,.. ..brilliant managers and CEO’s. The country also needs new businesses. Of course, Sir. Of course you know that, of course. I myself taught you that. So let me say, like there is an artisan.. Artisan? What’s that? Artisan, as in potter.. ..how he shapes the pots, similarly, the
country is shaped by the industrialists. It’s the entrepreneur who leads the
country into an era of success and growth. The government has refused to buy
the products of Potter’s Club. And, I want you’ll, as a test of
your keenness and sharpness.. ..you make a marketing plan
that becomes legendary. The target is 250 million
and last date is 26th January. Sir, but this is very aggressive. I know it’s aggressive, that’s why am
throwing this challenge to all of you. So, am sure something will come out of this. Okay, so shall I take it that
you will do that? Yeah.
– Yeah. Okay, great. Hi. Hi. How are you? I’m good. I thought, since you’re helping us so much,
I should also help you. Okay. Take a look. This file has all the details of business
houses who understand our cause. Okay. How you’ll contact them, when you’ll do it
and what you will say is up to you. But, use this. Oh wow, that’s great. Thank you, Charu. Come. Yes. I had to ask you something. You’ll only be able to answer. In all these researches, what is the nexus
in Tribals and naxal Maoists? This is a very complicated problem, Vikram. But, the simple answer is that,.. ..this is a fight for the rights and
freedom of the tribals. Freedom? From whom? From hunger, unemployment, ill treatment,
that the government has given them. Since the 60 years of independence. Can you believe that? Whose side are you on? I am with the tribals. So, you’re a pro-naxal? Now. This is the problem. If I support the tribals.. ..does that mean, I am Pro-naxal,
anti-establishment? It’s such an Urban,
Elitist point of view. I am just a middle class man.. ..with a middle class thoughts. But, I know in today’s date
no one wants a revolution. You know what they want? What? Money. Money. Money-ism. Money has so much power, that it’s an
ideology, a revolution in it’s self. The day your tribals have money.. ..all these naxals will beg. Is it? If you’ve quite figured this out then
why don’t you do something about it? Because it’s not my job! It’s not your job? Do you know why the tribals don’t have money? Because, everybody thinks,
it’s not my job! When it’s nobody’s job, those working on it
obviously become the enemy of the nation. The tribals don’t even get
an ounce of what they deserve. Do you know why? It’s fucking nobody’s job. People from Karachi, are moving to the
neighboring states to celebrate Eid. Cameraman- Kamin Yusuf.
Chand Nawab. Indus News. Karachi. You shameless
guy take another route. People from Karachi, are moving to the
neighboring states to celebrate Eid. What are you doing? Walk from the side.
Wait one minute. People from Karachi, are moving to the
neighboring states to celebrate Eid. Take the people… Let him be.
– Go from there, you’ll miss the train… People from Karachi, are moving to the
neighboring states to celebrate Eid. Cameraman- Kamin Yusuf.
Chand Nawab. Indus News. Moron! So see, Karachi… Woaah, look at his speed. Shibu? Shibu, shibu? You have to watch this, come here. Take me to Batki’s house.
– Watch this, come soon! I’ve seen it, take me
to Batki’s house… Hey, hey!
– Move, man! Batki’s house, it’s a 2 minute route,
take me there. Move!
– I need to speak to him, right now! Do one thing, you take the keys. What do I do with the keys, you dumbfuck?
I can’t drive. Your problem, it’s not my problem.
Move now! How is it…
– Fucking go, men. Pooja, Pooja, Pooja! Come, come. Hey, no! Vikram, I am not coming. I am not, I am not coming with you. Okay. Wait, 2 minutes. If you take more than 2 minutes,
I’ll leave, Vikram. Your time starts now! Coming. Hi, sir.
– Oh! Hi. Hi. Come, come. No, Sir. i just need to speak to you
for 2 minutes. We are just having dinner, come. Come. My friend’s waiting. I’ll go get her.
– Who is it? Hi.
– Hi, Vikram. Get in, get in. Okay, I’ll get her. I… I just wanted to talk to him
for 2 minutes. Okay, but come and sit. Come, come. You’ll have some wine? No, no, thank you. Come, come. Please, come on. I don’t want to disturb. Sheetal? That day the girl who embarrassed
me in front of everyone.. ..today, she’s shy to come to our home. Look at this girl. Vikram, I must say that you have
a very beautiful girlfriend. Oh, no. Girlfriend? Aren’t you seeing…
I didn’t understand. No, no, she’s just a friend. I mean, I love this weirdo,
but am not in love with him. You’re not in love with him? How is that possible? Okay, let’s put it this way.. When you are in love with someone, you fall
for the first impression, not the real person. But, love is just love. Okay. It’s a little complicating, forget it. Okay, let me put it like this.. ..that I love what you said, but I am
not in love with what you said. That was a good one! You got it! You deserve a kiss for that. I get a kiss for that! Yeah!
– Okay. Thank you. Wine for you on that. No, I am trying to quit. Quit! That’s good. After that day. What did you want to ask? Yes, Sir. I only had to ask.. ..what you were saying yesterday, about the
marketing plan for Potter’s Club. I did have a few ideas. I only needed some information.. ..I came to ask about Potter’s Club..
– Her department. ..about Potter’s Club and the Pottery. You wanna know about pottery? There’s a little soil, some colors
and some labor. Each pot costs about 40-50 rupees. No, no. What I really want to know
is about the business. I mean, how you make the pottery, what you
position it as, supply chains. That’s a long story. No, no. It’s not a long story. Come on. Everyone will get bored. It’s not at all boring. You say it. In fact when she narrated this
story to me, I got married to her. No, I seriously want to know. From the beginning. Okay. When civilization started.. ..whatever the culture was then, we come to
know from the pottery of that time. What ever their habitats were,
their traditions, their culture. All that they have depicted in their pottery. We learnt all this through the
archeological excavations. Slowly, when civilization began to grow,
man started traveling. So wherever man traveled, he used
local influences.. ..and, all those influences started
reflecting in his pottery. Like in Aztec, there was Roman influence. Then, somewhere, the Chinese
influence was mixed. somewhere, Mughal art got mixed. Eventually, a global mixture was
formed of this art form. But our pots have a uniqueness. Our pots have a history, a folklore, a story. Our pots are absolutely uncorrupted, unique. And, you know why? Because, where these are made,
that area, Bastar. Is a tribal area. And, no one has been there for
the past 5000 years! That’s unique. That day…
– I’ll have a glass of wine. Yeah, please. Help yourself. Thank you. That day, in the party, what did you
say after picking a pot up? Didn’t you say it was amazing? Yeah? The village where this pot is made, that
village exists since the time of Buddha. But then what’s your brand name? I mean what name are you selling them under? There’s no brand name, because
the Government buys them. And, it’s not business,
it’s just charity, you know. Charity is big business today. Oh yes, but you have to call it CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility. And, don’t forget, you are sitting here
for the past hour, cause of my charity. I’ll have one more after this. But Sir, we are doing this for
a cause, right? For the tribals. And, you pottery is also very beautiful. So, what’s missing? Sir, I believe, that if we apply
proper, solid marketing.. ..and get a simpler, more innovative
distribution module going. Package that with the cause
we’re already selling. There will be a huge market for it. But, the distribution of this product
is very disorganized. There are too many middle-men and
the profit is really low. So, let me say that it’s..
it’s a boutique item. Am I right? OK, Vikram where are you originally from? Indore. Indore everybody knows. But I am from Rourkela!
Have you heard of Rourkela? Ranjan please not Rourkela again. It’s a good story and don’t worry,
I’ll narrate it in a better manner. What better manner. – Ok! Ok!
– I’m listening! She is listening, everybody is listening! So Rourkela! My father was a Station Master in Rourkela.
So, obviously we lived in a railway colony. There was a tradition in our colony to
celebrate Durga Pooja with grandeur. It was financed by the
CPM or the Janata party. In 1975, an emergency was declared. The railway employees went on a strike.. ..it was decided there would be no
celebrations on Durga Pooja that year. Everybody was a little depressed. So one day my father called me,
and said ‘Son.. ..it doesn’t look good that we
are not celebrating Durga Pooja and… ..everybody is a little depressed. So, why don’t you just collect money. You know for 10 days, I went
to everybody’s house to collect money. And, can you guess how much
money I collected? 75 thousand rupees. 25 thousand more. So, everybody was happy.
We celebrated Durga Pooja. What I’m trying to say is, if you are
determined, then no one can stop you. Everything is possible. Correct. Hold on. Vikram, I must say your ideas
are very interesting. In bed. This is… What happened?
– Nothing. Take this book. Dean is coming on Monday. Get your presentation ready and if you
Need any help. I am there for you! Thank you, sir. Cheers on that. Cheers. Cheers, Pooja. Pooja? Okay. I love wine but
I am not in love with wine. What is this? Just an earthen pot! But if I were to say to
you that this is not just a pot. But a rare piece of India’s
artistic tribal heritage. I wouldn’t be wrong. Prof. Batki gave us this challenge.. ..to make Potters Club a
financially independent.. ..profitable venture, free
from government grants. And while I was thinking
of this I thought of us here.. ..at one of the finest
business schools in the world. I thought about the responsibility
that…that education should bring. I thought about why despite
of booming economy.. ..and an industrial growth rate rivaling
any other in the world.. ..why are we still a poor country? Why are our villagers, our downtrodden,
our rural areas, our tribals.. ..all not getting even
a single piece of this growth? And then I realized that this pot,
has the potential to change all that. Today Sir, this pot,
is worth less than a bottle of Pepsi. Because you and I have never
looked at it the right way. And, never valued it accordingly. But tomorrow, say I were to create a
perception value in the market.. ..for a 100 rupees, for this pot. Why does the artisan who
created it get less than a Rupee? And, he is supposed to be content with this? Where do the other 99 Rupees go? They go to the wholesalers. They go to the retailers. They go to the transporters. They go to the shopkeepers. They go to the warehouses.
They go to government offices. They go to the octroi and the
unending list of necessary middlemen. What If I propose to wipe out the middleman? What if I make every single
one of these middlemen unnecessary? What I propose sir,
is to instead of selling these out. Let’s create an online auction! Let’s market these, package them
and sell them here! If we create a perception
value of a 100 Rupees.. ..all we need is 10 Rupees! Just think about that! 10 Rupees! To send these anywhere
in the world! And this fellow, the artisan,
gets the remaining ninety! I have created the application,
Sir. It’s ready! I’ve spoken with Christie’s, I’ve spoken
with e- bay, they are ready to host us. Sir, it’s such a simple
Business model. But I think.. I believe that we can bring
about a kind of economic revolution! All we need is to click! And, let’s create some pottery. And, it goes live. Thank you. It’s very impressive! Er…Ranjan, what do you think? Sorry, Sir? No it was.. it was.. Well done! Very good. But I don’t think it can be implemented, Sir! It has… I feel it has political undertones. But. Sir you wanted a profit making
enterprise, that is what I’ve done! I’ve…I’ve turned…
– I think.. It’s not about you Mr. Vikram Pandit. No, what he’s trying…
– Can I just finish, please? I feel.. It’s very important that we look at
the prestige of our school also, Sir. I think that’s it. It’s…it’s… Thank you, Sir. Good Evening. But, where was the need to do it? Come on!
– Do what? Vikram’s proposal why did you reject it? Sheetal, sometimes we need to do certain
things in life we don’t want to do. But his proposal was brilliant and
You know it! Everyone in the room… Yes on paper, in theory what
Vikram said was not wrong. But…But what he was proposing
can never succeed in India! Oh! Come on, you are saying this Prof.
Ranjan Batki is saying this? I mean you go out there motivate your
students to just go and change the world. Think new ideas. I mean, come on Ranjan! Out of work curator like me, you
gave me a purpose in life… Sheetal, I am not the chairman of a
corporate business house. I am a professor, a teacher. And, this isn’t a business house! This is a business school, an institution.. You can do charity here but not business! This could have become a very big scandal! And, less financial and more political! So, just… Just trust me! I’ll trust you, I always
trust you in everything. So, why don’t you trust me on this also? I will trust you, because I don’t
have a say in the matter, do I? That’s not fair now!
– That’s enough. I don’t want to be part of this conversation.
– Don’t turn it into a domestic issue. Fuck it, man! Vikram? Vikram, listen. Listen… Listen to me! What is it? Why are you avoiding me? You claim to be a tribal ally. When I was talking about their well being,
why did you suddenly become dumbstruck? Why didn’t you say anything when
the dean was here? You knew everything, didn’t you? Charu Sidhu. The great NGO worker.
The Tribal Messiah. You have a lot of knowledge about
the tribals and the naxals. You lectured me so much! Why didn’t you say a word when the
professor and the dean were around? That’s not how it is. Nor am I a student of this
institute, nor employ. What could I have said? And, with what rights? You could have spoken for those tribals! Was that not your fucking job either? Hypocrite! Vikram? Vikram! I want to talk to you. How dare you bypass me, Vikram Pandit? This is a business school. Potter’s Club is a part of the curriculum. And, you want to run it like
a corporate office? It is and it will always remain a charitable
partnership between the NGO.. ..Peace Commandos and us And, you want to rattle it’s
very foundation! Sir.. I came to your house
and I spoke to you… I did just that…
– The boy at.. ..my house, was a marketing student.. But, the guy I saw yesterday,
that was a political mind speaking. I will never let your political
ambitions succeed. Political ambitions? Forget it. Forget the economic growth.
– Good morning, Sir. Forget the Potter’s Club. And, go and join an e- bay job,
take 5 million per annum… And, have a party all your life! But, Sir…
– I don’t want to talk to you! Hello, Sir.
– Morning. And, why are you not in the class? Shibu? What? Come, let’s go, man! Where? Just go. Fucking! I need to get the notes. We’ll get the notes, just go. Fuck notes! Always on the edge. Can you change a corrupt system
with Social Media? Perhaps, no. Let’s play a game. Literate motherfucking,
intellectual terrorists. Kargil: 587and Naxal area: 6000. Where is the real war. I don’t think it can be implemented. I feel it has political undertones. OK comrades! I hereby begin the proceeding
of this public court! Janardhan Jha, Depot Manager, India Oil,
is accused of.. Comrade? He has given information of land mine
on Gangapur road to CRPF. Janardhan Jha, gave information about the
land mines on Gangapur road to CRPF. Janardhan Jha has not only helped
our enemies.. ..but also betrayed and
compromised fellow comrades. Comrade! CRPF personnel held me at gunpoint. But, I only told them about Gangapur road. They put a gun to your head and
you spit everything out? Comrade, my wife is ill,
I have two small kids. How will a traitor like you teach
your kids to be a true Maoist? Comrade, Comrade! Get this traitor away from me.
– Comrade! And, put a bullet here, right in his skull! Comrade! comrade! Comrade! comrade! Because of this mess, I lost
my pipeline order. Uptill now, I have given 10 million. Master has arrived. How did all this happen, Comrade? That boy, your student.
He was under your wing. You said, he was the future of our fight. How did he turn out to be so weak? Someone randomly threw a glass
of drink at him, and he just quit? And, yet you entrusted him
With such a big job! Why? Prabhat, you could’ve simply
written to me about this. Why did you call me here? What do we do about, Vikram Pandit? I will take care of him. Why are we meeting here? I attended the central committee’s
meeting yesterday.. ..where I was informed that
the Potters Club auction has begun. And, the money is going directly
to the tribals. Comrade, if the money goes directly
to the tribals.. ..what will happen to our revolution? What are you trying to say? I just want to tell you,
stop Vikram or kill him! Are you mad? Please, try to understand, comrade. Hello. Yes, dad? No, I am in class. No, I forgot to write the letter
for your pension. I’ll write it today itself. Sorry. Sorry about that, I’ll call you back. Yes, daddy. Thank you. What are you trying to tell me? Our Revolution will succeed
by killing a handful of policemen? By killing a D.M, a station master or
kidnapping four school teachers? Or is the government going to collapse by.. ..running in the jungles and
hiding like animals? This is not 1970! Neither is it the 80’s or the 90’s!
This is 2014! What will you explain to me,
Comrade Prabhat? What you have forgotten, Comrade. That we started together in college. We took an oath together, that you will live
in the city, and I here in the forest. But the goal was to remain the same. Battle. War. Revolution. Nothing has changed in 30 years. If anything has changed, it’s you.
– But that’s.. ..not true at all. Is it? Tell… It’s important to talk to him. Who are these people? They are those people, because of
whom things work here! Why have they come here? They have come here to know what
will happen to Vikram Pandit. How it will happen. How does it affect them? Because Commerade I run the real
government here. Me, Nanhe Singh! And the problem is I promised.. “Nahne Ssingh 25 million is
on the way fuck the bastards.” 250 million are on the way,
let the high command know! Weren’t those your exact words? Weren’t they? I got 30 men out of jail. I passed 8 tenders in Ashok’s favour. And, now you tell me there is no money? Come on speak up!
Has the cat caught your tongue. Or should I get a bull dozer and raze
your Peace Commando to the ground! Nanhe Singh, stay in your limits! What will you do, otherwise? You won’t be able to tolerate it, forget it. You bitch, you have been saying a lot, today. Asshole! Talk within your limit! Nanhe Singh! No bullets will be fired. Not a single bullet will be fired here,
till 26th January. Here’s to lesser noise. Motherfucker!
Bloody government pimp! How dare you stop Nanhe Singh! Shove the 26th January up a donkey’s ass. And you…bloody whore to the Polit Bureau. Proffessor Batki.. I’ve always bowed my head in respect to you. But how will I bow to you,
if I don’t have a head? I have been a naxalite for 10 years. I went into politics,
but I am still with you. Try to understand my problem. Ashok’s money is at stake. If the remaining money doesn’t reach them,
they will not install the gas pipeline. There are 23 police stations under the DSP. Money is needed to shut their
eyes, ears and mouth. If the money is not delivered, the high
command will shoot me. I will be dead! I will take all of you with me. It doesn’t seem like a struggle anymore.
It’s business now. Excuse us comrade Batki,
but we are also struggling. Shut up. I don’t want to hear a word from you. Alright then, you stop Vikram Pandit. Ashok is willing to pay for now,
your share should come too. Ashok, give Nanhe Singh his money. You will receive it on 26th January. Let’s go, Charu. Comrade, Charu will be sent
tomorrow morning. Master, Master…
Red Salute! Tea. Comrade Charu, if this internet auction
started by Vikram Pandit stops then good.. ..otherwise, you will kidnap him
on Sunday at 7pm. Any problem? No. There, outside the school our
comrade brothers will be waiting. You catch him and get him here directly. And yes, make sure his laptop is with him. I’ll get him here, what after that? Once the work is done, we’ll send him off. I have seen comrade Batki’s
attachment towards him.. ..but you also seem to care a lot
about this Vikram Pandit. If you mess this up, even a little.. ..I’ll rip your body apart! Why aren’t you understanding, the play… You will have to wait. Try and understand! Once the play is over… They have come, comrade. I told them after the play…
– Charu.. ..there should not be any mistake. Does Vikram need to die? The decision is not in my hands. You can stop them comrade. It took me a lifetime to reach here. A lot of people are involved,
our comrades, government officials.. ..school teachers, college
professors, doctors, engineers.. ..philosophers, people in media, in
cinema…all share the same dream. To re- write the history of India.
Down with these imperialist bastards. Mao believed in sacrifice for
the greater good.. Now you know, why Vikram Pandit has to die! Vikram just run away. My husband’s going to kill you. What the fuck? They are all naxals? It’s true, you have to believe me. But, I… I was just trying to help. I know. they fooled me! They’ve fooled everyone… What do I do? Anybody could be a naxal! That’s what am trying to tell you! Are you a naxal! Are you a naxal? Is that what you’re telling me? Are you a naxal? Yes! I am. I am a comoradian sworn, you… If my husband can be a Maoist,
so can your father! It could even be this librarian! Your school friends. The entire school,
people in the park,.. ..in buses, in the trains, malls. I don’t know where all they could be! Vikram the money I was collecting
for the tribals. The same money was used to kill them!
Ranjan did this. And, I funded the killings! They are spread across all over India
so you have to run away Vikram. Please, listen to me! Listen to me please. You have to run away. Before they get to you. They’ll kill you, Vikram. They’ll kill you. I know they’ll kill you.
I’ve heard them! What about you? Don’t worry…
– What about you? Don’t worry about me! You’ve got your whole life
Ahead of you. Please just go away. You don’t have time… It could be tonight, it could be anytime. Just run away! Please go. Vikram, have a cigarette. Who gives a fuck about tribals? Vikram, it’s fucking nobody’s job. Vikram, it’s nobody’s job. I think we had to be somewhere? Come on. Tie them. Come on, tie them up. Am not running, am right here. Come. Tie them! Now what has started, Charu will not end! Professor, Mission Accomplished. From now on Charu will take over. Okay, Sir. All the best. From now, it’s yours. Maddy? Red salute, Red salute! So, in your Municipal Corporations,
in your electricity boards.. ..in your political system,
in your day to day life.. ..you have to grease the squeaky
palms of the people.. ..because we are having a
rigid administration. That’s why I say, corruption is.. is good! Not sure I agree with that. Why do you say that, Rakesh? Sir, how can something criminal be
good for the society. You can take the example of India and China. Is corruption indeed riight? No, I don’t think so. Okay. Come and see me in my office. That’s all for today.
Thank you very much. Have a good weekend. I’ll see you. My father. Yes, daddy? I’ll call you later, I’m in the class. Sit. Join me, Vikram. Join my cause. Become my soldier. I had chosen you. And, you probably didn’t completely
understand the file I had given you. I can explain it to you, I can guide you. You will be part of this revolution. Which is against the money making
leaders and officers.. Which is for the rights of the
poor of this nation. It’s for their freedom! Do you know what I mean? So, let me explain to you, how! Okay? You’re there. Look around you.. Peons, clerks, officers, teachers,
doctors, lawyers,.. ..builders, traders, collectors, DM’s. Judges, secretaries, ministers, MLA’s, MP’s.. ..police, Ngo,police, NGO, Prime minister,
even the media,.. ..artist and sportsmen are all corrupt! No department is spared! And, if there is anyone who isn’t corrupt,
it’s a man.. ..a poor man, who didn’t get a chance to
become corrupt at all! That is your country! This is your freedom! And, my fight is against all of this! Your idea, would not help remove poverty.. ..it was to make a few people rich! And that, is the biggest problem of India. Remove poverty doesn’t mean make a few rich! It was important to stop you! Leaders… Start riots! If one is breaking mosques for votes,
the other is building temples for the same. Whose money is being used? Mine, yours, a poor Indian’s! Can’t you smell the Civil war under
the facade of Incredible India! 40%! 40% India is under the control of the military. Bloody War is on! It’s a war! Capitalist state versus it’s own hungry,
deprived people, Mr. Vikram Pandit! It’s a fucking war! Yes, Dad? How can I help if you haven’t received
the cheque for your pension. We live in a fucked up country! I’ll talk to you later! I’m sorry. Revolution is the only answer. Not only in India, in the whole world. It’s a new world war. This isn’t just between two nations. This isn’t for power or a piece of land. This fight is between the rich and the poor. It’s a war between haves and have-nots. And now… No one can stop it! I have a dream to fulfill before I die. Which I want to see with my own eyes. Kanpur, Faizabad, Delhi, Mumbai,
Varanasi, Chennai, Kolkata.. ..in every city of India, millions
of comrades are marching.. billions and trillion
bullets are being shot! And, the ground is red with the
blood of these thiefs! And, this truth is not too far! Instead of Government of India,
Government of Bharat is a reality! And, it’s time for that! Join me in a new thought of New India! Say yes to Revolution! Why should I join you revolution? Why should I say yes to your revolution? Where is your revolution? Where is your strength? Where is your revolution? What has changed? All your life, what have you changed? How many children have you killed? How many innocents have you killed? Has the nation changed? You want to make the streets red, don’t you? What changed? I could finish you right here, right now! Where is your power, Professor? Where’s your power? Charu’s dead! Do you even care? And, she didn’t die for me! Nor did she die for your revolution! She died for this! Even your comrade understood,.. ..that, your revolution will not
change anything! These tribals don’t want your guns,
they want your business, Proffessor! The revolution that the students started,
the students will end! This is the new thinking of New India! No middle men! This is Revolution! Do you still want to play a
secret game with me? Hello, dad? I’m sorry I spoke like that. I heard… I heard BBC. I’ll… I’ll hear it.

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    Even though I'm an Indian, the thought of it being legit makes me so uncomfortable in so many ways.

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  16. This movie shows how NGO helps to rule the naxalism in country…and how this naxalism is catch the educated people..they put the things in educated people that they are doing from change your country which is full of correcuption….but actually they use them and use adivasi people's money's for their personal lives and shows that they are working for adivashi people's republic

  17. Communism is biggest threat to our country…. Radical Islam, radical nuxal, all these are terrorists groups is very dangerous……. Stop them🚩🚩
    No religion 🚫

  18. largest socialist country USSR broke apart, china is leaving socialism and entering capitalism, rest all other socialist countries too are in ruins today. North korea has turned into evil dictatorship where internet and mobile phones too are banned.

  19. Criticizing and protesting against government corruption is one thing and taking up arms to tackle government corruption is other thing…. first one is legitimate and the second one is absolutely wrong… the film fails to distinguish these two very different things.

  20. Please,, मुझे ये moive सही से समझ नही आई,even मैंने ये moive एक दिन में तीन बार देखली,,कुछ सही से समझ नही आया। आपसे request करती हूं कि plz मुझे इस बारे में थोड़ा समझाने की कोशिश करें।

  21. ब्राह्मणवाद का मतलब है " मौज करने वाला हमेशा मौज करें और मेहनत करने वाला हमेशा मेहनत "
    इसी सिद्धांत ने हमारे देश को लाचार, बेबस और गुलाम बनाया है।
    दुख की बात यह है कि सरकार धर्म की अफीम चटाकर आज भी इसी सिद्धांत पर काम कर रहीं हैं।

  22. People please at least donate ticket amount to the foundation for making eye opening movies and fight urban intellect terrorists…

  23. modi ne in naxalion ki nas kaat di hai islie itna tadap rahe hain. inka poorn safai hogi. ye naya Bharat hai. apne aas paas aise naxalion ko pahchane aur uska upchar karen.

  24. NDTV ka Ravish, Lallantop, Swara bhaskar,Kanhayya, shela rashid, Kejriwal, Gauri lankesh, Prakash raj sab raj khul gaya… deri tho sahi tho sahi mujhe aaj pata chala………

  25. I do not know how many times I have watched this movie and how many more times I will watch it again but surely 7-8 times I guess I have seen this till date.

  26. First I didn't use to believe this but now after watching This movie,
    I understand the need to vote ModiJi 🙏 in states as well as in center irrespective of the candidate who I am voting for

  27. यारो, सरकार हो या कोई एक्टिविस्ट किसीकी बातों से मत बेहको l अक्सर आझादी की बातें करने वाले शासन करने की मनीषा रखते है खुद का अंमल लाना चाहते है l समझो "क्रांती" आयी तो फिर उसके बाद क्या ? कुछ ठोस नियोजन है इन लोगों के पास? इन जैसो की सबसे बडी हार लोगों की एकता मे है l हिंदू एक धर्म या जात नही एक जीवनपद्धती है l भारतवर्ष की सबसे बडी हार इस राष्ट्र को किसी एक धर्म का राष्ट्र घोषित करने पर होगी l सनातनी शब्द का सही अर्थ है शाश्वत, 'ever-lasting', 'pertinent' l एक मुस्लिम या इसाई भी सनातनी है जो अपने धर्म का आजीवन पालन करता आ रहा है l एक जवान, अध्यापक, लेखक, किसान भी सनातनी है जो अपना काम पुरे लगन से निभाता है l जिसे कोई उसके उद्देश से, मूल्यो से हिला नही सकता वह होता है सनातनी l एक कहावत है, "पानी पिना छानके गुरु करना जानके" Don't believe anything blindly; question everything. There is a thin line between pseudo-intellectualism & wisdom. Stand united, be together & ef 'em all.

  28. फ़िल्म आज देखी….हकीकत में देश के साथ बहुत बुरा हो रहा है। गरीब परिवार बेचारा करे तो क्या करे।😟😟….धत तेरी की किसको वोट देते रहे अब तक।

  29. these NGO some activist they fund naxals also add nother group islamist they live between us and fund terrorism zakat ka paisa terror funding jihad mai use hota hai NGO ka paisa revolution maoist naxals use karte hai left and islamist ruining our country we dont need revolution we need raj dharm chatriya dharm brahmaan dharm

  30. Now Media show us a big pictures of society and Globe.
    And some can't digest it.
    It's take times and they have no choices.
    Some trying to understand it.
    Good luck for them.
    Hai Hind 🤔

  31. I regret, kaise itni sahi movie ko nahi dekha thha abhi tak maine… Now I also realised that how Students tuned protesters….what a direction, story and most importantly the message it gives… Hats of Agnihotri Sir….. Big Fan

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