Connect Your Domain Name to your Facebook Page | GoDaddy

Did you know your domain name can be used to
send people anywhere on the web, like say a Facebook page? Let’s see how… Many small businesses, artists, and musicians
who are just starting out, create Facebook business pages to raise awareness about their products or services on this popular social site. If you created a Facebook business page, the domain name you purchased can be used to forward visitors to that page, until your website is up and running. To connect your domain name to your Facebook business page, you’ll first need the URL for your Facebook business page. Start by logging into your Facebook account [typing]. In the upper right corner of your Facebook page, click the small downward-facing arrow [click]. Under Your Pages, click the name of your Facebook business page [click]. Your Facebook Business Page URL displays in
the address bar of your Internet browser. Highlight this text and copy it to your clipboard. Now, go back to your GoDaddy account. On the Products page, find Domains, and to the right of it, click Manage [click]. On the Domains page, choose the domain name that you want to forward to your Facebook business page, and click Use My Domain [click]. In the domain connector, click Connect to an Existing Site [click]. On the Destinations screen, under Social Sites, click Facebook. In the Facebook profile URL field, enter your Facebook business page URL and click Next [click]. This dialog box is just asking you to confirm that you want your domain name to forward to your Facebook business page. To confirm, click Finish [click]. That’s it! Now when anyone types your domain name into
a browser, they’ll see your Facebook business page. Go ahead, see for yourself!

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