Courteney Cox shares Friends reunion news!

Courteney Cox shares Friends reunion news!

39 thoughts on “Courteney Cox shares Friends reunion news!

  1. This was great. She’s so chill, I think everyone wants to be friends with her. I love all of the friends cast, they’re all amazing in their own way. Love this interview series!

  2. if I ever found myself at a party where gullible dummies are talking about friends I would jump out the window. ‘I wish I could learn to work a computer and I wish I could read better’ I mean she is mentally ill. Just listen to the beginning again. What grown person would say this. Kevin is funny and talented but his guests are horrible and the content of the video has dropped. The channel started out well but the quality of guest hikers dropped significantly. Why would anyone want to hear that she is a Springsteen fan? Haha. So empty. Hollywood is full of HS drop out empty heads they use their bodies to sell themselves, and then perverted nuts like Harvey Weinstein take advantage of them.

  3. I just subscribed to your channel a couple days ago and I've watched a good 25 videos since then. Love your ridiculous questions and comical banter. It makes for great background conversation when I'm working around the house. Good job Kevin.

  4. Great interview. Yeah, that sleeping thing can be a breakup for relationships especially if one person needs the TV on all night to fall asleep and then wonders what the problem is for the other person.

  5. Yes, yes, yes, my favorite guyjing, hey Kevin 2 people who would be so interesting and great conversationalist, David Stolts from Drive thru history on the tube and Steve B something its hard to spell but hes an explorer from accross the pond a grillis type only very chatty and hard core too also kinda hot…….anyway sorry lost my train of thought he would be awesome to talk to so many hair raising experiances hes usually on the quest channel.

  6. How clever you are to know that every asian looking person is to be greeted by 'hai, hai, hai'! Slainte, you witty Irish drunk!

  7. Watching this on the first day of wearing my new Friends shirt while listening to Courteney talk about her nanny wearing her Friends shirt too. 9:10
    How cool is that?

  8. This is a cool way to do (interviews)!👍

    10:30 😂👍he’s not wrong

    Almost everyone over 40 has sleep apnea for some reason

  9. Just so you know!!!! I for one, refuse to wear my spanks while hiking!!! People can obviously see that I am trying to improve both my jiggle and cellulite BECAUSE I am hiking. So if offended by my unsightliness, they can just look away.

  10. What the heck is the big deal about Instagram? People should just "follow" themselves! Trust your own inner creativity and strengths. Why do we always need others to create our worlds?

  11. Just out of curiosity…do the actors of Friends still make money from the show on Syndication…? And is it lucrative…or not enough

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