Creating Websites with Responsive Web CSS

Creating Websites with Responsive Web CSS

Build your own responsive web sites with Responsive Web Css First, the devices to target are selected Now it’s time to start with the first page Here the home page is going to be laid out Containers are added for the content Each container is assigned a unique, descriptive ID Containers can be re-ordered or nested by dragging them Once all the containers are created, it’s time to size them Resize them by dragging, or explicitly typing their width Widths can be percentage based (eg: 50), Fractions (1/2), or Fill (*) Once the default layout is set, it can be adapted to different devices This is how it will appear on smaller laptop screens Repeat for the remaining device(s) selected That’s one page complete, add more pages as necessary ..and create their layouts Once all the pages are created and laid out, it’s time to export Exporting will download the site skeleton HTML and CSS in a single Zip file

8 thoughts on “Creating Websites with Responsive Web CSS

  1. Hey thanks. The layouts it generates are compatible with bootstrap & foundation. I've sent you a PM with a little more detail

  2. Oh, could you pleeeaase send me also the details of combining those layouts with bootstrap? It will do me a big favor for my work.

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