DCS World How to host a server A very basic guide

DCS World How to host a server A very basic guide

hey guys this is a very simple guide how to host a server on your own machine here we go so we’re in the main dcs world start page the menu page on the right click on multiplayer you got the server list loading there, at the bottom of the page you’ve got new server click on that this brings up the server settings very basic stuff here you’ve got a server name can name it whatever you want you’ve got a tick box for public server this puts your server if it sticks in the server list for the public, password you can make that anything you want or no password at all play a limit obviously if you’ve got a low or medium and machine you don’t want to put too many people in the server especially if you’re playing and host at the same time, public IP, that’s the IP of your machine, now we’ve got the integrity check here ticking that will make sure that all the clients are running the vanilla client and that they’ve made no adjustments. then we’ve got server description this is the description that will come up in the server list now on the right side mission list now here we can select various missions let me just get rid of that one click the plus sign down at the bottom your list to come up for your “missions” in your saved games dcs missions folder and you can select the missions that you’ve created all you’ve downloaded click that one but in the list you can add more as well now you can cycle through the missions once you’re in the server and do that automatically let’s click on the Advanced tab here again very simple stuff is show chat events you got the kill takeoff landing crash ejecting and role and that will show up in the chat box if you’ve got it ticked while the games running, in the middle part here you’ve got allow export and that’s object export sensor or players export a lot of servers don’t export the data because they don’t want people cheating using third-party tools but it’s completely up to you, at the bottom here is the load status or pause status of the mission so resume manual resume on load or resume with clients so basically resume manual is you have to press the unpause key for it to go resume on load so it just continued after it has loaded or resume with clients that is the server will only start the mission if this clients in the server so that’s basically if you’ve got more than one mission in the list and it finishes it will choose whichever option you’ve got ticked here to continue but that is basically it. click start generally dcs works straight away out of the box don’t need to do anything but other things to consider if you do have issues is makes your dcs is running as admin allow dcs in your firewall also adding dcs to your antivirus whitelist or allowed list can help sometimes and forward in the port 10 308 in your router will also help there we are right so we’re loaded into a paused server at the moment you’ll be in the spectators you can obviously pick the aircraft you want to fly and click on briefing down at the bottom that gives you the mission briefing before the start you can see in the top right corner the mission still paused to the pause icon flashing, click fly, that will put you inside the cockpit and then the mission is still in a paused state now if you press the pause break key that will unpause the mission press pause again and it will pause it, that is basically how you host a server, I’m not going to go into too much details and I haven’t I’m not gone into hosting dedicated servers this is just purely for newcomers and give them a simple guide I hope it helps, thanks for watching

19 thoughts on “DCS World How to host a server A very basic guide

  1. Dont know why but it jsut dont work playing together with my friends … hundreds of forum posts about some port configurationsand other shit …

  2. I have some questions: do I have to add the dcs_updater.exe to my exclusions on Windows Defender Security Center, to add it to my Antivirus allowed list? How do I check if the port is forwarded on my router and how do I change/add port if it is not available? And running DCS with admin rights just means that i have to start it as an administrator right? sorry I'm probably the biggest noob at computers you've encountered yet

  3. Good Stuff. So if I'm understanding this correctly, set up as a private server where you would only invite specific people, this is how you can host just a fun multiplayer get together?

  4. Why the servers list is blank?
    There is no servers at all
    I have dcs world 1.5.7 and only the Su-25T
    Help please

  5. So how do you pick an aircraft? Me and my brother was trying to play the other night but there was only one plane.

  6. hey man, my missions don't come up its looking for .lst? format ? all my missions are .miz how do I change the format or am i missing something else here

  7. How much bandwidth does dcs use as a server? I know the more players the more bandwidth, but is there a general rule as far as players per bandwidth or something?

  8. Nice guide , thanks .. do the ports still have to be manually opened in the Windows firewall settings ? "10308" ?

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