DJI Mavic Pro, Is It Worth It? $999 DRONE!

– Where does he get those wonderful toys? Bonus points if you know that reference. Hey everybody, this is Roberto
Blake of, and today I’m geeking out with
you over one of my favorite toys that helps me create
awesome things and share them with the world. Today I’m gonna geek out with
you over my DJI Mavic Pro. So as many of you know, I did
an unboxing video and I did a first flight video that
you can check out here on the channel, talking about
my new toy the DJI Mavic Pro. And this is one of my favorite
pieces of tech, I’ve been flying this thing pretty much
every day since I’ve bought it, and filming with it and
just getting experience, and I love it and I’m gonna
actually have some tips for you guys and some things
you need to know before you buy it, that’s gonna
be coming out pretty soon, btu today I just wanna talk
about whether or not I feel that this was worth the money that I paid. Is the DJI Mavic Pro worth it? Well, as this is my first real
drone versus me practicing with a toy drone and doing
horribly with that, I can tell you that in my opinion
for the things that I do, the things I wanna do and
from the user experience standpoint, that I feel this
was absolutely worth it. Now there is something to
be said for the quality that you get with the DJI
Phantom Four Pro, and I do feel that that will have better
overall image quality from all of the shots that I’ve
seen in terms of comparing the footage, and from my
own experiences flying it at the DJI event in New York. Also the controller with
the actual screen that comes with it on the DJI Phantom
Pro Four, that actually because of the nits and the
lighting, you can actually see the screen better than
you can your smartphone when you’re flying this
thing because you use your smartphone with the controller. That is not ideal in full
sunlight, I can tell you that was a problem for me and I
had to figure some things out with that. It’s just not bright enough. Maybe with newer phones,
maybe when the iPhone eight or whatever, the 10th
anniversary edition phone is, maybe that’ll be better,
but what I will say is this flies and controls just as well
as the DJI Phantom Four Pro. The controller is lighter,
so for me as a smaller bodied person, that actually does
make a difference in flying this back to back because
I bought the fly more kit, which means that I have the
combo that gives me two extra batteries, more charging
cables, and a case for this, so that’s pretty cool which
means I’m getting more flight time than most people because
I’m just popping the battery out, popping another one
in, and going at it again. So I can fly for roughly an
hour pretty much continuously by just exchanging batteries. So that’s actually really cool
for me, but if I had to do that and I had to hold the
heavier controller from the DJI Phantom Four Pro, then
I may not be as enthusiastic about that. Ultimately one of my main
reasons for buying this drone is the convenience, I travel
a lot, I travel every single month now, and I want to
bring this drone with me on most of my trips, so that I
can do interesting things, get shots of the surrounding
areas, maybe do something with stock video or
photography, or just use it as B roll footage here on the
channel for my travels stuff. But what this does provide
in terms of that convenience and the easy ability to make
this portable, so that it can be part of my carry on
kit when I fly on the planes, that is a big deal to me
and that is not something that I will get out of say,
the Phantom Four Pro or the Phantom Three or what have you. This in terms of portability
makes it worthwhile for me because that level of
convenience that I need. I can take a little bit
less quality if I get an extreme when it comes to convenience. And for me, that is essential. In fact, it’s why one of
my other favorite pieces of tech is my Sony RX100
Mark Five, which I will have a full review coming up
on this, I’m gonna get the low light performance
video first, then I’ll be able to walk you through all
the features and everything before I do a full review on this. But I just wanted to show
you guys that for the most part, if I wanna make really
high quality content and shoot stuff in 4K, between
these two pieces of tech, I’m carrying less than eight pounds. Less than eight pounds to
shoot great, amazing 4K video quality footage all the time. If I throw in the Panasonic
LMG7 that I’m shooting on right now, and a few
accessories, it means that with two very simple carry-ons,
I’ve got pretty much a full 4K movie production
studio that can do anything I would need it to
do, and it probably still, if I’m not counting my
laptop, is weighing less than 15 pounds. So that when you think about
convenience, portability, travel, and then you weigh the
quality that you get against that, it’s more than acceptable
and I just think that that’s fantastic if that’s what
you’re really looking for. So when I made a decision
about, “well is this worth it?” I had to think about one,
by itself, what does this allow me to do? Two, what am I gonna get
out of it from an investment compared to putting this
into say, another camera? This is roughly the same expense as this. What they let me do is two
completely different things but they both provide portability. I can shoot slow mo and 4K
video, I can shoot stable aerial shots that I’d never
be able to get any other way with this, so in terms of
their abilities to let me do new and interesting
things, and approach video and photography in a very
different way that’s also very convenient for me,
I have to say that for me personally, it’s a good investment. I know that I will make
my money back on this pretty quickly, and I know
that for what it lets me do and the experience of
using it and how much of an education it’s been to film
drone footage, it’s worth it for me. If you have the opportunity
to grab one of these, I have links in the
description, those are affiliate links for VNH Photo Video
and Amazon, and you can use links so that if
you’re abroad, you’re in the UK, you’re in Canada,
Australia, it’ll automatically hook you up for wherever you
decide to buy, and you won’t have to do anything else. So that’s why I’m using those links. This for me is fantastic,
and if you want to get into drones and you want to
do it seriously, I would recommend this. I like the fact that it has a
lot of the automated features, the GPS tracking, it has
the obstacle avoidance, the exception is it doesn’t
have it for the top, has it for the sides,
the bottom, and the back. That is killer, I think the
next generation might have it at the top, and that’s
gonna definitely help people out. I would recommend this, I
absolutely would recommend this, there’s a full
review that will be coming, I will be doing features
covering this, I will be doing training and tutorials
but if you have questions, leave those in the comment
section, I will try and answer them for you, but all
around I love this thing. I think it’s worth it if
you want to get into drones and photography, I think
it’s a great practical first investment for a drone if
you wanna go big, but if you want to go smaller, I have
links in the description that I would recommend,
checking out maybe the Phantom Pro Three, that’s around
$500 and it might be a great beginner drone with a camera for you. It doesn’t have 4K, it
does 2.7K, but that means you can export 1080p
and it’ll look amazing. So maybe that’s an alternative
for you, me I went with the Mavic Pro for me first
commercial drone because, or like pro-sumer drone,
whatever you wanna call it. Because everything that I
saw about this screamed that this is for me for the kind
of things I wanted to do. What do you wanna know about
the Mavic Pro, what do you wanna know about my experience
flying it, what do you wanna know about its
capabilities, give me those questions, hit me with your
best shot in the comments, I’ll try and answer as many as I can. Like this video if you
like it, don’t forget to subscribe, check out the
other awesome content on the channel, remember you can
check out my first flight video and my unboxing
right here if you want, I’ll link those up for you. As always you guys, thanks so
much for watching and geeking out with me over my DJI
Mavic Pro, helping me create something awesome today!

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