DON’T Buy The iPhone X

DON’T Buy The iPhone X

100 thoughts on “DON’T Buy The iPhone X

  1. Which flagship smartphone would you choose? Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, OnePlus 5T, Razer Phone, Pixel 2 XL, Essential Phone, iPhone X or something else?

  2. Did anyone notice that this is the music from "The Social Network" when Mark hacks all the pictures off of Harvard's databases?

  3. I just bought the iphone X for ₹41000
    Is it a good purchase or a bad one ?
    (The iphone 6s was the same price as n India when I bought it)

  4. Actually first
    TOUCH unlock – Motorola
    FACE unlock – Android
    NOTCH – essential mobile
    Apple copied but did all these 100% better than original.
    Anyway first is first 🔥

  5. Apple's a luxury brand so yeah that's why they aren't to techy. If you want tech, android will provide you with that.

  6. iphone is best! i have samsung galaxy J3 6 2017 and its shit of telephone, don't buy samsung galaxy J3 6 2017 never!

  7. Apple or android $1,000 value
    ME: nahh, i would rather buy gaming Monster PC bruhh.. Freaking 32 gb ram.. With high spec Graphics and hardware

  8. When detect the face and unlock that how to see your notifications on your lock screen and it’s not secure. 🧐

  9. I just gut a Pixel 3 after Pixel 4 release. Cost me 500 bucks. And I finance it through google with 0% apr lol. No way I am buying a phone for 1000 bucks

  10. I would spend the 500 dollars to see my brother in university since he traveled unfortunately I need to wait till summer

  11. face id is so bad
    i should point out that he is using it wrong, your supposed to swipe up while you look at it so it should technically "feel" like one action
    but that doesnt change the fact that if my phone is on my desk, i have to physically pick it up to unlock it
    id rather type a pin
    and that wouldnt be bad if i could just turn it off, no harm no foul
    but that fucking notch, its not worth it! i dont even want a selfie cam i dont care about any of that
    for that matter i dont even care about the bezzeless display, id rather have my headphone jack back
    phones are stupid now

  12. ok your prices might be but you can come to our places we have good prices in our country so come on along and get your passwords ready XD, but its like a good price but expensive coins….,but like its never ganna be bad, but youtubers please tell that your stupid and had to die because IOS is expensive plus its facts right? no pitchy!, Iphone xr was made in california their prices might have been atleast $768 and the IOS $900 anddd people are atleast stupid accept you cause you choose iPhone XR,iPhone XS,IOS 13/12,IPhone 11 BECAUSE YOU WANT THE ANIMOJI TYPE ON MESSAGE APP!,gosh so stupid atleast pick regular phones!!! and pitchy! this is how people want it 100 people or 100,00 people wants it! DO YOU JUST KEEP USING UNTILL IT GETS OLD besides!
    you: imma use that because of the memoji
    idiots: 2019? 2019?
    yes they are idiots but i think your a idiot too that comments that…
    a r e – y o u – s u r e – a b o u t – t h a t – r e a d i n g – t h i s ?
    OF COURSE! ANYWAYS, have you learned your lesson to not get it because your ending your parents whole career?
    no? then HBU SHUT THE HELL UP? <heheheheheh>

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