El Memecraft

El Memecraft

Ah! I love my village, we’re having a good time, eh? But, there’s a house of a neightbour that I don’t know He never leave from house, I don’t how the fuck is this from Let’s go to see if there’s someone in here [ Psst, hey… You, the person that is there. Stand in this carpet 馃槈 ] Eh… okey… What the fuck? [ ♪ I wanna Bee Uhh Cowboii Babyyy!!! ♪ ] What the fuck Get me out of here! Get me out of here! Get me out of here! * I see that you have found my house. But you shouldn’t be here * Die [ You have died! ElRubius has fallen into a vacuum. Puntation: 0 ] [The Memecraft ] ¿Guys, aren’t you fed up with the villagers selling shit in exchange for very valuable things? Because I do A bread? A fucking Bread? A fucking bread? A fucking br… But don’t worry Today I bring you The villager’s revenge machine for making me crap deals No, no, no No jaja’s or jojo’s Let’s see if the next time you make me decent deals Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you Revenge is a dish best served cold. *It should be a hot dish because it’s lava xdd* This is my farm PETA friendly As you can see, there is PETA’s logo This works in this way, okay? There’s a lot of suffocated sheeps, okay? That are pushing each other to escape But, as you can see, there’s no escape They come here Eat the grass so their wool grows And go down again And the cycle repeats itself All of this why? Because here I have amazing scissors That are cutting wool And look at this, look at all I have Okay, it looks like there has been a few deceases F for the sheeps But trust me guys In Rubius’ farms, there isn’t animals who suffer They enjoy! *Anxiety* *Stress* *Depression* They enjoy! Ah guys, there’s nothing like going back home after a long work day And lying in your bed Unless… You have a bed made of 8 hundred beds! And it bounces too Your first house in survival Eeeh, guys, welcome to my tutorial Of how making a house In the first night of Minecraft survival As you can see from the exterior, it looks amazing Let’s see how the interior looks Like and subscribe And don’t forget to leave a comment in this video if you want more tutorials Thank you It would be great to have a regular house I´m going to enter my house Where the Frick are the villagers? Let’s See if they have nuts now Where’s your god now Either you die a hero, or live long enough To become a villain Ole Alright guys Here’s a fox sleeping and i’m going to give you a pro tip I saw on the internet. I don’t know if You have seen it But don’t call PETA please Because this is purely scientific You’ll see. Foxes Usually take stuff from the floor We are about to see what happens If we give him a Totem As I said, this is for science Don’t call PETA. Alright, he took it and felt asleep Psst, wake up, i’m trying to make a video He is nervous, he knows what’s about to happen I’m sorry little one Oh What the frick It worked! The totem works with him Game of the year! Ok, A friend did this for me, I don’t know what it is For my friend elroikosONG He said: “Stand on slime” Alright, it’s sticky Like or the translator will die How to rob your friend Alright Mangel, ¿Do you remember the farm with sheeps I showed you before? -Yeah, amazing You liked it a lot? -Yes. -Well, look I prepared something for you -Is it just for me? -Yes Alright girls, who’s hungry? Come on Do you remember the parrots that scared us at the beginning? Well, there’s a way to take revenge It’s the only way to lock up a parrot You just do the following Some cristal right here And now This… Why am I so stupid? Alright we are going To try another experiment This one’s a lot risky, don’t try this at home You told me a lot of times To use cats against creepers Let’s see if it works We are going to spawn a cat Let’s spawn three more Another one Another one Why is there a villager? What happens if I change mode to survival? What’s going to happen? Alright guys, serious question Why having a walking house? When you can have a flying house I don’t know if this is going to work, it is the first time I try it Up we go I’m flying guys Game of the frickin century Suck it villagers Take that bread Drugs! Druuuugs Drugs Alright, the same friend who did the Slime mechanism, did this too Entertainment button, I don’t know if I should trust Should I trust? Should I trust sheep? Should I trust? That’s a no I’m going to do it anyways Well, here I stay, in my bed, very comfortable Give a like if you liked, or not And another like if you want the villagers to make good offers Because if they offer me a frickin piece of bread in exchange of an emerald I swear i’m going to… Wait a minute, let’s do it again because This is very comfortable. Order! Here’s the frickin major You are going to start to respect me and give me discounts And you are going to listen to “Minero” ft. StarkinDJ Until your ears bleed. Understood? What’s hmmm? I swear Out! Burn in hell Like if you want me to feed the translators

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  3. :v con lo de el loro Fail :'v p y la canci贸n de el final creo es torero de chayane :v jajaja risa de elrubius Like si quieres intentar lo de los Creepers

  4. Mi hijo de 10 a帽os juega minecraft, y se le ha hecho una reveranda adiccion, pero lo veo tan feliz a mi peque帽铆n 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  5. Like si crees que todos los yutuber estan subiendo minecraft para conseguir mas visitas yo tambien lo subo para visitas馃槀

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  7. Si hubiera aparecido una flechipolla mi vida estar铆a completa, pero bueno.. habr谩 que seguir esperando el retorno de 2012

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