Ellen Leaves a Special Gift for Ken Jeong and the Audience

So actually I heard
Ellen left me a letter. Is that true, Andy? It’s right there next to you. Oh. Andy, thank you. You’re such an amaze
balls executive producer. I don’t care what every
single person in the back says about you. Zero respect, by the way. Just stuff you can’t take back. Guys, do you think
I should read this? [CHEERING] All right, OK. From Ellen. Dear Ken. Thanks so much for
hosting my show today, make yourself at home. Aw. If you need anything,
don’t call me. Also I left you a special button
to push for a celebrity fun fact. You’re going to love it. Love Ellen. Aw. [APPLAUSE] P.S. We’ve had a
real problem with spiders lately, so if you
see any don’t freak out. All right. I don’t know what that
has to do with anything. But let’s push that
button where, oh yeah. Yeah, so let’s push that button. [MUSIC PLAYING] I don’t know what that is,
but the sounds your making is craz– It’s a little sour. OK. I don’t know, I got to
figure out what it is. I mean. I don’t– Whats the consistency, like
what’s the consistency? I mean it’s kind of thick
and thin, OK, you know. OK. And it just– Sweet, sweet, savory. It’s more sour. It’s more sour. Keep going. Pass pass pass. OK. It was mustard. It was– ah! Awesome. Knowing Ellen
actually I actually thought I was going
to push that button and she was going to
scare me with a spider. I’m glad that didn’t happen. So. [SQUEALING] Heh-heh-heh. As Mr. Chow would say. Zing. Gotcha. My daughter doesn’t look
happy, but that’s fine. I’ll take care of that. So fine, it’s fine Zooey,
we’ll talk about it in therapy. We’ll be right back everybody.

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