How Long Do McDonald’s Happy Meals Last?

How Long Do McDonald’s Happy Meals Last?

and artist by the name of sally davis photographed
a mcdonald’s happy meal every single day for six months what she found was shocking their have been made but but but that they may help leveraging from fellow
excoriating so willing and anxious right now that’s indicating
in the process they want that something one seventy-one it looks exactly
the same that prize i will shriveled up but for the most part intended composi don’t see any mold on the
bread you don’t see any nastiness going on that date that’s a little creepy you know why don’t it’s always a testament to the top of the
i mean that there’s just a heads up it but that’s not good it’s the right thing even on the impotence
of the job that but it also could mean that there’s so
many disgusting preservatives and that that’s not good for you that do you need donner
rod king verdict with body products as the son of the rock and you guys is that
the white by the way it is slated gotta get a new book hobby method ba six years of taking
pictures of that have been at the summer of mercy program couple kebab freemen jog around
the block pleasant that paul of god i know i know but you know she’s an
artist in manhattan business for work so but she’s a nazi united states cocktail wear women u_s_ about why she did but she admitted she said that’s because she’s
the minister of the recession above the

100 thoughts on “How Long Do McDonald’s Happy Meals Last?

  1. it lasts so long cuz it doesnt get consumed by bacteria/parasites. just like plastic, ect. doesnt. sooooo gross. there's so many chemicals &shit that bacteria doesnt even recognize it as food.

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  3. I honestly cannot understand WHY do you make fun of her work. It is a PROOF that what we eat is disgusting and even dangerous. Now with Jaime Oliver everyone is amazed, but why nobody took this artist seriously? This 'news show' (I've never seen it, I'm not from the US) has the exact same thing about Jaime Oliver and the male anchor didn't laugh of it. Honestly, what does it takes for people to stop eating processed food?

  4. The male anchor is a dick. Shows what it is that a British chef has to go to the states to show them that they have crappy food; They couldn't work it out for themselves.

  5. the following jokes: 1 now you can instagram the same food for so long, 2 it can last long but still gi e you a heart attack, 3 its lasts longer than KimK's marriage, and is less hairy, and is called a happy meal instead of Kim's marriage name: the Crappy meal

  6. Once after going to McDonalds a fry fell out of it's bad and on my lawn. Being curious I kept checking on it and through intense winters and summers I saw for two years and then not to long ago it disappeared so something must've eaten it. :p that's ridiculous.

  7. How can people not understand that dried food does not rot. Cook anything and leave it in a dry climate, it will NOT rot.

  8. So lol it will be in ur body until u shit it out so why does it mater cuz u have to shit it out evantually right

  9. Fucking god this guy is retarted and doesn't under stand how bad that stuff is and can't let it go he doesn't really no what all that stuff is doing to ur body I'm 13 and know more about this ten them still defending mc donalds watch food inc you won't eat any of that kind of shit again

  10. low priced higher quality foods :p but we all know the worse the quality (processed), the cheaper it will be, their will never be a burger made from real meat that beats out processed in price. people just chose to ignore what it's made of even when they know because the food is cheaper and quick and easy (saves time).

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  12. im buying a 2013 double cheeseburger to give to my future grandchildren! maybe they can give it to their own grandchildren one day

  13. You're an idiot. Foods are supposed to be capable of degrading naturally in the air. You know what else can't do that? Plastic. You're basically eating plastic.

    Because this crap is so packed full of preservatives. It's common sense, most people still eat this shit anyway but don't pretend like this is normal.

  14. If the bacteria in the environment have trouble breaking it down, that should mean our own digestive bacteria have a hard time with it, too. Wonder how much of the described nutritional value we're actually getting.

  15. Considering gastrointestinal bacteria play a major part in our digestive process, I should think that's pretty significant.

  16. Yep… Basically all you get in any kind of meat product from Maccas is immortal lips, nails, and assholes.

    Just remember that when you're scoffing down a large Happy Meal and "Lovin' It".

  17. Yeah, it's not just the bacteria also we also rely on enzymes, one of which is HCl which I don't think would have much trouble breaking down the food, but the worrying for me comes when you think about, as you said, whatever "nutritious" matter that your body has to extract and process.

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  19. well guys this might or maybe might not be true they might just have labled it day 171 etc for news but maybe its true nobody knows……

  20. We have a jar of McDonald's fries in our culinary class that is left open. It's been 5 years since my teacher bpught it and they look exactly like this picture.

  21. hmmm im going to mac donalds right now i dont care how healthy it is or not everey thing is unhealty we eat even breading is unhealty so fuck this enjoy you meal

  22. A whole lot, because it's literally impossible to avoid. You'd need to go to strides to completely avoid eating processed food, strides that most do not have time for and are unwilling to make.

  23. What kills me is that parents still buy this garbage and feed their kids with it. Go grocery shopping people and stop joining the drive-thru lines.

  24. How is it defertnt the taste mcdonlads fries in 5min they are not good so you are wrong they do change i work thre i eat mcdonlads every day lost 30ponds still losing. Look at every budy food

  25. I looked at TYT as a good org made for creating awareness on internet but what i see you are promoting ignorant atitude… fuck you TYT

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  27. My stepdad lost a McD's burger in his car and he found it a couple weeks later and it was the same……. but then his friend ate it…… and then forced himself to throw it up…….

  28. Funny how people still don't think there's anything wrong with the food at Mickey D's. Do you know what shit is in that food, it's fucking poison basically. Ever wonder why you can't stop eating McDonald's food even though you know that it's bad, that's it, the shit inside the food.

  29. Everybody sucks! Life is too easy now and people want to find anything to complain about. Truth is most people cant truly feed themselves. Weather it's cheap meat or expensive "organic" yuppie food that only a small percentage of people can actually afford to feed to their families, none of you would survive a catastrophie!!!!!! People are overpopulated!!!

  30. I went to Burger King and got a chicken nuggets and I think it was not fully cooked and it tasted like a dead wet chicken that took a shower and used pee as water and poop as shampoo

  31. First of all fries could not stay that long. Unless they made fries of plastic which is stupid. I eat fries they look and taste the same as the fries my mom made at home. Second of all it happened to people down in the comments that the fungus and everything covered the burgers in about 2,3 days. So bullshit. People nowadays will believe in everything. Dumb asses. 

  32. There is nothing wrong with Mcdonalds food at all or any other fast food place at that what there telling you on how they make there food is not correct in the 1st place they don't use pink goop to make Mcdonalds foods

  33. McDonald's should team up with Nokia and build an indestructible ship that can withstand the temperatures of the center of the earth. Steve jobs ain't seen innovation yet.

  34. McDonald's should team up with Nokia and build an indestructible ship that can withstand the temperatures of the center of the earth. Steve jobs ain't seen innovation yet.

  35. Before you believe this video go spend a couple dollars and try it yourself.  Goes bad within a couple days, like it should.

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