How long does it take to get Google traffic to your website?

How long does it take to get Google traffic to your website?

Why you are not ranking on Google even
though you have been publishing blog posts for a while [music] One of my clients was asking me
yesterday, how long does it take for me to rank on Google? The answer is, it could
be anything from about two to three months to six months. I will share with you today the three top reasons why you are not ranking on Google even though
you have been publishing blog posts for a while. Reason number one: your blog post is too short. You need to write longer blog
posts. They should be around over a thousand to about two thousand words.
When you write longer, it shows your expertise. Google perceives your blog post as the subject matter expert in that area and especially if you’re a really
new website and you write really short blog post, you will never get a chance to
be ranked on page one aside from, maybe your name. Go back to take a look at your website. Check how long are your blog posts. and if you have only about two to
three hundred words, try to lengthen it and see what else you can add in to make
your blog post more insightful and more valuable. Problem number two: you are not
linking to external resources, the research that you put in inter-linking
with other similar blog topics that you are writing about, other topics that are
similar, complementary to what you’re writing about. When you rank together for
those topics, Google will perceive that you belong to a certain category of
topics. So, for example if you are linking out to a research blog that’s very
established and they have been around for a long time, in Google’s eyes, they
are an expert in that domain and when you link out to them you become
associated around, about that topic. Over time there helps to build up your
“authority ranking”. Remember to link out to other blog posts when you’re
referencing information from that area and as well as interlinking among your
blog posts. When you have internal linking about similar topics you start to
accumulate expertise in that area in Google’s eyes. So over time it becomes
like you’re keeping a little library about that particular topic. If you are
writing similar topics and themes, remember to reference to your old blog
posts as well so it helps to build up your authority in that area. Problem number three: you are choosing a vague topic. If you have a new website or new
blog so you are a young website. “Young” in Google’s eyes means not very much considered an expert. So when you write about general topics you are
competing with all those websites, established websites that have already
huge volume of traffic so when Google sees more traffic going there, whatever
they say it comes across as more valuable than what you say even though
you might be talking about the same topic but because your website, the edge
of your website (blog) is too young it comes across as having lesser expertise. So
what you could do, however, is to write more in depth about a particular topic
rather than a generalized topic. So for example talking about, if you want to write about the top running shoes for 2018, how about writing top running shoes for plantar fasciitis (tendon inflammation) in 2018? So you talk about associating the type of
shoes with an injury, an overlapping topic that’s very niche so there are less competition for you and you’re more likely to rank for it. Have a look at your blog posts, look at your website, do some research and see if any of these
problems that I have listed out applies to your website and that could explain why
you’re not getting the Google traffic. If you enjoyed this video tap on the subscribe button and click on the little bell icon to receive notifications so you will not miss my next video. Till next time! Ciao!

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