How to Add Extra Worlds to Your Minecraft Server (Multiverse Core)

How to Add Extra Worlds to Your Minecraft Server (Multiverse Core)

hey this is Kieran with Shockbyte and
in this video I’ll be teaching you how to setup multiverse core so that you
can add multiple worlds to a minecraft server so first you’ll need to install
the plugin on your server and you’ll need to make sure that your server is
running spigot or craftbukkit and go ahead and install the plugin via
FTP we do have a tutorial on this on our channel already so there will be a link
to that down in the description below however once you have it installed
restart the server just to load the plugin and make sure it’s all working
and then go ahead and join the server and we can start creating some worlds so
once you join your server you need to make sure that you’re an operator or
that you have the valid permissions we will include a link to this page in the
description below this is basically a wiki and for multiverse core and
includes all the useful information that you’ll need to know like the permission
nodes, command reference and other useful information in game we’ll just
run through a few of the commands are available multiverse core so at the
moment we’ve spawned in the default world which is the world that we set our
server up with now if you wanted to create an a second world you could do
this by typing /mv create and then the world name so say if I wanted to create
maybe a PvP world I could type PvP and then you’re going to be typing normal so
that means it’s going to be creating a normal world with normal biomes if you
wanted it to be nether you would type nether and the end you’d want to type the
end as well so I’m just going to go ahead and type that and as you can see
you’ll start creating the world PvP and then once it says complete you should be
able to TP (teleport) to that world so you can do that with /mv tpand then the world
name so as you can see it’s now teleporting me to a different world now
another useful feature for this when you’ve got multiple worlds is the
command /mv list and this allows you to list all the worlds that you have on
your server another useful feature of multiverse core is the ability to import
worlds so say if you’ve got a world like I have here from planet minecraft and if
you upload this world to your server via FTP through FileZilla and then unzip the
world so you have the world folder you should be able to import the world so as
you can see through FileZilla I’ve uploaded a world called pvpworld which
again is the one I noted on Planet minecraft
so in-game if I go ahead and type the command /mv import and then the world
name so in this case it has to be the exact name of the world folder so as you
can see it’s just pvpworld if you have any capital letters be sure to include
them or spaces too if your world name has spaces in it you would need to
enclose it in some quotations for example PvP world and that would allow
you to import it however mine has no spaces so I don’t
need any quotations and then again you need to type the type of the world so if
it’s a normal world and with normal biomes etc you would type normal if it’s
the end you would type the end and if it was the nether
you obviously type the nether and then once you’ve done that just click enter and it
should start importing it so as you can see it’s completed it and then once
again you should be able to TP to that world with /mv tp and then the world name
and as you can see we have done that and I’m now in that world which is fantastic
so as you can see here multiverse does have loads of commands that you can use
to edit your worlds and change them to your liking again we will include a link
to this page in a description below and make sure you check it out so you can go
through each of the commands yourself so for example if I just click on a
modified command here you can see that we’re able to change a lot of different
settings you can change whether PvP is disabled in a world you can change with
a monsters spawn of an animal spawn you can change how respawn and works you can
change the game mode there were loads of different things so let’s just quickly
go ahead and change where that PvP is allowed in a world or not so let’s just
go in game and let’s just enable PvP as an example so as you can see I’m now in
game and if I type /mv modify set and PvP and then you would type true to
enable it or false to disable it so let’s just go ahead and type true as
this is a PvP world and as you can see we’ve set PvP to true in that world and
again you can do that for all of these settings so I strongly suggest that you
go through and take a look at each of the commands so you can gain some useful
information now other than the commands there are some configuration files that
you can also use so on the control panel if you go to the files tab on the left
hand side then FTP file access then if you connect to your FTP by clicking
login then go into the plugins folder and then multiverse core
and then here you can see a config dot yml file so that should take a very
quick look at this this just contains some of the core settings for multiverse core so one of the settings here that a lot of people change is the
prefix chat so what this does is if you have a chat formats and plugin installed
when you type in the chat it will show the world that you’re currently in so to
change this you would need to set it to false however when you edit this file
it’s important to note that your server needs to be offline otherwise it doesn’t
always update correctly so if you do go to edit this file just make sure you
stop it first and then once you’ve edited the file click Save and then
start your server back up I’m just going to leave it as default though and what
you can see some of the other available settings here so let’s just go back to
the file list so back into the port control that and then multiverse core
once again and we’ll take a very quick look at worlds.yml so this file
basically contains all the worlds that are on your server and the settings for
each of them so you can see the top one here it starts with world and if we
scroll down it will go all the way down to where it says allow flight at the
bottom so these are all the settings that are available for the world and you
can change this however you want so instead of using the in-game commands
you can sometimes be easier to change the settings here as you can see them
all and you can edit them all at once so feel free to adjust these to your liking
you can change the spawn here you can change whether bed respawning works you
can change where the flight is allowed in that world and there are just loads
of settings that you can change and you can see that each world that we have on
the server is listed here so that’s the configuration files they’re really
simple so other than that I hope that this tutorial has been helpful and that
multiverse core is now working on your server and you’ve learned how to use it
if you have any questions make sure you contact our support and they’ll be more
than happy to help you other than that I hope you have a great day and I hope to
see you in the next tutorial goodbye

21 thoughts on “How to Add Extra Worlds to Your Minecraft Server (Multiverse Core)

  1. I wish shockbyte had documentation on bungee 🙁 , No where is there an add new subserver button! I tried submitting a ticket but no reply after a couple days. Every time I ask support a question all they say is "We do not support that type of situation" No matter who I talk to and no matter which question on my list I ask. On top of that I purchase the dedicated ip addon thinking it gives me a domain… nope. Maybe before someone pays they should be asked what type of server they are going to use the service for, and then they let you know what you need to pay.

  2. Hey! This video was awesome! Answered some questions for me for sure 😀🙌🏻 a few questions:
    – is there a limit to the amount of worlds you can have on a server?
    – do regular players use the /mvtp command to move between worlds?
    – can you allocate land to a specific player? So that others can’t damage their property?

    Brilliant! Thanks!

  3. Do you need to have admin to move from worlds? like how would i make a hub and put a compass and make it choose different world…?

  4. Even though this tutorial makes it easy, try not to add more than a few worlds to your server (depending on the size of your plan). Extra worlds being loaded can cause extra lag, which is no fun for anyone!

  5. I have an existing server I want to add a world with a huge build In it for my server to have a little quest to search this build so I dragged the Plug In file in to my server files tried to logged in typed the command and it says unknown command what do I do

  6. sorry but with multiverse how do I create a hub with 1 portal that teleports players to where they left the game?

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