How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name for your Local Business

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name for your Local Business

choosing the right business name when
you’re starting out can be challenging A popular choice for local business owners
is a combination of their personal name and their profession like this hair
salon run by Claire Ashton or this shoe repair shop run by James. Their decision is
obviously reflected in a domain name they have decided to use for their
website as one is called and the other one is
called But is this the right strategy? hmmm maybe not. If
you’re just starting out and I’ve yet to decide what you’re going to call your
business stay tuned as I am going to show you the process I go through with
my clients to help them choose the right domain name for their business so they
can maximize their chances of being found in Google local search results and
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right in. Did you know that two of the most critical factors that will
dramatically influence your rankings in Google Maps are related to your business
name or what is known as your business title in Google my business. How do I
know? if you’ve been watching some of my previous videos you may have noticed I
refer to the local search ranking factor survey quite a bit which is conducted
every year by highly regarded local SEO professionals and shows you what the
most important signals are if you want to rank high in Google local search
results. According to the survey if your business title includes keywords related
to product or services and your location you
have a much better chance to rank higher in the Google local map pack. Look at
this example when I search for emergency electrician London. The top three results
all include keywords related to the service provided, either electrician or
emergency electrician, as well as the location, in this instance London. There
is nothing wrong with that but according to Google your business name should
reflect your business real world name this is what the guideline says: If you
were creating a listing for a 24-hour coffee shop in downtown San Francisco
called Shelly’s coffee, you would enter that business information as business
name, Shelly’s coffee. In this example it would be tempting to create a Google
listing and call this business 24 hours Shelly’s coffee shop San Francisco
instead, as it would include additional keywords like, coffee shop, 24 hours and
San Francisco. But the Google policy is very clear on this topic, including
unnecessary information in your business name is not permitted and could result
in your listing being suspended. Sadly a lot of businesses purposely ignore the
Google policy and choose to stuff their business name in their Google listing with
additional keywords so they can rank in the Google map pack. If I searched for
Bail Bonds Orlando for example I get three results that all include the
keywords Bail Bonds and Orlando in their business titles. But if I dig a little
deeper and check what the name of these businesses are in the real world by
opening their websites it is clear they are violating Google’s policy. The first
business is actually called all-star bail-bond
so they have added their location Orlando, as part of their title. The
second one is called 33rd Street bail bond so they have also added a location,
Orlando, in a title while the third business went one step further as their
real name is bail2go, but they have added Orlando and Orange County bail
bond in their title. According to this article from joy Youngblood
who conducted a study on this topic adding keywords in the name of a
business can help that location improve by almost 10 ranking positions in Google
this is huge and although it is against Google’s guidelines many business owners
like these bail bond companies choose to spam the Google listing business’s name
with keywords as it will propel them into the top 3 positions of Google Maps
and generate a lot of traffic to their site. You can choose to use this tactic
if you want but beware as there is a risk. If you decide to spam your business
title Google may suspend your business listing. There are two types of
suspension, a soft suspension. You will no longer be able to manage your listing in
Google my business however your business will remain listed in Google Maps and
your rankings will be unchanged. A hard suspension. Your business listing is
permanently removed from Google Maps including all your customer reviews.
So what should you do when starting out if you want to stick to Google’s guidelines,
have the opportunity to include the right keywords in your business name, and
avoid any suspension in the future. Simply, call your business something
meaningful that will include both your primary service and the location as part
of the name. This way your business name in Google my business profile will
automatically include the keywords you are targeting and will be a true
representation of your name in the real world Let’s say I want to start a carpet
cleaning business located in London. The obvious business name should be, right? unfortunately there is a high
probability that someone has already taken the name you are after, and as you
can see it is taken. No problem. Instead of searching frantically for something
suitable just go to in the search box add the primary
service keyword or product you are offering and the location in which your
business will be operating. Let’s use our carpet cleaning London example and click
on search. Within seconds you should see a
long list of options you can use to call your business. Pick the one you prefer
and register the domain name. CarpetcleaningLondonCenter sounds like a
perfectly valid option to me and I assume it would do very well in Google
local search results and will have no risk of being suspended anytime soon. that’s it for today guys, i hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you did please give me a thumbs up if you have any question, as always post them in a
comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. If you haven’t subscribed
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  1. Google does a terrible job enforcing their google my business listing policies. I have one competitor who has 3-4 listings all in the top 10 results in one area. 4 different fake addresses all with spam titles for a company that is based 100 miles away. I have reported them to google multiple times and they don't do squat. All their listings are still up. Waste of time even reporting them

  2. Very very helpful video. Please if you could make a video on how to best structure a website for optimal local seo

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