how to Get | Free VPS 2020 | with RDP X windows VPS in ENGLISH/URDU

how to Get | Free VPS 2020 | with RDP X windows VPS in ENGLISH/URDU

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Xz,ZA8T oazR F+iTXtXML:com.adobe.xmpAdobe Photoshop CC (Windows)2014-06-24T14:56:25+02:002019-12-25T15:16:06+05:002019-12-25T15:16:06+05:00image/pngxmp.iid:2ac58809-82e4-0245-8004-67e23219548exmp.did:38D1FD9898FBE3118448D2116BFAE51Axmp.did:38D1FD9898FBE3118448D2116BFAE51A

  • createdxmp.iid:38D1FD9898FBE3118448D2116BFAE51A2014-06-24T14:56:25+02:00Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)
  • savedxmp.iid:3DD1FD9898FBE3118448D2116BFAE51A2014-06-24T15:14:21+02:00Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)/
  • savedxmp.iid:abd7eada-64da-524b-85ae-e7d2e40bb79d2019-12-25T15:16:06+05:00Adobe Photoshop CC (Windows)/
  • convertedfrom application/vnd.adobe.photoshop
    to image/png
  • derivedconverted from application/vnd.adobe.photoshop to image/png
  • savedxmp.iid:2ac58809-82e4-0245-8004-67e23219548e2019-12-25T15:16:06+05:00Adobe Photoshop CC (Windows)/
  • xmp.iid:abd7eada-64da-524b-85ae-e7d2e40bb79dxmp.did:38D1FD9898FBE3118448D2116BFAE51Axmp.did:38D1FD9898FBE3118448D2116BFAE51A3Adobe RGB (1998)

  • malahim techmalahim tech
  • FEB4E769560BAF4B9DC01589DA22662A
  • adobe:docid:photoshop:1e3dbf46-8d18-11da-b4cc-aac22df0990d
  • adobe:docid:photoshop:5d98232f-a2b0-11d8-9091-acb31a8f6422
  • uuid:3610CE075C8811DBA1028DA4C9AFA4FB
  • xmp.did:2e6f0d79-13b2-4ffc-b0bb-f135792c3c93
  • xmp.did:38D1FD9898FBE3118448D2116BFAE51A
  • xmp.did:4AA8C590BCC8E411A6CE93F276EBAFA4
  • xmp.did:5ca9f718-89e6-af4a-9b5a-830545e90380
  • xmp.did:61b308fa-8ecc-fc4e-80c2-4922bc6df8b3
  • xmp.did:dc4a5a98-e09e-4681-bde3-65c90dc7262b
  • xmp.did:fe5c8107-57e8-564f-9242-906eb314ad35
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