How to Get More Traffic in 2020 (9 New Strategies)

How to Get More Traffic in 2020 (9 New Strategies)

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  1. This is awesome info, if content has more of an entertainment value like animation or music-based content and doesn't lend itself to informational list posts is there a way to get more shares?

  2. what if i am where my competitors get their content from? … what do i do then? i have a channel that has been holding me back for years and its clear as day… he's even stolen from my channel…. if you're reading this Brian please for the love of god I am begging you for any tips on what to do…

  3. To the 10% who is reading this comment, I hope you realize your passion and be successful in life. I too realized my passion to become a YouTuber 3 months back. I love cooking and Video Editing. It's been an amazing journey.😬😬

  4. Hi Brian, I am Don which is one of your fans on SEO skills and knowledge. As Google always emphasises on Mobile experience and speed. However, while have done some research over some website which includes your backlinko as the sample. All of the website got the same result in which the scores maintain at 20+ on mobile sites, but your desktop score is pretty good. How do we justify whether Google speed test score is correct?

  5. Wow, such great information. I wish I found your channel sooner! Just subscribed today. I will apply what I just learned from your video to my YouTube channel. Thanks for this information!

  6. Important question plz answer.

    Thank you for your awsome videos.

    I follow your work everywhere but im afraid of using your tips because our website is in persian language wich i heard persian google updates is way behind english and new seo tips even tips from around 2016 or so does not work on these languages is that true? And if it is true do u have any advice?

    Thank you in advance.

  7. I love the fact that you don't share typical advice that we all know!! Thank you for sharing & I'm so happy I came across your channel!! SUBSCRIBED!

  8. Hey, Brian Dean Awesome tips!!!. I love the way you explain all these tips. I am learning a lot from you. Thanks!!!

  9. Topcellent tips. But how can the list post technique help to generate traffic when that list post isn't on the first page of Google?

  10. Watched yur vid 10xs how can u help me get more traffic n views?
    Love jeff roses vids n i love yur channel i just subbed

  11. These WordPress hosting sites are suppose to be faster:
    1.servebolt 2.digitalocean 3.wpengine 4.kinsta 5.siteground
    Any recommendations ?

  12. Your channel is a real gold mine! Thank you for putting such a lot of effort into sharing valuable content. I have to say, one of the best.

  13. I am one in the midst of billions, but what attracted me to your channel was having seen its thumbnail. In the photo you are without making strange faces as everyone is doing to attract people and you seemed more serious and full of content. I have difficulty understanding the whole English language, but I can understand some details and believe that their subjects are serious and focused. Thank you.👍👏

  14. Brian, your videos are so insightful. Thank you! Do you have any tips or special techniques that you can share with those of us who have mostly visual websites? For example photographers, graphic designers, makeup artists, architects etc? We mostly use our websites as a graphic portfolio of our work. How can we get more reach and traffic to our websites?

  15. Hi Brian,
    Is there no duplicated content issues when you repost to Medium and LinkedIn ?
    Thanks for your help,

  16. Yes, I will try some of your Strategies but what hit me between the eyes is the fact that you deliver your message so enthusiastically and it contains original ideas that you have dug deeply to find. Thank you, you were a big encouragement!

  17. Thanks Brian for sharing such useful tips on getting more traffic to website. I can personally vouch for some that I've been using all this while and I got to say it still works even though they might be old, for example forum traffic.

  18. It was actually helpful. One can use the content updation methods to revive the current blog into something new that can engage users. Valuable content indeed.

  19. Please answer which software do you use for editing? Im an upcoming youtuber and i really want to learn good editing🤞🏻

  20. Thank you for the great tips! We just tried #5 (update & relaunch an old post) last week and have seen some great results. Can't wait to try more!

  21. Hey Brian. This is so amazing knowledge for the new youtubers.iam so inspired after watching your videos today.Thankyou very much for the great tricks for the new journey .Thumbs up 👍 2019 Best Teacher 👨‍🏫

  22. When you reposted your content to linkedin, weren't you worried about duplicate content? How did you deal with that?

  23. I get that being different and stealing your competitors traffic can make you more visible, but aren't big companies co-operating instead? If they are doing that, shouldn't we?

  24. Hey man i love your content and the effects. How do you make the animations, zoom in on pages etc.. That helps me stay engaged. Love to hear back.

  25. Thanks Brian, you have made some fantastic points. You have a great approach, and you have a great way of delivering information clearly.

  26. Hello Friend! This is a nice video. I need a help. I want to increase my website traffic. I need some free guest post websites. Please provide me. I also need some tips to- how to write a good guest post?

  27. Hi. How are you?
    I want to learn SEO for youtube.
    Can you train me? Do you have any courses with translate to Arabic language?
    Or help me to find me the best trainer in SEO to be number 1 in youtube ?
    By the way your eyes are very charming

  28. You are only making money teaching theories. You are no different from a college professor, except that you make more money than they do. I'll put it this way. If your niche wasn't "teaching people how to make money", would you be as successful online? Probably not… You profit buy selling dreams…

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