How to Install WordPress on BlueHost (2019)

How to Install WordPress on BlueHost (2019)

Hi guys it’s @MartieDread here from,
and in this video we’re going to be covering how to install WordPress on bluehost in 2019. It’s only going to take us a few minutes
to do this. So if you’re ready, let’s get started! [MUSIC] Okay, so before we can install WordPress,
we first just need to create a bluehost account if we don’t already have one. So we just need to open up our internet browser
and go to Or alternatively, you can just click the link
in the description below, which will open it up in a new tab for you. Then if we hover over HOSTING at the top,
and click SHARED HOSTING, this is going to show us the 3 different plans they offer. To be totally honest, the Choice Plus plan
is a little bit of overkill when we’re just getting started, which really leaves it between
these 2. So if we’re only planning to have 1 blog,
we can go for the basic plan, or if we’re planning on building more than 1 blog, we
can go for the plus plan. As I’m just doing this for the tutorial,
I’m going to go for the basic plan, and once we’ve decided, we can click the select
button underneath. That’s then going to bring us to this page,
which is where we can register our free domain that comes with our account. So we just need to type the domain name we’re
wanting to register into this box. Then we can choose our domain extension and
click next. When we do this, we should hopefully see a
message saying our domain’s available, and then we can fill out our personal billing
information underneath. Then under “package information” we can
choose how often we’d like to pay for our hosting, and we’ll also see our domain name
& SSL certificate are both free! Then under this there are 4 optional add ons. I normally uncheck these myself, but if you
want any of them just leave the boxes checked. Then underneath we’ll see our final bill,
along with how much we’re saving! At the time I’m recording this video, we
get 33% off our bill if we choose to pay yearly. Then if we change it to 24 months, we get
41% off. And finally, if we change it to 3 years, we
get 50% off our order! So we really do save quite a bit of money
if we buy more at one time, And if you’re not seeing the discount, just
try visiting bluehost again through the link in the video description below to see if that
helps. I’m going to make sure I always keep the
link up to date. Then once we’re happy with everything here,
we just need to enter our payment details underneath, and if we don’t want to use
a credit card, we can click where it says “more payment options”, and choose PayPal
instead. Then finally, we just need to check these
2 boxes at the bottom, and then click the “Submit” button to checkout. So I’m just going to quickly pause this
video while I fill out my personal information and pay for my order, and then I’ll restart
the video when I’m done. So if you’re following along at home, just
go ahead and pay for your order, and then come back to the video, and we can carry on
together. Okay so that’s me now back, and when we
finish paying for our order, we’ll be brought to this confirmation page, and at this point
we’re just going to click where it says “set password”. Then here we can enter the password we’re
wanting to use for logging into our site, check the box to agree to the terms, and click
next. And now if we click “Login”, WordPress
is going to start installing right away. It’s only going to take a few seconds, and
once it’s done, we’ll be shown a few different themes we can use for our WordPress blog. If we see one we like the look of, we can
hover over it and click “use this theme”, or if we don’t we don’t see one we like,
we can click “skip this step” at the bottom and choose a different one later. But either way, once we do this, we can click
“Start Building” and we’ll be logged into what’s known as our “WordPress dashboard”,
and this is where we can add any content, or make any changes to our blog… Which by
the way is now LIVE ONLINE! But just before we visit our blog, I want
to quickly cover how to install WordPress if we already passed the auto setup process. It is done a little bit differently, but it’s
just as easy! So if this is the case with you, we just need
to login to our bluehost account, choose “my sites” on the left, and then click “create
a site” in the top-right. Then here we’re going to enter our blog
title, our tagline, and click next. Now we can choose the domain name we’re
wanting to use from this drop down list, and click next. This is going to start WordPress installing
for us, and it’s only going to take a few seconds. Once it’s done, we can click this “log
into WordPress”, and we’ll be logging into our WordPress dashboard. Now, there is a “welcome gate” on our
blog at the moment that looks like this… But we can click where it says “coming soon”
at the top and then if we click this “launch site” button, our blog will now be completely
LIVE online. Or we can hold off on this until we’ve added
some content. Then if we click our site title in the dark
grey bar at the top, we can visit our blog, Which at the moment just has some demo content
and will either be using a demo theme like mine, or the theme we chose during installation, Then to get back to the dashboard, we just
need to click our site-title again at the top. So, that’s us now at the end of this quick
tutorial video, and that was how to install WordPress on bluehost in 2019. I really hope you found it helpful, and if
you did, please give it a like here on YouTube to show your support, and be sure to subscribe
to the channel for more WordPress tutorials published every week. Then if you want to learn some more cool stuff
we can do with WordPress, just click the playlist that should be on screen now that contains
some of my best and most popular videos. Once again, my name’s @MartieDread from, and thank you very much for watching my video.

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  1. Another great video Martie, thanks. I've been hearing a lot about BlueHost lately and have just done a quick recce of the reviews of BlueHost and HostGator on page 1 of Google, and BlueHost just comes out on top overall. I've already got 2 domain names with Crazy Domains so is the procedure for pointing them towards BlueHost the same as for HostGator, as per an earlier video you posted?

  2. Kindly make video on cloudways hosting setup + review and fastcomet WordPress hosting review. Fastcomet seems promising on list. That will be helpful.

  3. oh my! they make this process seem so complicated on wordpress. thank you for taking my confusion away! looks like i've been on my wordpress site all along.((:

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