How to Make an eCommerce Website with WordPress (Storefront Theme)

How to Make an eCommerce Website with WordPress (Storefront Theme)

55 thoughts on “How to Make an eCommerce Website with WordPress (Storefront Theme)

  1. Hello, I hope you can see this message ASAP. Thank you for this video! It's the best tutorial I've ever seen! Great job! I've followed every step and there is a small problem on my page. Is a white space between the Meta Slider and the menu line. It's pretty big and I can't get rid of it. Do you have any idea how I can do that? what file to edit? Maybe is a header bottom spacing, or something like that? If you give me an email, I'll send you a S-Shot.

  2. Thank you!! SO helpful! First question… i am at the product update section (43 min in) and I only have simple product as an option for me. I need to use variable. EEkk. what did i do wrong?


  4. Great video! Really helped me so much thank you so much! I only have one issue and basically whenever I'm sharing the link to my page on Facebook or messenger it is displaying a really old logo (think it's coming from google) and it says (no title) any ideas how to fix this?

  5. Thank you very much! This totally helped me to create my account. I truly appreciate your video and the full details you listed here for each section. Thank you, thank you!!!

  6. Thank you so much! I wished I watched the video a while ago. It was straight to the point and included all the necessary information to set up a website. Thank you again!!!!

  7. Your video is very nice. Almost everything you put in your video. But customization of the footer area was not highlighted. Thank you…..

  8. Thank you for the nice audio visual. I followed exactly what you did. The e-commerce site is working perfectly for desktop in my case, However, there are some discrepancies on the android cell.
    1> Menu item PRODUCT is not showing up at all on android device only as opposed to desktop.
    2> Image gallery is showing up as menu on Android device only.

  9. Help! Your Woocommerce tabs on the setting page look different than mine. I went through your great tutorial but can’t seem to get anything to show up on my cart or checkout page. Any advise?

  10. First, thank you so much for this wonderful video! I could see you charging good money for such a quality video with such great content and value, but you've made it available for free. What a blessing!

    Second, I was surprised you said to delete Jetpack and WP Super Cache. Can you let me know why you recommended deleting these, especially Jetpack, which I thought was one of the most valuable plugins to have?

  11. I'm trying to include the homepage slider but I haven't got the 'update file' button, how can I make it visible / available?

    Tutorial is super helpful, thanks!

  12. Thank you very much to share this. Really helps a lot. One question regarding widgets, how come yours showing on the right side of the page, but mine automatically showing on the left side of the page? Thanks again. Crystal

  13. I'm having trouble seeing what you're seeing when you are hitting the "install woocommerce pages". After I click on pages, then hitting the sample page, I do not see that purple tab or any tab that gives me the option to install it. Woocommerce is active on my word press site so not sure if this is just out of date? Thx for any help!

  14. Hi, thanks for the excellent Video…. one question; what are the benefits of using Custom Links to link Product Categories to the Product Page instead of simply putting the Categories as a Child to the Product Page in the Menu .. Thanks again

  15. Absolutely fab video and I've managed to make my website within a day. One option I was kinda hoping for was an online chat option. Is there a plug in where I can get this? Thanks ever so much I have loved watching this video!! X

  16. Hi Sir,
    .Before the menus were added, all added pages were shown in the header as links. Once added menu, newly added pages no longer showed in the header until they were manually added in the Appearance->Menu. Could you explain if this is intentional by WordPress ?

  17. I love this tutorial. It has enabled me to build a fully functioning e-commerce site that is actually earning money. I have come back to this video countless times whenever I need to change or add something to my website. The time-stamped index in the description has made it very easy to come back and find what I need when I get stuck
     I was kinda floundering around trying to get my website off the ground and then I found this video and built the basics of an e-commerce site is a weekend for the cost of some hosting and a domain name.
    All I need to learn now is how to market my site more effectively to get more customers.
    Keep up the great work.

  18. Hey Mate, Awesome work on the video, very elaborative and answers all my questions. I have been able to setup a much needed e commerce store and will be able to offer to my customers as well.

  19. Really great video.. We set up serious business according to your tutorials and saved a bunch of money.
    Thanks eMedia Coach.
    Just one question, in my last try, i erased by my fault the cart page and now the cart icon is not working. Is there anything i can do to reset that to default or make a new one?
    Thanks again!

  20. This is the best video I have seen! You are a genius. Thank you for explaining every little thing with so many details. And also thank you for all the suggestions.
    I do have a question related to the image size of the products. What image size do I have to use?

  21. Thank you very much for your video it was very useful !!! I have a little stuff to fix on my web page but I think I can do by myself with your tutorial !!!

  22. Hello I cant find the code on your website please get me the link of that,
    and also how to add contact us menu in the footer ?

  23. I have installed metaslider previously but after updatinf the slider has disappeared. I cant find the code link anywhere either and searched through comments to find it. Any way you could point me in the direction to apply it. Thank you for all hour help setting up my site? X

  24. hey there,first thank you so much for the video,may i ask where i can get the codes for the metaslider on your page?thank you!

  25. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am following it to create my website. However, I have a problem. I don't have "checkout" tab in the settings menu of eCommerce. I have payment instead but I do have a checkout page on my pages. Your help is really appreciated.

  26. 1:08:18 category

    1:14:45 google maps
    1:23:42 social media share
    1:25:28 logo
    1:28:48 Home page
    1:35:49 slide show
    1:42:17 header color
    1:58:45 shipping metode
    1:05:10 drop down menus

  27. excellent , excellent ,excellent !! i have no other words than this to say you ! you tubers, learn from this !!!! this is the way the educational videos are made !! everything is so perfect, so much value !! oh if i keep writing, it will make pages to fill up !! again i am saying — superb ! keep making this kind of videos ! live for more 1000 years ! GOD BLESS YOU

  28. That is a great tutorial. I have made the first ecommerce website.
    I have an issue that my slider is appearing on all the pages of my website. I just want to add slider just on my homepage. How do I fix that?

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