How to Make an Online Store Quick and Easy with GoDaddy 2019

How to Make an Online Store Quick and Easy with GoDaddy 2019

How to Make an Online Store Quick and Easy with GoDaddy 2019 Hey there, it’s Darlene, and in the next
few minutes we are going to show you how to set up your website to sell stuff online.
And when we are done, your online store will be live and ready for your first
customer. In this video, we are going to get our store set up and designed, upload
pictures of the products we are going to sell, and get ready to accept payments. If
you want to be successful you need to have your own online store and also be
everywhere that customers are searching for your products as well. That means
making sure that you have listings on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other marketplaces
like that too. We will show you how to do that as well. Ready to get going?
Start by clicking on the link in the description below. Here we can get
started by clicking start your free trial. Let’s go! We see the option to
create an account. We will need the usual suspects, email
username and password. Now that we have an account, let’s get started with our
online store. We are going to build an online clothing store. If we were a jeweler or
cosmetics retailer, we would select that business instead. We are all about the
fashion here, so the name of the store is Fashion First. Now we see suggested pages, stock imagery and more. We will look at this in a bit where we can change as
much as we like. So, first things first, people need to be able to find our store.
Let’s make sure they can. We included some of this information when we created our store. Let’s make sure people can get to our location and call us if they want
to. Now, we want to make sure folks can find
us online too. Let’s set up our domain name, which is the thing customers will type
into their browser when they want to come to our online store. We have a
couple of options here. Our store comes with a free domain on
which is cool. This is what we see on the page right now. That being said, we have
the option to use a custom domain name as well. The store will work fine either
way. Now, we want to see what we can do to make sure that we show up in search
engine results. The search engine optimization feature helps us optimize
the content on our store to help visitors find us on the web. That is a
good thing! We also want to connect our store to Facebook and Insta profiles. We can do that here too. Okay, we have the bones of the store in place now. Seriously, that is
all it took. Pretty cool! Let’s start adding some products. To do this click on
the shop section. Okay, here is where our store will be, we just need to add
products. For each product all we need is the name, the price, and at least one
image. Pretty simple. We can include a sale price as well. The
top is marked down to $34. Bonus! Our tax category is standard, so we are
not going to mess with that right now. We need to be able to identify everything
in our store uniquely. Our online store system here automatically generated a
SKU (stock keeping unit) for this item. We will also leave that as-is. Again,
easy-peasy. Okay, we will likely have more tops to sell.
Let’s create a “tops” category to bundle more items like this. This is looking
good. We will also add a short description. We can track the inventory for this
product. Let’s note that 50 are available in every size. We can also include sizing,
colors, and customizations. A big part of selling online is managing
shipping. We need to get our stuff set up for shipping as well.
Since we’re going to be selling to people all over the country and maybe
beyond, we need to get this dialed in. Assume standard shipping methods apply to this product. We will look at our shipping settings in just a bit.
All finished! Save, and now our first product is ready to sell. Let’s add a
couple more products quickly so our store has a bit more life. We will add a
handbag, and a jacket. We will leave it at that for now. Let’s
click all products to see our product list. Now it’s time to turn on payments. There
are few different payment options. We see that our store is already set up to take
PayPal. This is an easy, fast, and secure option. We can also connect to a Square
and stripe if we had an account. Or come back and add these payment methods at
any time. Offline payments are always an option as well if you’re old school.
We are going to start with PayPal. The PayPal button will automatically show up as the
payment option when a customer purchases one of our products. We will see this
in action a little bit later. Okay, we are in good shape. We have our store set up, our
products in, and we can get paid. Now, let’s make sure we can get these
products into the hands of our customers. Time to enter the wonderful world of
shipping. Visitors can shop and purchase our products so let’s make sure they get
shipped. We can elect to offer free shipping any time, or base it on a
certain order threshold. Our threshold is 50 dollars. If the order minimum is not met, we will charge a flat rate regardless of order size. Save, and our shipping is all set. Okay, let’s publish our store so we can
start selling. Click “edit and publish site” to get back to our site builder. We
should customize the look and feel of our overall site before publishing. First
we will choose a theme. There are several options to choose from. Urban, maybe more earthy, or craftsman. We can customize our colors and fonts. If
we already had brand colors, we could enter a custom hex code. There are font
options as well to align with our brand. Let’s swap out our cover image. Since we’re selling mostly clothing,
there are a lot of options to choose from within the provided photos. Let’s punch up our brand a little bit
and edit the headline. We see our products are showing up as
featured on the homepage. Right on! Now, let’s go into our shop. Nice, all our
products are here and they look great. Products will show up here as added and
we can continue to create categories to keep things organized. We can continue to add content to our site but today we’re focused on getting our store up and
running so let’s delete these other sections. We should preview our store
before publishing. Here’s both the desktop and mobile
version. Clicking through, everything looks in order. Publish. Wow,
our store is live and we are like eight minutes in? That is amazing! We can make changes at any time which is great since we’ll want to add more products
and add more content. Here is our site. Let’s check it out and make sure we can
add a product to our cart. We need to fill out a little information
here including address since we are pretending to be a real customer. Here
you can see the payment option we are using is PayPal. Our store looks great
and it works. Awesome! We can also list our products on major marketplaces like
Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Let’s take a look at marketplaces. Here we see the options.
Amazon is a popular choice. we need an Amazon seller account and
once that is established we can connect our online store to start selling. Same
thing with the other marketplaces. Let’s go look at some other options. We can optimize our stores with SEO, send email campaigns to drive traffic, or even
create a Facebook page. We will also have the ability to receive automated text
messages to track orders. Our store is live. What is next? Are we getting visitors,
sales? It is easy to monitor our performance. We can log into our dashboard to see
recommendations to optimize our store such as getting our business listed on
Google, leveraging search engine optimization tools, or adding email
marketing to keep customers coming back. You can also view stats about our stores
performance once it’s been up and running for a day or so. That’s it!
Hopefully this video showed you how easy it is to create an online store to sell
your products. Check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos
about how to make the most out of your business online. Thanks see you soon!

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  1. If I want to create products from customer digital photo files, do you supply the method to have customers easily upload their files to your server, and then for me to easily retrieve it? Would your site then allow me to post a digital rendering of the end product for the customer to see & review prior to purchasing a 'hard copy'?

  2. So I've been curious as to what happens (at 9:33) If the customer were to checkout after putting in their information. Who makes the product? Is it already connected to the marketplace we sellers chose?

  3. How can we get paid? I know it’s already connected to PayPal but is that it and than you get the money or is there more steps?

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