How To Pick A Domain Name: What Really Matters!

How To Pick A Domain Name: What Really Matters!

have you ever had to name something
maybe a baby a car a business name well the same sort of stress shows up around
domain names too so we’re gonna talk about how to select the best domain and
also how to domain names influence SEO so there comes a point in time in every
business owners journey where they’re gonna have to pick a domain whether it
be a domain for your business a domain for a hobby or maybe even a side career
domain selection is very important and I think historically we’ve just chosen
domains based on brand our name mostly and then we add LLC or I NC to it
because yeah that’s what we’re supposed to do right well not necessarily there
are two moments in time when you can change a domain the first moment is
obviously going to be a brand new website that’s always a great moment to
think is the domain name we have right now serving us like it should now if we
move to a domain name for SEO then we have to think about the fact that maybe
having what we do in the domain name itself indicates to the searcher as well
as to Google what your subject matter expertise is now having keywords in a
domain does not help with ranking I want to be very clear about that however it
does bold in the search results when summons searching for that keyword take
a look at the domain name you have right now if the domain name has a – I want
you to consider that maybe that’s a bit of a vulnerability for you because
there’s another domain out there without the – that matches that as well so if
you have a domain with a – please try to purchase the one without the – just to
protect your brand and I’ve also seen competitors go in and buy those dashes
or non – variants and point them to their websites which is a big a key you
don’t want that to happen to you so let’s step back if you if you’re
thinking about a point in time when you could rebrand like my client hydrotech
they are gonna rebrand from this other unfindable name – hydro testing
hydro test gets 250,000 searches a month so it is a very relevant specific
keyword that’s in their domain now that’s not necessarily going to help
with ranking but what it does do is it puts you right in front of the searcher
who is searching for that phrase and if you’ve optimized the page for that hydro
test there’s an excellent chance that you’re gonna rake for that and then of
course then they see your domain name and they’re like oh those little hydro
tech pros I get it you’re the you’re the guys I need to go to so as opposed to
aqua tech I don’t I came and say it I can’t remember their domain it was so
convoluted and just don’t do that if you have to like if when people call you and
you say hey check out our website and you have to spell it out every time like
my last name no one spells right I always have to say Ella’s Oh Larry you
tease and Tom ZZZ and zebra isn’t Edward calm because no one ever promise is my
last name correctly ask the person who answers the phones in your office if
they are constantly spelling out your domain that domains not working it’s too
hard to remember and it’s too hard to spell so if you already have that issue
and you probably a lot of you do think about can you change that there’s a
point in time when you go to update a website you can change that now another
thing to think about is if you have a crazy hard to spell name like a lot of
lawyers have like you know Kowalski and Kaminsky and things like that that are
very very hard to pronounce then you need to go in and figure out what are
all the misspelled variants of that domain because you want to buy the
misspellings as well as the correct spellings take all the misspellings and
trust me you’ll know the misspellings say you point them to the one correct
spelling I own Heather let’s calm as well as Heather let’s see calm as well
as findability calm now Heather Lutz singular without the e is a reality
television star That’s not me she’s tried to buy the domain a couple
times I say no not until I get a good offer good enough offer so there are
kind of crazy things sometimes like one of my clients is Kay Francis let me show
you what comes up for her so she has a problem because when you type in Kay
Francis into Google you get a screen star from the turn-of-the-century
right as the talkies started coming in and there’s no way that Kay is ever
going to be able to compete compete even with a you know a star that died in the
1930s so she’s not going to be able to budge your way in there and Kay Francis
is taken another one of my clients she branded her entire company as blah
blah blah bleh bleh-bleh dot us and I’m like huh well she’s a
communications expert and so blah blah blah blah blah blah blah right does that
make sense well not exactly because when you put blah blah blah let me show you
this is awesome by the way and wait for these moments blah blah blah is a song
by Kesha and I am NOT going to be able to push off Kesha it’s not gonna happen
so as it come oh and there’s a new video now called blah blah blah by Armin van
Buuren don’t know who he is but his website the video is actually called
blah blah blah then I come down here and I could see lyrics I can see Ke$ha there
she is I can see two more of those Armin van
Buuren so whatever that is urban dictionary oh I’m scared to ask what
that is oh man if you have not even on urban dictionary you need check it out
it’s pretty funny but obviously blah blah blah dotnet was not dot us sorry
was not doing anything for her brand so we had to rebrand her so we went to we
do her website we looked at all the search volume we figured out that
effective communication had the most amount of search volume she’s like
that’s why I talk about effective communication so we briefed branded her
as effective communication and then we redid her brand her logo to be
the blah blah blah so that she didn’t have to walk away from that but she
needed to kind of give it a priority is that the way you think people gonna
search for you or is that just your little moniker that you’ve created
because your own marketing genius the blah blah blah was not serving her and
she had named her blog be LA HG blog and so her blog wasn’t even ranking in
Google so those are kind of the hard messages I get to deliver yay
so let’s talk about domain names and what is their sort of the best practices
for domains first of all I mentioned it by your misspellings very important to
brand recognition especially if you have a crazy name secondly make sure to buy
the dotnet the calm and the org that is a suite of three that is a sellable
asset of your business so someday when you go to sell your business they’re
going to expect that when they buy that they’re gonna get the com org and
now with that said don’t buy any of the other domain extensions don’t buy dot
roses dot phone dot they don’t rank in Google if you go in and look 90% of all
the domains on the Internet are coms there are the outliers there’s still
people that are trying to sell the dot this and the dot that dot expert was
really big with the speaker community or dot speaker and they all were like
rushing to get it and I’m like no no no stop you know take that fifteen dollars
and go buy yourself something else but let go of all those domains so I have a
lot of CEOs I work with and they are domain hoarders they hoard domains I
mean some of the guys I meet they’ve like hundreds and hundreds of domains
because I get this great idea they go to GoDaddy or some domain registrar they
search for it and then they just start buying and buy and buy and I can see
them doing it in my sessions so I don’t have to say please don’t buy domains
during my program we’ll talk about this but you know it is prudent at some point
to think about you know what we’re gonna change our name to something that is
keyword rich in the domain so that is very clearly SEO if I SEO for that
keyword in the domain I’m gonna have a much easier time of ranking for that
phrase so that’s a really good way to start another way to think about domain
names is that you want to own the suite of domains that is based on what you
know best so I if I had gone back in time and went to the Wayback Machine
which we’ll talk about in a minute I would have bought SEO training com
wouldn’t it have been a great domain yes it would but I at that point was brandy
Heather let’s see which no one spelled my last name right anyway and then I
went to findability which was better I paid four grand for findability and some
people might be like oh no because it has been the biggest and best decision
because people understand what findability means in most cases so don’t
like get in your own way don’t nave a domain something that is unfindable
that’s cutesy that you have to explain every single time someone asks you about
that so think about websites like Fiverr fiv er are every time I tell people
about it I have to tell them about the extra are that’s a problem and this is a
big I think a systemic issue in that there’s people who think it’s a lot of
domains there’s a lot of domains left tons of
domains left and is the language of business on the
Internet you want a comm dotnet r4 dot networks and dot orgs are for nonprofits
so if you have a non-profit arm of your business use the org has a lot of
credibility Google loves orgs and then of course you have an education then a
dot edu is like the gold standard of domain extensions so you just want to
think about done Netcom dot org you got to own those and especially if you’re
buying a business if you can’t get that suite of three maybe you can get a
better price on the business but you’ve got to be able to buy the entire online
brand so make sure that you’re really thinking about dotnet comm org
okay so let’s bump back so you’re like um who’s got pizza com Denver pizza calm
so I’m at a website right now called who is dotnet now who is dotnet is going to
tell me exactly who owns this domain as well as when it comes up for renewal it
used to be you could see their name and their contact information that has
really become a thing of the past because people can privatize their
information so I can tell that it’s hosted i GoDaddy
let’s see yeah they’ve pretty much limited every single thing that I can
find out I can find out though when it expires so the creation date was June of
2000 and it was updated June of 2018 now here’s some of the crazy things I had a
company that was in one of my trainings and they said you’re never gonna believe
this but we all went on a retreat it was a digital detox we went up in the
mountains no internet no nothing the domain name lapsed for the primary
company it just laughs no one was keep an eye on it no one knew what credit
card was attached to it it just went away a competitor was in line behind
them so you can actually get in line behind someone who has a domain and if
that domain expires you can slip in and take it and it’s exactly what happened
to a company is there a competitor got their domain and then they pretty much
spent a year and lawyers got really rich over this now infused battle so to
protect yourself always make sure that you’ve purchased at least two years
ahead on your domain don’t want anyone to get it and credit
cards expire everyone and you have your you know credit cards on your hosting
your credit cards on your domain make sure you know when those puppies expire
and also make sure that you on Compton org so you’re protecting your
brand also you know like we said own the misspellings that protects your brand so
that’s a really good way to think about it is just go in and make sure that
you’ve looked up the variants now let’s just say that we could get P 10 for
pizza calm great now we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna take a look at what are
the other variants that I should consider so let’s go into here I’m gonna
put Denver Pizza now here’s crazy thing about domain name
searches GoDaddy is a auction they auction off domains oh I can buy Denver
pizza for $1,500 what’s so bad find a pizza shop I’d be all over that maybe I
should call a pizza shop and give him that debate but that’s a good domain I’d
spend $1,500 for that anyway Denver Pete’s is a great option but you
have to remember that when we are doing domain names it’s important to remember
that we not only want to keyword rich domain but we also want to make sure
that it is available and that we can leverage it properly so there might be a
brand new RL which is like findability calm and then there might be what we
call a secondary domain which might be like SEO trading calm and you could have
so what’s important to understand is that a domain name for the business your
business card can have your name on it your website has the logo on it your
business cards your brochures all has your name on it but the domain doesn’t
necessarily have to be your company name maybe the domain actually shows up as a
keyword phrase that you are best Denver Pizza com you get to say you’re the best
than you are so if you put best in your logo you put pros in your domain then
all of a sudden people like oh they’re the best and they’re pros so think about
how can I stack the cards in my favor by buying a domain that has these great
keywords in it that says who we are doesn’t say who we are it says what we
do how good we are so if you’re affordable look
an affordable domain now was interesting about domain companies like eBay GoDaddy
is a bunch of different sites that are auction models we can want to go into
something called incognito now you’ve probably heard about this before but I’m
gonna go over it again because it’s so important so let’s go onto my screen
here we’re gonna take a look at in chrome specifically we’re gonna go under
file and new incognito window here’s a deal if I go into GoDaddy and type in
Denver Pizza and then I go back in and type in best Denver pizza it’s all being
saved in my cache and cookies so when I go back into GoDaddy the next day that
twelve dollar domain has now become a four thousand dollar domain they flag it
as premium because they see that you’ve been there before so incognito is great
when you’re searching for airplane tickets when you’re searching for
concert tickets because their auction models they know you’ve been there
before so if you’re looking for a concert ticket you find great seats
great timing and then you go back the next day and the prices are tripled it’s
because they know you’ve been there before so remember that whenever you’re
searching for anything that’s an auction model domain names airline tickets
concert tickets be in incognito so they can’t get you on a higher price the next
time you go back just a little tip and a trick there
I say GoDaddy because they’re the biggest domain registrar’s I don’t
really care where you host it as long as you host it somewhere that is reliable
GoDaddy does a great job just don’t buy all their extras they try to it’s like
they sell you the domain and the kitchen sink and the tub and the car in the
garage and the two dogs they don’t tell you everything you don’t want all that
you just want the domain okay so we talked about making sure that
misspellings we talked about making sure no dashes keyword-rich domain the dotnet
Command org and of course making sure that if you’re going to look for a new
domain that a are incognito when you’re searching so let’s just say I want to
come in here and I’m going to say best Denver Pizza calm now on my screen
you’ll see that it’s taken but if I gone in there and I’m like okay well maybe I
could do then for Pizza expert duhkham so here’s my trick when you are
looking for a keyword like denver pizza and you can’t afford that domain add
experts at best add pros to the domain so it’s still you’re still anchoring in
it and the way that people think but then you’re adding on a little bit of a
specialization or a declaration that we are the best
right-oh with the best we get fiestar’s yay people love us but just because you
could get too senior the best it’s fine so when you’re looking for best Pizza
expert or Denver Pizza expert that’s the money because now anyone types in Denver
pizza or pizza experts or even pizza pros Pizza gurus I don’t care what you
put on the end but it does give a certain leveling up of the fact this is
not just pizza this is the best pizza like you get to be declarative like here
we are if you’re not even here you’re crazy and then you build the whole
website underneath there now the trick with SEO and domain names is that yes
you can put the keywords in it it’s not necessarily going to help you with SEO
specifically but it makes your domain relevant for that keyword very important
secondly if you’re gonna buy a domain make sure that you are buying ahead
remember we have to buy at least two years ahead if not longer on that
primary domain another thing is your personal name make sure you buy the
names of you and all your kiddos because those are valuable to them and we don’t
want someone else getting those domains so go in and just buy them hold on to
them you’re a board of directors you may want to also consider buying the domain
names of your board directors especially your CEO if your CEO has been there
forever I had a gentleman who got in a lot of trouble and we’ve been trying to
do brand reputation management he got off and it was all cleared but man alive
his name was just smeared across the internet believe it or not there was two
people in the same city that had the same name one was a CEO of a major
company one was a registered sex offender and they both had the same
exact name sort of like Kay Francis but worse so how do we so anytime you
googled him there’s was a sex offender so people course thought that that was
his that’s not okay so we went in and we bought a bunch of different domains we
bought his name charity work we about his name community work so we
were able to build a series of domain names that ultimately pushed off
registered sex offender to page two but it took over a year to do this if you
are an expert a speaker a trainer where your name is everything to you buy your
domain and the misspellings net Tom and org and let’s just talk about a minute
for do not go in and buy other competitor domains don’t buy other
people other domains it’s a waste of your money and you’re just opening
yourself up for a lawsuit I get a lot of people like Kevin just go in and buy
that domain sucks and you know then you know point it to my site and like no
because you’re just asking for trouble you know don’t poke the snake leave it
alone just worry about your own stuff and don’t try to slander or making
negative with your competitors just leave it alone and a lot of I get a lot
of those questions so say CEOs are like how can I get that guy right how can I
take him down and I’m like no do not buy any of his domains so now you’ve got a
crash course on domains post in the comments below what questions do you
have about domains I’m happy to answer any of those hit the subscribe button in
the bell button so you know about my videos every day oh we got the belphin
oh thank you for that that was awesome anyway I love my bells so make sure to
subscribe if you like this content I do web video every day so it’s stay tuned
and we’ll see you on the next video you

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