How to rate website safety using WOT (Web of Trust)

How to rate website safety using WOT (Web of Trust)

Rating websites with WOT is simple, fast and
fun. Once you have installed the WOT add-on, you’re
all set to start rating websites and leaving helpful reviews for other users. To rate a website click on the donut-shaped
icon next to the URL. This will bring up the WOT rating window from where you can rate
the site for trustworthiness and child safety. Select the color that best represents your
experience of the website for each category. A green rating means that you believe the
site is trustworthy, reliable and overall you ‘ve had a good experience. A red rating
means that you want to warn other users to stay away from the site because it poses severe
issues or threats. A yellow rating indicates that you have found some issues you’d like
other people to be aware of when visiting the site. Once you have given your rating, you are asked
to select a category to explain the reason behind the rating. First choose the type of
reason like positive, questionable or negative from the left column and then choose at least
one category that supports your rating. You can choose to see the full list of categories
by ticking the “Show Full List” box under the categories. You can now either save your ratings or leave
a written review to help other users decide whether they can trust a site or not. You
can do this by clicking the “Add a comment” button under the categories. Keep your comments straight to the point,
clear and informative, but don’t go over the top by writing too much. After you have written your comment press”save”. You can change your ratings or comments by
moving the indicator across the rating bar or by clicking the “change option”. Alternatively,
you can click the “x” icon next to the rating bars and cancel your previous ratings. Along
with the ratings you can also edit your comments by choosing the “Edit the comment” option. You can also rate through the scorecard. The
process of rating and commenting in the scorecard is similar to the process followed in the
rating window. To find out more about leaving comments, check
out our community guidelines which you can find on

4 thoughts on “How to rate website safety using WOT (Web of Trust)

  1. WOT is Spyware, have a look here:

  2. I logged in and cannot do this. It does not go to a place where I can rate it. Quite irritating. Also much bias against conservative sites. I'm not certain it is worth anythign because of that. I am interested in avoiding truly dangerous phishing, extreme violence, porn or hacked sites. Adults do not need someone to think for them and tell them what acceptable political views are.

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