18 thoughts on “How to register .com.np, .org.np or any .np ccTLD domain registration in Nepal – Complete Guidelines

  1. .np ma domain registration garepaxi hosting garna paisa lagxa ki lagdaina. lagdaina vane kati samma ko storage use garna sakinxa hola. jankari pauna pae aavari hune thie

  2. guys you all can do free hosting in 000webhost.com. just write ns1.000webhost.com and ns2.000webhost.com and you all are good to go.

  3. what is primary name server and secondary name server?
    and what to fill in this server field?
    pls make me clear about it?

  4. I am under 16 years old. But, I have been designing & developing websites for the past 3 years. Can I get a .com.np domain with my birth certificate or S.L.C. Certificate?

  5. I want to buy website with .com domain. how could it be possible??? is there any way to buy it from Nepal???

  6. Want to have own website?
    Clic the link below to have own website for free in less then 15 minutes.

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