How to Transfer an Exact Copy of your WordPress Website to Google Cloud Platform 2017

How to Transfer an Exact Copy of your WordPress Website to Google Cloud Platform 2017

Hello everyone – it’s Joe from and in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to move over your existing WordPress website onto your new google cloud platform instance so the first step in doing this is to head over to our existing wordpress website so for me my existing wordpress website it the next step is to go over to plugins “add new” and the plugin is called “all-in-one wp migration” so search that and install that plugin okay – then activate it alright – now you can see in the left bar here there’s an icon for it – so we’re going to go to “export” now remember – this is using our old wordpress website this is the website that we want to transfer to our new google cloud instance so we’re going to click on “export” and we’re going to export it to a file now this usually takes a couple of minutes alright – once that has finished downloading we’re going to head on over to our google cloud platform and we’re going to login to the admin panel now this is where our new website is going to be and we’re going to install the same plugin in our new wordpress website so… I’ve already installed it and it’s right here, “all-in-one wp migration” the activate that… and now you see it looks just like it did on our old wordpress website it appears in the left column here… so now I am going to do the “import” instead of “export” and I’m going to click “import from” … “file” and in this case I saved it on my desktop so here’s the file that we just exported from our old wordpress website so I’m going to click that …”open” and right now it is going to import that website onto google cloud platform so that usually takes a few minute here ok perfect – now that it’s done importing *if you do get an error message while it is importing your website, just click “ok” it potentially going to ask you about overwriting your existing database and you want to confirm that so after it’s all imported you are going to go to “settings” and then “permalinks” – because you need to change your “permalink” structure now the way I do this is real easy: I just go to “plain – “save changes” and then I go back to “post name” – “save changes”, and that kind of resets the system a bit perfect – save that – and then go up here to “visit site” and there you go – you have your existing wordpress website just like it appeared on your old hosting provider, but now it’s running on google cloud platform if you have any questions leave a comment in the box below also to get rid of this little “corner banner” here – I will provide a link to a video on how to get rid of that otherwise, thanks for watching and take care

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  1. Using a plugin is a quick way to migrate a WordPress site, however I try as much as possible to avoid plugins. Have been doing it manually using file manager/filezilla, is that possible with Google Cloud? great video anyway.

  2. Hosting on Google cloud or hosting on Hostgator (or Bluehost) – are there any advantages that one has over the other?

  3. It was nice informative video..!! Could you please make a video on how to access word press files on google cloud..!! Because it will be helpful if some plugin is giving problem and your are unable to access the word press..!!

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Great video but I can't see any clear benefit for switching to Google Cloud besides the costs (and this isn't sure at all).
    Do you have any long-term experience on a larger scale basis?

    Imagine somebody wants to move like 20 websites (Traffic: 1 Million views per month) to Google:
    – he has to do the domain mapping for every single domain (and for future ones)
    – (as I can see) has to pay every engine instance a minimum of 5 USD?
    (you can scale up to bigger ones but will cost like 30-40 USD a month?)
    What happens when the traffic increases (do you get informed)?
    – has to pay the yearly holding costs of the domain names (for international domains 10 USD (at namecheap))
    – what's happening with the E-Mail accounts?
    – what is with the server side caching?
    – no customer service

    On the other hand, you can have Cloud hosting for 50 USD per month (without big effort)
    + domain names which cost only 2USD more than usual
    + 24/7 customer support
    + upgrade anytime if necessary
    + useful / self-teaching server backend
    + most of the necessary processes like domain mapping are already been done

    You have a tonne more work to do for just saving a few USD!
    Google has to implement one-click functionality to the systems (like the current hosters) to be profitable, at least for hosting websites.

    But if you only have to concentrate on one big website (a Netflix like site or sth) it will be fine I guess.
    BTW: Amazon provides such website hosting option a bit longer on the market

  5. I followed your directions to install WP on the google cloud. Now I cannot add plugins. I am an administrator. Any ideas? I can activate and deactivate the plugins, but I cannot add new ones.


  6. I searching, how to use wordpress function on google cloud~. find kind of a way, information, Streaming. Thank you.

  7. how to access FTP …please release next tutorial as how to install any script on to google cloud 😀

  8. Hi, this is the best channel about Google Cloud. But…I have a doubt. Becase I have already configured the Cloud DNS and when I type It is translated to static IP. Do you know how can I solve this? Thanks a lot.

  9. What did you think of this tutorial?
    If you want to view this tutorial with each command listed step-by-step, check out the version at
    Thanks for watching!

  10. I was failed to install the plugin when I tried to install the All-in-one WP Migration at the new website, how to fix this problem? Thank you for the video, it's really helpful!

  11. All-in-One plugin import limit is 512 MB. Sadly my backup files exceed it. Their paid plugin version is $69 which is way beyond my budget. Is there any other way to import it?

  12. I have done setting general and permanent links to my domain already, but almost url "htt:/" still not change to my domain name. Please !

    OK. I did it. New website need to completed general setting and permanent links to your domain before migration. Thanks.

  13. about 40 hours has passed but still waiting foe my domain to redirect at google cloud please help me in this matter

  14. hi buddy i have a question how do i point my google domain to google hosting wordpress i tried to change name servers it says email and everything will be disable so what do i do?

  15. Great tutorial. Could you also make a video about setting up cdn for wordpress in google cloud, please? Thanks in advance.

  16. Thank You for the video. After the process of import completion, I am not able to access the wp-admin page.

  17. Hello
    Can you explain when file is larger then 1GB.Can't upload more then 512MB.They want to shake 67$ for that.Thanks

  18. Hi, one page zen… I am having an issue. I have my complete backup files and i want to transfer them to google cloud… how to do that from filezilla?

  19. Hey Joe, i've tried with above solution but it got stuck (it showed enabling plugin), my localhost is abt 400mb only, what should I do?

  20. This is great series of tutorials. Thanks so much for posting these. At the end of this video you said you would include a link to show how to get rid of the "corner banner" in the bottom right of the webpage. I searched here as well as on your blog but did not find the link. Thanks!

  21. 10 on 10 presentation skill. Request you to supp me here. I have wp site on godaddy, and want to shit on Google. Not sure which server to choose. mine is very simple and short dite without payment function. Pls kindly support.

  22. 10 on 10 presentation skill. Request you to supp me here. I have wp site on godaddy, and want to shit on Google. Not sure which server to choose. mine is very simple and short dite without payment function. Pls kindly support.

  23. Thank you for making this. I've been a website hobbyist for a while now. I call myself a hobbyist because I'm not aware of all of the back end that goes on behind my usually CPANEL Experiences. After switching to google cloud it has become a headache figuring out the most simple tasks. This helped a lot!

    I watched 3-4 other videos and came very close but I was missing the most simple step, and that was I had been using a B in the DNS name, instead of a D, but because you were easy to follow I figured out my error! Thank you!

  24. hi one page zen, your videos are great. i have a small problem , i copied my wordpress and transfered it to google drive but some arrows in the mainpage in the menus arent showing properly. instead of an arrow it shows a rectangle. this is the arrow of the original page . and this is the one i see in the transfer. do you have any clue why this might happen??

  25. Everything works fine, but clicking on the posts gives 404s. Works with the default permalinks settings. Any solution to this?

  26. I had my website migrated to GCP but the Permatlink procedure does not work. I can access only the Home Page. Any other page on the site cames back with 404 error. I copied the exact same configuration from the original website on the permalink setting page. Can you help with that?

  27. Hi.. Once I export from WP and import into WP inside the Gcloud.. What will happen to my existing WP login? Is it possible to cancel my domain subscription in WP and just used GCP?

  28. Does this also work from installing a single WP site into the multi-site by bitnami on Google Cloud?

  29. What's the major advantages having wordpress site on google cloud compared on a shared hosting? speed, price etc?

  30. After doing what you said on all in one wp migration i get an error of 404 not found when trying to go to my settings page and cant login again on wp-admin.

  31. Hi. I'm having major trouble with GCP. So I have a website linked to my VM but would like to replace it with another. How would I go about that process?

  32. I'm stuck on the activating mu-plug in.
    then when I look at my deployment manager on console
    I'm having this error…
    " The template is incompatible with Python3. Please fix the following errors: Exception in . . . . . . ."

    I couldn't access wp-admin. wtf is that..

  33. Hi, I liked this way to move website, But if have big size website we can move this way so do you have any other idea how we can move site with other way?

  34. its outdated on the menu side so there is a new way to get to wordpress you have to click marketplace ect and also after I installed the website then wordpress kicked me off and now will not let me log back in but I think that it will eventually start letting me log in

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