How to Upload Video on Pinterest: Create Video Pins & Get TRAFFIC with Pinterest Video Pins in 2020

How to Upload Video on Pinterest: Create Video Pins & Get TRAFFIC with Pinterest Video Pins in 2020

Videos on Pinterest are a growing trend!
As video becomes the main type of content on other platforms like
Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest had to do something to show more videos on their
platform too. And in today’s video I will show you exactly where you can see video
pins on Pinterest if you haven’t noticed them yet. How you can create video pins
that will be efficient on this platform and what are the specifications of the
video pins – their size, aspect ratio, format of the file and just general
recommendations that will make your videos really click-worthy. I will
show you which simple web applications you can use to create video pins without
learning a complicated videography software and I will show you my best
video pins trick about repurposing your existing images and creating videos from
them without actually shooting any videos. And since video pins need to be
optimized for keywords as much as any other pins on Pinterest, I will also tell
you how you can download my Pinterest SEO Checklist. That’s how it looks. And of
course, if you don’t have it yet and I want to tell you just stay with me until
the end of this video because I will tell you where to get this Checklist. If
you have been using Pinterest for a while now, you might have noticed that in
2019 Pinterest started showing a lot more video pins in the SmartFeed and
they’re now generously added to the mix with regular image pins but that’s not
it! You know that Pinterest users are not just scrolling down the feed like on
other social media. They also use Pinterest as a visual search engine and
now, if you make a popular search query on the Pinterest application on your
mobile device it will show you first a block of five or six video pins and only
after that block you will see the regular image pins in the search results.
So you can see that Pinterest is definitely giving a priority
distribution to video pins. Before I dive into all the technical specifications of
video pins, I want to give you several tips that will define your general
strategy with video content on Pinterest. The best place to go first
is the page where Pinterest shares their creative best practices and scroll down
a bit to find their tips about how to create video pins I will give you a link
to this page in the description below this video because it’s official
Pinterest recommendations. But let me give you just the most important tips that I
found on this page and I would like to share with you. So, tip number one is on
grabbing attention of the users in the first couple of second. As always in the
video format it’s very important to hook up the users attention in the first few
seconds of your video. This rule applies to all the platforms because people are
just scrolling down the Feed and you have just a few seconds to
capture their attention before they scroll down. Video pins tip number two is
to keep it short. It’s interesting that for promoted pins Pinterest recommends
pretty short videos between 6 and 15 seconds long. They note that for organic
video pins you can use any video length and I wanted to talk a little bit more
about this because if Pinterest recommends shorter videos to their
advertisers there must be valid reason for this. And for me, it’s
pretty obvious that when your video is too long and gives all the information a
user needs in the video itself, then there is no reason for the user to click
through to your site. So, my best tip is even for organic pins just create
shorter videos which will work for you almost as the image pins, and it will
work as traffic generator primarily. However, if you try to upload a video
shorter than four seconds it’s not going to work because four seconds is the
minimum length of the video Pinterest accepts. The tip number three is add text
overlay to your video pins I always recommend using text overlay on image
pins and the same applies to video pins. Text overlay makes your pins stand out
as context and enhances your message. Tip #4 for video pins
is never rely on audio. Most of the users on Pinterest browse the platform with
the sound off. So, make sure that you use text overlay or captions to explain what
your video is about even without sound. Tip #5 for
video pins is Pinterest SEO. Just like for regular image pins, for video pins
you have to create clear titles, descriptions and hashtags which will
help your videos get discovered in search results. And don’t worry, I didn’t
forget about the checklist I promised if you’re serious about setting your
Pinterest SEO strategy for success make sure you get that checklist below the
video it’s free but I promise it has a ton of value because it includes my
entire SEO process for every pin I create and it helps me drive a ton of
Pinterest traffic to my website and I’m sure it will help you as well.
Now that you know the most important tips in regards to video pins I will
also talk really quickly about the specifications of video files accepted
on Pinterest. I will give you a link to Pinterest official source of this
information that’s the page it’s all about video pins and you will find the
link in the description below this video. So these are the formats of the files
that Pinterest accepts its MP4, .MOV or M4V. Then the length of the video has
to be minimum four seconds like a mentioned, but it can go up to 15 minutes.
Pinterest also accommodates several aspect ratios for videos. The horizontal
aspect ratio is 16:9. These are usually youtube videos. Then
the square aspect ratio 1:1 these are the videos that are typical on
Instagram, sometimes on Facebook too and then the vertical aspect ratios of 9:16, 4:5 and 2:3. so it’s up to you which aspect ratio you
will choose to create your videos I just will warn you that anything horizontal
doesn’t really get traction on Pinterest. So just uploading your videos
from YouTube on Pinterest usually is pretty much useless. These videos will
hardly take off but if you have some square videos 1:1 aspect ratio
from Instagram or from Facebook then you definitely have better chances to
compete on Pinterest with this video because as I mentioned currently
Pinterest shows videos in this exact square format in the top search results
on mobile devices. Vertical images would also work great
since they take more space in the smart feed and they stand out just because
they’re a moving tall pin. You know now all the specifications of the video pins
and it’s time to learn which tools you can use to create video pins. Fortunately,
today we have a wide range of browser applications which allow you to do
similar things with video files as Canva allows you to do with images. I can
actually tell you more. Even Canva itself can be a great tool for video pins.
Currently, you can create animated videos in Canva using your images and then you
can download the files as a video over here. But you have to know that it’s only
available for premium accounts so the premium costs about ten dollars a month
and Canva is billed monthly, so you don’t have to make a big investment upfront
for the entire year. And ten dollars is not that bad if you
look at the prices for the video editing tools. I’ll get back to a little
instruction about video creation in Canva in a few moments but for now I
will mention a couple of tools that allow you to edit actual video files
because in Canva you can only create videos made of images. You can never
upload as an actual video file to Canva. Sorry, I shouldn’t say never, but
currently, Canva doesn’t allow you to upload video files. So the tools which
caught my attention are Animoto, Lumen 5, and If you check the tools
you will see that the cheapest monthly payments range from about six dollars a
month on the very small pack on Animoto to $19 a month for the
smallest pack on Lumen 5. Moreover, the only tool that currently has a
completely free plan as is so if you want to learn how you can edit a
video in on the free plan and create several versions in different
aspect ratios to test what works best for you the square or the vertical video
pins I have a step-by-step guide in my Pinterest SEO traffic Secrets Course
which shows you every little detail of the video editing process in this tool.
You will find the link to the course in the description below this video I have
to warn you though that if you try to use on the free plan it
doesn’t allow you to download the videos nor to upload them on Pinterest directly
so in the video lesson in my course I also share the trick which allows you to
get the video file from platform and to your computer and then
to upload it to Pinterest. Now let’s get back to Canva. So, here I have – let’s count
them – it’s 4 versions of this pin. I will just click download and instead of
PNG or image format I will choose Animation. You can see here from this
Premium icon that is only is available on premium accounts so if you are
looking to try video pins in an in the easiest way without actually creating
any videos and just repurposing your original pins or pin versions.
Anyway, so I will choose here Animation and here you have a couple of settings
that you can choose from. So, you can say for example well you want mp4 format for
sure but now you can choose how your images will show up in the video. You can
choose fade animation you can choose this one you can choose this one you can
choose anything you like. I know that if you just show your images like this the
length of your video will be super short. We know that in the requirements for
video pins Pinterest says that it can be a minimum of four seconds and a maximum of
15 minutes so we don’t want to make videos too long because then people will
just watch your video and never click through to the site. So we want to keep
your video shorter than 15 seconds in this case I just have 4 images and if
four of this images show for a couple of seconds only then well basically I will
have a video of about 8 seconds. So I will select this slow option and let’s
see how long the video is going to turn out. And depending on your browser, there
will be different options where your file will go in this case. I’m on Mozilla
Firefox so the file I can find the file over here if I just click on this icon
and I will see the file called animation And on Pinterest, you have this red plus
button in the top right corner. If you’re on a desktop computer. So you will click
create pin and you will see this window and inside is the window you need to
drag and drop your file. Now all I have to do is just add the correct pin title
description and the destination link. Let me do it. I’ve done my homework I created
a list of hashtags which are relevant to this pin now I just need to copy and
paste the destination link at the bottom it doesn’t show for some reason probably
it will be the same on your desktop computer but the link is here. When
you’re done editing the title the description of the pin and the link you
just need to select the board to which you want to save the pin and when when
you click publish you will unfortunately you will not see this pin immediately
like any other image pin because as you can see here Pinterest is going to
manually review your video pin. They still do this with all the video pins so
it’s not a specific process just apply to your account don’t get worried about
it. they do this for all video pins
and unfortunately, it can also take a couple of days business days and so if
you created your pin on Friday for example then you might probably see
your pin live only a few days later the next week maybe on Monday or Tuesda.y
Again, if you have actual videos to create video pins then Canva currently
is not the tool that will help you because you cannot upload any video
files to Canva. So if you want to learn all about video editing in you
will find a detailed tutorial in my course Pinterest SEO traffic Secrets. You
will find the link below the video. I recently updated the course to add an
entire module with all the information about video pins and my goal is to
always keep the course updated I don’t make it once a year or even once in six
months I update my course at any time where it is needed when there is a new
feature on Pinterest or if the platform has changed some rules or the algorithm.
Once you are in my course, you have access to all the updates forever so you
will never be left behind with all strategies when Pinterest moves to the
next big thing. If this video helped you, all you need to do for sharing it with
your network is just click on that Share button and choose any social media you
use Twitter Facebook Pinterest or any other and to like the video you just
need to do the Thumb up and follow my channel because I specialize on
Pinterest marketing and I share the most current tips about this platform every
Thursday. And you can also click on that Bell button to get notified as soon as
you publish my new videos I will talk by the way about how you can rank high in
Pinterest search results next week so stay tuned and you can learn more my
Pinterest marketing tips if you click here and here and I will see you in the
next videos!

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