HTML Full Course – Build a Website Tutorial

HTML Full Course – Build a Website Tutorial

100 thoughts on “HTML Full Course – Build a Website Tutorial

  1. totally satisfying, full of knowledge. really good presentation. Just To The Point, only the information worth talking, no blah blah blah at all. real good man. really good work.

  2. Man after watching this video I am absolutely convinced it's always wise to look for a mentor before entering new territories

  3. Tomrw I have my practicals and I have finished watching it at 12 AM. Thanks for your help brother, God bless you and your family with good health. Good night.

  4. hey i freind do you qsk me a
    question i want basics i need programing becouse i dont have time i m student university is very diffuclty i ny time

  5. if you know java or some other language html or java script should not be hard but with html it more of tags and remembrance while java it more of if you know the syntax then you sorted. i dont like web programming am more oop. watched in 2hrs and understood everything but it all the same all i see is tags and tags.

  6. I use KOUBIWEB to build websites for my clients, they have affordable prices and great tools to build a website to must anyone. Anyone can do it.

  7. at 1:56:21 , why didn't it show the "sorry" message that you have written just for this case when website is unable to be embedded.

  8. Hi brother, I just started watching the video. I'm using atom text editor and did the basic program that you discussed, but I'm not getting the output when I open in web browser. Can someone help me recognize my fault? I'm using windows 10 OS.
    Thank you 🙂

  9. I really like this vid, it helped my to start writing. The explanation is clear and you give us the feeling of being free to do what we want with it;

  10. Can someone help? On my browser, the autoplay doesn't work, I saved the html file and refreshed the webpage, but I must push the play button. Why is this happening? Thanks.

  11. so imo
    freecodecamp is a disciple of w3schools ?
    thats why ur logo and color very similar xd
    or maybe u guys are the part of w3schools 🙂

  12. WOW, I really needed this: a year ago I tried html in school, just really really basics, got interested and forgot ab that. Now I wanted to "re discover" this field and this is exactly what I nedded to start with the right foot! Thank you very much, never heard someone so clarly explain, gonna dive more into coding!! 🙂

  13. Hello, Great video, I'm 52 from Nepal. I love the way you make people understand , the way of explaining,, keep it up, God bless you.

  14. The most learner friendly HTML tutorial I’ve seen. I finally have my “oh now I get it” moment. Thank you Mike.

  15. I have started to watch this video today and finished it today itself. He covered HTML tags which are regularly used while we are developing a website. I recommend this to beginners only.

  16. bro. dont be telling people html is easy, it makes it harder for us to convince people we are mystical pc whisperers

  17. Hi I just want to ask that if i learn html and CSS 3 and design my own website using atom or any editor , should i pay to make it available on the internet?

  18. I'm self teaching coding. I'm using you and a few others so I just subscribed. But this is the 3rd time I've watched this. I watched your 4 hour SQL in one sitting. I want this more so bad it's a hunger in my gut.

  19. when it was a month I was having nothing. I knew small amounts of python but that's it. I found c++ and made a mini game. a month later my friend made me think about changing so I changed to JavaScript. I then tried using 6 languages and settled with 3 which is CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

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