I REACTED TO [MV] High Tension – JKT48

I REACTED TO [MV] High Tension – JKT48

Tempo rising again here we go! stop stop Hi everyone. I’m Kaan from Turkey. Today I’m gonna react to “JKT48-High Tension”. Okay. Here we go Wtf? look at the dresses lighted dresses woow I like this concepts tempo is so fast, starting so fast woow look at this animation woow incredible it’s like science fiction he we go woow very good animation so good okay where is here? all girls is shine woow woow tempo rising again let’s go dance dancing is so super I like dancing wooow so nice! stop stop this is rap? please go back ten seconds again ten seconds okay again woow begin the rap woow woow I lik ethis concepts woow so fast! come on let’s go dance come on that’s it that’s it woow so science fiction woow it’s finished? ahhh tempo is at speed of light and rap music is so incredible girls so beautiful and talenty woow I like it please check out this SEE YOU LATER THANKS FOR WATCHING. Please subscribe and like

20 thoughts on “I REACTED TO [MV] High Tension – JKT48

  1. I hope you can react to the song from "koisuru Fortune cookie" this song has music that invites everyone to away and the meaning of the lyrics, a girls who falls in love with a boy and asks for help from Fortune cookie predict her future

  2. There are 3 more version of this MV from AKB48 the original, BNK48 of Thailand, and MNL48 of Philippines

  3. Can you react to MNL48 High Tension MV (Manila,Philippines), its a sister group of JKT48. And their mother group is AKB48 from Japan

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