Is CSS and Website Design a Fashion Statement? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

Is CSS and Website Design a Fashion Statement? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

100 thoughts on “Is CSS and Website Design a Fashion Statement? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

  1. Maybe there is some people who have the mission to pull up the world, and other have to make it run. No of them are less important : without the other, no one can live. Maybe "Its just to hard to see for most people". What about it ? 🙂

  2. I am loving the obscure 1995 hackers reference in there. As well as adventure time. And everything else.. You are a very intelligent man..

  3. This totally makes sense. I feel like I express myself through the order I set up my iPad or iPhone apps in. Hmmmm…

  4. "With all due respect John, I am the head of IT and I have it on good authority that if you type "Google" into Google, you can break the Internet. So please, no one try it, even for a joke. [the executives laugh] It's not a laughing matter. You can break the Internet." -Jen

  5. If i was to take a class on code…what would it be code and would this enable me to learn how to because a web designer

  6. I wonder if the term fashion isn't being incorrectly used–maybe a better word would be rhetoric. Fashion may be a kind of rhetoric but so then is architecture and web designs

  7. Coding is one of the few ways to create art while actually doing something that's in demand by the economy, and will always be hired even when the economy stalls. Take that liberal arts major.

  8. I am super impatient with poorly constructed websites. Inconvenience is only half the story. A bad website isn't just a bad website; it's a bad business decision. It means that some business owner had the option of paying a little bit more for a decent website, but instead went cheap, and provided its potential customers with an un-navigable mess. If that's the kind of decisions you're making about basic business functions, can I trust you to ship my product to the right planet.

  9. I think code itself is art too, not only what it produces.
    If you make a C64 demo, which shows some stuff like thousands of white dots forming a 3D object, or just any kind of neat effects that are difficult to do on so limited device, I think it looks better, because the code behind it needs to be better too.
    Even if a low resolution spinning cube, or bright colors morphing to an abstract plasma effect on a computer screen isn't really so so beautiful, it gets more beautiful, when the code does

  10. What do you mean you can't be expressive with a punch card computer? What about the Alchemiter and Cruxtruder

  11. If those fashion "clothes" are so unwearable, why do they design them in the first place?

    -An almost entirle functional clothes wearer

  12. random programming langaouges GO!!

    java,css,php,html,c++,c#,c,freeBASIC,visoul basic,qbasic,ruby,javascript
    objective c,xna,css3,html5,actionscript,lua,python,IOS,justbasic

  13. Lol, I know that 😀
    I sometimes feel a huge need to do something random like that too, especially in school.

  14. as someone who has worked with CSS, html5, java, and action script (so far)
    i can say that UI is everything
    it isn't just form, but also function
    a program or game can have a "functional" UI that is ugly, or a nice looking UI that is a pain, but the nicest UI, and the easiest to use is one that encompasses both
    also, looking at UI isn't just a statement based on look, but if you understand the basis of it, you can understand how the programmer thinks

  15. I wasn't talking about Hypertext or styling.
    I was talking about real computer programming.
    Really creating what you want to have in the screen as a computer program, instead of just designing and putting together a webpage.

  16. You just had to sing… now it will be stuck in my head even though I never actually heard any of his "songs", THANK YOU VERY MUCH!, and in case you didn't notice: SARCASM, otherwise great channel and videos…

  17. Six hundred years ago, people won't have a clue who Justin Bieber is, anymore than people now have a clue who Karl von Burgstaller is.

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  20. Нихрена не понял что он говорит, но видео всёравно, весёлое )

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  22. i LOVE this channel. i found it early this morning, 7 am and i have already watched every one of there videos to this point, its noon now

  23. This reminds me of the imperfect distinction between art and design. It seems clear to me that most things that are defined as functional are in some way artistc, Unless every single decision in the making of the output is absolutely necessary, it is probably artistic. Do a quick search for "Design is not art" to find something infuriating.

  24. Anyways, CSS like you said are like the website's clothes. But they'd have to be non-movable or crazyily interactive clothes; that's what we use Javascript and jQuery for.

  25. Very late, but I think there is a difference in "Code" as art and "Site Design" as art, similar to how fashion design is different from working in a textile mill.
    I've often heard the "Code as Art" argument refering to how reading the lines of code can instill a sense of beauty, and I liken that conversation more to the "craft vs art" episode that happened earlier. Is there beauty in a bedsheet with a really high thread-count? What you do with the code however, can be art. The code is a medium, like paint, or stained glass, or a camera, that exists to convey an image that the creator wants to convey. This leads us right into the "What is art?" conversation, to which I say if you have to ask,  then It's art. Then the question is "is it good art?" 

  26. I just discover this channel, so excuse me to participate lately to this conversation (by the way you published awesome content).
    There are to many things to say about CSS and fashion web sites. The first thing that came to my mind is to consider the CSS code as a tool (exactly like pencils for artists). CSS allow web site developper (and especially designer) to change the look of their web site, allowing users to feel new emotions in front of the page. The coder is limited in his own action by the capacity of the tool and his own skills in manipulated it. Then, it seems normal to me to compare it to art. But there is another idea tightly related to art and design, it is the ergonomy. And for me again designs of pages are compromise between artistic (or at least esthetic) and ergonomic decisions.
    You also say that "code is art" as a fact but it is not an idea shared by every one. I personnally agree. I already felt lots of different emotions in front of codes written by other people (the range of emotion can go from the terror, especially if I have to modify it, to admiration). In programming, there is always several ways to do something, some decision will be more adapted, some will be temporary. And I heard a lot the idea of "elegant solution".
    Art in general is a really personnal experience, in front of a painting some people will feel emotions from the final result (the image), some from the subject developped and others from the paint stroke and the technic developped by the artist to realize the painting. If you look at the web site as the whole work of art, then coding can be seen as the equivalent of painting with a brush.
    Again, great videos !
    (sorry for my poor english, it is not my mother tongue)

  27. 3:37 "The fact that we can pair CSS with dynamic protocols such as PHP, HTML5, or javascript…"
    Is HTML5 actually a dynamic protocol in some way? The "or" implies that it's dynamic all by itself without the help of javascript or PHP…

  28. 100,010 views… Odd, beautiful looking number. I had to look it up in binary. I guess it represents double quote marks (") or the number 34. Interesting.

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  31. so does that mean that our personal fashion tastes and how we choose to dress ourselves can be seen as a sort of UI for other people who may choose to interact with us? would that make those actual interactions and the other person's perception of us our UX?

    my brain is broken.

  32. Ok, I know this is old, but I couldn't help commenting. I work as a web developer and web designer (if you don't know the difference, basically developers work with code, designers do not). Being able to see both sides of the product is what got me a job and what gives me an advantage over other freelance web devs.
    I LOVE that you just unconditionally say that code is art, because it is. Especially for me code is absolutely a method of expression.
    I think the comparison between fashion and css makes a lot of sense as well.
    However, creating a good UI design requires that you make it functional first, which is wildly different from how clothing fashion is designed. If all fashion was required to be comfortable before it was "artistic" I would say the two would be comparable, but that far from the truth. UI design is more of a "take this thing that works and without functionally changing it, make it look good" where as fashion is "just make something interesting and who cares if it works as actual clothing".
    Sorry for the long post, I unfortunately have no potatoes to give here, please forgive me.

  33. No offense, but it is kind of corny trending with that humor style everyone uses. It isn't even funny anymore. Just give us the information!! We are just information processors!

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