62 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston on Jimmy Kimmel Hosting the Oscars

  1. YES!!!! He nailed it again at this year's Emmys and knows all Hollywood people and the format they want! He's gonna crush it!❤️

  2. You get the Oscar host job by working for the channel that has the rights for them. ABC has the rights and it's not like they were gonna ask CBS' Stephen Colbert to host.

  3. Has to be the hosting job, where you are most likely to be criticised, so you might as well just go for it and be as outrageous as possible.

  4. lol it seems like Ryan wants the part more than Jen and its funnier to me because it seems like Jimmys doing the Interviewing!!!! Rofl
    the day is mine!!!

  5. She's so damn fake. She's a mediocre actress who only has fame and money because of her parents and bland homely white girls everywhere who idolize her.

  6. Just stick to movies, you clowns. Lowest ratings in past 9 yrs , I wonder why?
    Never before have so many uninformed people been given such a high pulpit to spout their unfounded views.

  7. My dad met Jennifer Aniston back in 2006 while he is working at the Mandarin hotel. He told me she was a very nice lady. She would often call him at 5:00 am in the morning to get her some coffee while calling him "sweetie". I would love to meet her if I ever get a chance to work with her if I become a filmmaker.

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