100 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmys 2016 Monologue

  1. Jimmy was a much funnier and tactful host than Colbert. Colbert has become a huge let down. way too obsessed with hollywood's 'we can still get Hil in the Oval" campaign.

  2. Dear ISIS,Looking for a place to plot your next major suicide bomb attack? Plant the H-Bomb smack dab in the center of this liberal looney bin of snakes.

  3. By only watching this video, in many videos that i have seeing from kimmel, actually i did not like this one. She goes if she wants to go…. no one is obligate to do something that dont wanna do unless if you are divorced and have to pay for pension…. so as i was saying… she is a free human been! if she gets Emmys or not is because she is talented, not because she is polite…

  4. It's kind of haunting seeing some of the actors that have since been taken down by the MeToo movement. Kevin Spacey, Jeffrey Tambor, Aziz Ansari

  5. , Jimmy Kimmel is a hateful piece of garbage he doesn't deserve to be on TV he deserves to be in a cage I have a friend of mine in Hollywood he talks about the president and the First Lady and the president's daughter those are jokes well I got news for him he better clean up his own closet my friend who I ain't going to mention any name call me his wife Jimmy Kimmel's wife is a big hello in Hollywood put that in your pipe and smoke it Jimmy how do you like it you go home to a wife who's a hoe and you know it what is she paying you to sleep with her you're a joke maybe you stop your nonsense now I have a lot more but I'm going to keep it for another time maybe if you change your ways I won't release the real damaging stuff so have a nice day my friend and tell your wife I said hello


  7. Who else is watching this in 2016? It will be so funny if Trump actually wins! Throw Mark Burnett over the wall – lol. Too bad that won't happen.

  8. Wow -lambasting Mark Burnett for Trump: then "the tribe has spoken" over a cut-away of Kevin Spacey; surely someone could fancy that up as a conspiracy…… I vant the truth!!!

  9. Search on youtube for Jimmy in bl k pha se. (spell it correctly unlike me). Be prepared to be horrified by the extreme racism of the skit. He should be can selled. But he isn't because the media and Hollywood has a double standard– The want to use the "got cha" stuff for anyone who is not a far left Democrat. Because Jimmy is wo ke, he has not yet been cancelled. Please watch the clip and then comment and let me know your level of shock.

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