Kevin Hart backs out of hosting the Oscars

Kevin Hart backs out of hosting the Oscars

92 thoughts on “Kevin Hart backs out of hosting the Oscars

  1. I said this before gonna say it again… LGTB society are mobs!
    I am not a famous person that you can blackmail into an apology.
    I do not care, it is the truth!

  2. The pc left belives everyone is a winner so why not give everyone an oscar and have them pick it up at the door and leave. Shows over.

  3. Eddie Murphy and Chris tucker are EFFORTLESSLY funny. True comedic geniuses really. Kevin Hart tries too hard never found him funny or could get into his routines. That being said he should keep his mouth shut I think what is worse than ones sexual preferences is cheating on ones wife when she's pregnant with his child. 🤔

  4. Gays have rights, and their rights should never be infringed upon! With that said, ISN'T IT FOR THEM THAT THERE WILL BE NO GAYS IN HEAVEN? 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 – Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the Kingdom of God!  ……… (So be kind to them, for this world is all they have!)

  5. Beloved?…

    Never heard of him. They wanted him because he's BLACK, and would stick it to Trump.

    The left will NEVER learn.

  6. People have lost their sense of humor and what used to be funny, is now looked as a hate crime. God help us find our sense of humor!!!

  7. Humor is dead till you become the target of that humor…
    Example: it was all fun and games till Michelle Wolfe got the mic…Fox lost its mind.

  8. Poor Kevin didn’t get to do the anti Trump routine that ABC had already written for him. I’m sure they will find a new kimmel like puppet to replace him. Never apologize!

  9. Kevin Hart’s quote is sincere and honest “You Live You Learn You Grow You Mature.” When you think about it; this is Kevin Hart’s defining moment of apology. He would have been a great Oscar’s Host. The Bible Psalm 139:23 says “Search me O God and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts.”

  10. LOL. Liberals always turning on their own. I love it. I warned liberals years ago, that Liberals would ruin the world.

  11. Christ people they are jokes! Being offended is not a virtue or an argument. A comedian should never apologize for a joke. Grow up snowflakes

  12. See that Kevin Hart
     you wore the dress for nothing
    you did all that self demoralizing
     and them bitches still turned on you
     well you did the right thing by not apologizing
    but you should just be able to say
    "but I war a dress"
     and clear this whole thing up

  13. I hate this. Say what you feel is necessary. But don’t try to censor people’s personal opinion. I do not support homosexuality. Do you hate me for that now?? Am I not welcome at your event now? Give me a break… 🤨

  14. They think what he said is bad for something said in his stand-up from the past, where is the outrage over what Eddie Murphy use to make a regular part of his stand-up routine 30+ years ago? Just for a little perspective in case some don’t know but Kevin’s jokes don’t hold a candle to what Eddie joked about. This is so far out of control now it is sad. Freedom of speech now only applies to those small groups and to those who agree with their points of view, which is NOT what freedom of speech was meant to be.

  15. I wish he wouldn't have apologized, it was a joke from 2009. Its Comedy….
    I hope they get Ricky Gervais to RIP the PC ACADEMY a new asshole.

  16. I'm around a lot of gays and the show was hilarious and he shouldn't have to apologize for that….it makes me sick….so i guess comedians cant make jokes anymore… with kev !!!

  17. Thank you comedy for all you did for use. For the laughter, the tears, & the warm feeling in are heats. May you RIP. Would anybody like to give a comment before we bury the deceased.

  18. Hell yeah. My son will get put on check. Why because is wrong is 1 against our CREATOR ALL MIGHTY GOD. 2 is against NATURE. BUT I’M NOT JUDGING THERE IS ONLY ONE. AND THAT ONE SAID IS WRONG. SO PLEASE PEOPLE REPENT AND TURN FROM THAY ABOMINATION

  19. Didn't the Academy Awards award Roman Polanski in 2011. Yet, that's less offensive than words from Kevin. Roman slept with a 13 year old girl and was convicted, but that's somehow less offensive than a joke some find to be homophobic. The hypocrisy is crazy.

  20. Stop allowing social pressures to make you apologize!

    Be a man and stand up for what you believe in, and if those people are offended? SO, that just shows how fragile they are.

  21. The revolution always eats itself. Not that the movement of feelings,safespaces and chopping off your manhood is an actual movement

  22. cool for us to talk about black people and the way we live but not gays….smmfh. something don't seem right

  23. This is what u get from liberals and sjw and dems, all playing this political correctness game sorry this is not going anything further we need to put a end to this guys

  24. Lets replace him with Harvey Weinstein & Rose McGowen as cohost! Oscars just a big bunch of transgenders & queers running it and hollywood!

  25. Melissa Milano & Judge Kavanaugh? Pimp Robert Deniro & a bunch of his prostitutes? Meryl Streep & President Trump? Barack Obama & allah.

  26. Good for kevin…do not give them the chance to drag you…..the Oscars is so full of it anyway…keep doing what you are doing…..

  27. I have so much respect for Kevin Hart for not backing down to the PC lunatics and standing his ground. High five. He's his own man.

  28. American's are the most easily offended fucks in the world. But who knows, maybe the russian twitter bots are blowing it up via proxy.

  29. Come into Agreement w/me or send any Blessing…storms come, but storms MUST GO…StMatthew 18:19-20…Psalm 5:12…Jer 33:3
    I receive this email…Good Morning, Tammie
    Per your lease agreement, Ray White files for eviction if payment is not received, in full, by the 10th of the month. As we have extended the courtesy of payment arrangement passed this date several times with no adherence, we are not willing to extend until Friday. Eviction will commence and $270.00 will be added to your account. You can clear your balance, in full, any time between now and your scheduled hearing, once set by the court. It is in your best interest to make every attempt to clear your balance before court. (678) 913 8865

  30. When humor is vacated, shills with Patreons will try to turn it into a platform for Fascism. Free thought is pushed out, so that Socialist politics can take its place. The Progressives still coddle Louis CK. You can talk about some and you can’t talk about others.

  31. I mean, you got people being displaced by foreigners armed with cash, from California to Vancouver, you’ve got people dying from Fentanyl, you have human trafficking (and women cosplay and bend over backwards to understand foreigners who literally cannot be held accountable even after sexual assault), we were literally negotiating over the basis of nuclear warfare, and STILL blacks get singled out.


    Hold the academy and Hollywood and the left accountable for their pettiness and transparent double standard. The bias is so blatant, everyone is starting to wonder.

    I do not care for their version of the world. It’s like Stalinism. (socialism)…

  32. Give these two legends a chance to host the Oscar's.
    Edward James Almos and Erik Estrada together or one of them alone. I believe they would do a great job

  33. Hart got what he deserved for being a leftist puppet. On another note, Why are we playing by the rules of the minority (gays)? We, the majority, need to get rid of them because we have had it with their PC lifestyle. They need to be snuffed out!

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