Layer SEO on AdWords for More Traffic

Layer SEO on AdWords for More Traffic

Hello this is John Locke for Lockedown
Design, and today I want to talk with you about why SEO is the perfect complement
to your existing AdWords strategy. Something that I see a lot doing SEO for
industrial and manufacturing companies is a lot of you are already spending
money on Adwords. For those who don’t know what that is, that’s basically the
ads at the top of Google search results. What I’ve found from a lot of you is you
say that you’re getting all the results you need from AdWords alone — which is
great! But for those of you who want to grow your business more — either you
want to get more clients that need their products manufactured, or you’re selling
industrial products to other businesses, and you want to do more of that —
I’d highly encourage you to invest some of your marketing budget into SEO,
and here’s why. As long as the internet has been around, there’s been this phenomenon
called banner blindness. This phenomenon was recorded as far back as 1998. They
did eye tracking studies with people in the late 1990s, and found even back then
that people were ignoring banner ads. They found that users eyes were basically just
trying to go directly to the content of the page that they came there to find. So
why is this relevant? Search engines like Google or Bing or Yahoo, they
generally sell ads that are up near the top and at the very bottom, and sometimes off
to the right-hand side of the page. This is how they really make their
income. The problem is is that only 30% of people actually click on the ads.
There’s a lot of people that will deliberately seek out what we call the
“organic search results” which are the unpaid results — just the normal results, minus all
the ads. So what does this tell us? You can get 30% of the people who are coming
to a search results page on average, if you’re using something like Adwords or
Bing Ads alone. But if you want to get the full potential of customers coming
to your site, sending in requests for quotes, purchasing your industrial
products, or hiring you to do manufacturing for them — what you’re
going to want to do is show up in the search results — the natural
search results. And to do that, you must do some SEO on your site.
SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. Essentially, this means
taking your site, and taking the pages on your site, and then making those pages as
appealing as possible to search engines, and most importantly, also to your customers. Also, looking at the external factors such as your backlink profile, your
outside marketing, how big of a brand you’ve built for yourself, etc.
So all those factors that go in to where Google ranks pages when people type in
something that they’re looking for. I want to just close this out by saying, a
couple years ago, I wrote an article on my own website, titled “AdWords shouldn’t
be your long-term strategy”. I still believe that to this day. But if you want
to be as aggressive as possible in the way that your marketing on the search
engine pages, then I would recommend doing both SEO and Adwords or Bing Ads.
One last thing to keep in mind — if you are going to do AdWords, be sure to set
your bidding to where you’re the top result on the page. It will not do you much good to be the last result on the bottom of page one. You can change
the settings in AdWords to make sure that you’re bidding at the very top. If
you go in the old version of AdWords, you can set your default bidding on each
campaign to where you will outbid anybody else bidding on that
particular search term. Like I said, if you are doing AdWords at all, that’s
the way to go. Because most people still click at the top of the page,
on the very first result, and then the second [place they click] would be off to the side,
and the very last would be the paid results at the very
bottom of the page. Let me know in the comments below, “Does this make sense?” If
you’re getting all the business you need from AdWords, how much could you add on
top [by using SEO]? How much more business could you do by investing in SEO? If you’re already
investing in organic SEO, how much does it make sense to throw
a few bucks on AdWords each month to get some additional business? My name is John Locke.
My business is Lockedown Design. We do SEO for industrial and manufacturing

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  1. If you are already spending money on AdWords, you are renting traffic. By investing in SEO, you can get more share of the search results page. I recommend using both, because many people try to avoid clicking on ads. Have a SEO question? Leave it in the comments below, and we'll answer it in a future video. Peace.

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