Make $100 per day Hosting Online Events WITHOUT having to show up yourself!

Make $100 per day Hosting Online Events WITHOUT having to show up yourself!

Okay. So, this method is crazy. And I
am so excited to bring you this way to make money. And again, as always, number
1 make-money channel on YouTube. Guys, comment below if you know it. This is the
number one money channel on YouTube. We were working together. The more money
you make, the more money I make. I’m going to be showing you a site. 200 million people
use this site to attend events every single year. It’s probably more
this year. 200 million people are attending events both online and
live events. But I’m going to show you how to make money hosting events. And here’s
the catch: You don’t actually ever have to host an event. You’re going to let me
hold the event for you so you can make money. And in fact, you can do this all
online. Now, folks. This is completely unsaturated. Nobody’s doing this. This is
going to take over so the faster you put this into action, the more money you’ll
make. As soon as you see this video, start going at this immediately. Let’s get it. Okay, folks. So, the site that we’re going to
be talking about here is called Eventbrite, okay? So, check this out. Event
right. Let me zoom in on that for you in case you can’t see it.
According to online sources, I’ll have my editors maybe throw something in. But 200
million people attended events through Eventbrite last year. I’ve attended event.
I attend events every year through a Evenbrite. So, you also have a very… If
you’re from another country, probably haven’t heard of it because it is
very big in America and Europe. So, you have a very rich moneyed audience using
Eventbrite. So, you have access to a lot of people who have a lot of money. That’s
just what it is. And the people attending these events oftentimes therefore, you
know, business or fun people have extra money to spend on events just have extra
money to buy products from you. So, you see a lot of
people are… There’s a lot of events related to music and whatnot. But we’re
going to be focused on business events. Now, what you’ll want to do is you’ll want to
sign up for Eventbrite. Everything you’re going to see here by the way is completely
free. Everything you’re going to see here requires no work on your part. You don’t
have to fulfill anything or support any customers.
Everything you see here you can do from any country in the world.
Everything you see here you can do no matter what age you are.
Everything you see here will not require a website. Everything you see here will
not require you to purchase any products or software or anything. All this is is a
method for you to arbitrage the traffic that is already happening on And use it to make you money. You can
sell my product and we both make money. But you can use this method for a number
of products. I’m going to give you a couple affiliate networks where you can get
products to get from. But I’m going to be using my affiliate program as an example.
So first, you’ll want to sign up for an eventbrite. And it’s free. And then you
will go here to where it says “Create an event”, okay? Right there. Now, the magic of
this method is very great because… And you’re gonna get a special bonus at the
end of this training. I’m going to show you exactly where to get this file at the
end of the training. So, the file includes all of my free traffic methods and this
file is updated frequently. So, all of my free traffic methods, you can go right
here. I will have a link to my other free
traffic methods somewhere in the cards or something here. But we’ll want to
click on Eventbrite right there to get these templates. And you see we have all
of the information you need .”Set up an event right here”. So, first it says type
and we’re going to go after business and professional sales and marketing. So,
first, we need the event title. So, we’re going to call it online training. How to
earn a six-figure side income online. We’ll copy that and we will paste it
into here. Paste. Now, we say type. We’re going to select seminar or talk. And
category, we’re going to select business and professional right there. Now, what you
need to do is just follow along the step. Okay? Follow along the steps. And the
subcategory, we’re going to do… You could select a couple different subcategories.
Some might work better than others. Again, I haven’t tested everything. But you want
you might want to try things out. Throw up multiple events. Again, these are
templates you can do. But the my best students who make the most money modify
and test things and use different links to test if one category works better
than the other. So, my best students are out there trying out new things. But
we’re gonna select sales and marketing. That just makes the most sense to me.
Keep in mind though you can do this for really any niche. If you want to talk
about family and education, you could target here and you could say, “Online training: How to earn extra money as a mom.” Target another thing. You
could say, “Musicians: How to earn extra money as a musician.” You could go after
another category. You could say, “How to earn extra money online as a teacher.” So,
whatever it is, cater it to different professions. Okay, I’m showing a very
generalized way. But if you cater your copy and say this is a free training on
how you can earn extra money as a construction worker, as a nurse, etc.
That’ll be wicked effective. Keep in mind if you see a lot of people in your…
Already posting in your category. There’s 200 million people out there try another
category. Okay, add some keywords to your events. So, we’re going to look right here.
And keyword ideas. I have some keyword ideas right there. So, I’m just going to add
some keywords “entreprenuer”. Then I’m going to add my next keyword which is
marketing. And I’ll add John Crestani. I’m not going to add all the keywords. Now, the
organizer, we could say this event is hosted by “John Crestani: a self-made
internet multi-millionaire” Or whatever fits. And we’ll do venue. What we wanted
to select for a venue? Now, this is very important is online event, okay? So, you
select that right there and we’re… Because we’re not actually holding a
real event, right? So, let’s do that. And we’re going to do date and time. Select
whatever date and time makes the most sense for what you’re doing. We can just
say, you know… So select whatever date makes sense. Or set up multiple events
and have them occur every hour. However you want to do this, go for it. Then we’ll
just select “save and continue”. Any time works really. Now, we have to do a couple
of things. We have to do a summary and we have to do a description, okay? And we have to do
a image. Now, for the image, I just did a Google search for “Make money at home.” And
I found this image which I think looks pretty good. So, I’m just going to use
this image. So, you could try other things. You could try and test a little more
aggressive image. Sort of like this image right here which is “Make money online:
Free training.” Okay? Which is a little more straightforward and to the point.
And then our summary, we’re going to actually get from here. So, we have
summary text example. And I’m just going to copy and paste this into here. Again, my
best students modify these scripts, okay? My best students go out and modify these
scripts. And I suggest that you do as well. How you modify them? I don’t know.
Look at the market. Write what you think works or test it. Use my script to then
use something else you find on the internet. Use whatever you think is the
best at selling the product. Here, we’ll need a link, okay? So, the training is
hosted by John Crestani. Now, the product we’re going to sell will make us up to $500 from one sale. So, you’ll make $500 from one sale.
And the affiliate programs that I recommend you join. The links are in the
description. So, the links are… There “Super affiliate network”. “Super affiliate
network” which is a great program to sign up for. You can make up to $5,400 per sale. And let me just write that out for you in case you
didn’t believe me. $5,400 from a single customer
is what you can make from the super affiliate network. So, it’s a high ticket
program. They’ve low ticket entry points. You can make a lot of money with this.
There are people earning millions of dollars a year with this program. Another
great program is 6 Figure Mentors. The link is also in the description. This is
a great affiliate network. They also include a large training component
showing you how to get started in affiliate marketing if you need more
training. And click funnels. And click funnels is great because they pay you
recurring revenue and they give you $40 a month for each customer. And they will
also literally buy your car for you. The program we will be using today though in
my example is actually my own training program which is on Clickbank. So, you’ll
want to sign up for Clickbank. You know, create an account or login right there
if you haven’t already. And then go to the affiliate marketplace right
there. And we’re going to sign up. We’re going to go down to these categories. You
see these categories right there. And we’re going to click on e business and
emarketing, okay? So, we’re clicking on that. And my product will be one of the
top products. So, you’ll see, the second product here is super affiliate system
right here. And you get paid a cool $500 when you make a sale of
this program. So, what you need to do is you need to get your affiliate tracking
link. If you don’t understand what affiliate links are, how tracking works;
look it up on their help desk. I’m not going to go too deep into that right now. I
want to just show you how to make money, cool? Agreed. By the way, if you’re getting
excited about this type in “Event money”, okay?
Type in event money down in the comments below. I wish I could help let you
understand how unsaturated and how well this method will work. This is… Nobody’s
doing this. So, we’re going to click promote. Then whatever your account nickname is,
you’re going to enter it in there. And I will just write event 1, okay? And event
B-1. We’re going to click generate hop links. Generate copy. So, we copy this here.
And then we’re going to go over to bitly and we’re going to shorten the links, okay?
And I’m going to shorten my link and copy it. I just pasted both links into a
notepad. So that I have a quick reference for them. So, you see here’s my Clickbank
link. And here’s my prettier short link, okay? If we type in the link in our
browser, we go to a free training signup page. That’s where you’ll get people to
go to. And what this training is is essentially it is a presentation about
helping people understand my 6-week course and how it helps them get started
in affiliate marketing. And helping people hear about this. And if they want
to join, they can pay $1,000 and you get 500, I get 500. And the customer gets a training course on how to be an affiliate
marketer. Step-by-step with homework and accountability and software. I’m
not here to sell you my training course. I’m here to like get you to put
links out and make us money, okay? So, I’m not going to go into that. It’s great but
I’m not going to go into selling it. So, we have our link. And we go back to
Eventbrite. By the way, let me know in the comments below if… Am I going too fast
through these video? Am I going too slow? Is this… You know, am
I going… Do I need to explain more stuff? I’m trying to pack a lot of
stuff into about 15 minutes. So, I really want to make sure. Let me know in
the comments. “Too fast. Too slow”? Because I could skip over whole sections here. I
could just grab the links and like not highlight anything. Or I could just
really spend a lot of time… I could not show stuff and I could just
like explain concepts more. Let me know if it’s too fast or too slow in the
comments. I’d love to hear from you. I need your feedback. This is a
conversation again. We’re working together. We’re working together. We’re
trying to make money together. I want to help you and I need your feedback. So,
looking forward to seeing what you say. “Okay. So, I’m copying my link and I’m
bringing it right here, okay?” There we go. We click Save and continue.
Let’s move onwards. So, create your first ticket. So, the way we’re going to do this is
we’re just gonna select free. So, we select free. It’s a free ticket. Quantity,
let’s just do a thousand. Advanced Settings. You know, “This will save you a
seat on the webinar.” So, there we go. And we will click publish. Okay, boom! Okay.
So, we got it up and we have our event link. And what’s great about this is you
can actually promote this link through Facebook really easily. So, this is a
great way. Eventbrite links will work on Facebook. Just go crazy. And you can check
out my video on how to make money on Facebook. You know how to make a
hundred dollars a day on Facebook I’ll have my editors link to it somewhere.
This is a great way to make money on Facebook. Sharing these events. Because
Facebook doesn’t like a lot of links. They’ve been banning a lot of affiliate
links. But Eventbrite links, they won’t do anything about it. So, share the heck out of
this in Facebook groups and messages and what-have-you. I won’t go too deep into
that. But it’s great. There’s so many ways you can do marketing here. That’s it,
okay? One more thing here before we end is we want to have an order right here
under tickets. Order confirmation. C order options. Order confirmations. We want to
enter in some text here. And we want to enter in. So that if people
get a ticket they know where to go with our links. So, we got that and we just
replaced link with link. And then we just save settings right there.
Voila! That’s it. Thank you so much for watching. Go out and take action if you
are committed to taking action, people. Go out and get this money. This works so
well. Because the reason is people are signing up for an online event. You’re
sending them to an online event. They’re looking for a business thing. They’re
going to a business thing. You’re targeting people who have a lot of money
because they’re using Eventbrite. You’re offering them a product to help them
make more money, right? They can afford it and they have credit cards. There’s so
many layers that this works on. Nobody’s doing this. This is completely
unsaturated. You have 200 million people. You are being given an opportunity to
take back control of your life. Are you going to take it?

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