Matt Bell Started a Country Club for Gearheads

(intense country rock music) – My dad was a very hardworking guy, and he worked for the
same company for 37 years and then two years after
he retired he passed away. That kind of showed me like, life is short and if you don’t do what
your passionate about things can get past you. My name is Matt Bell and I’m
the founder of The Shop clubs. The first memory I have of cars is playing with my little matchbox
cars when I was a kid and watching TV shows about
cars, like Dukes of Hazard and Knight Rider and The Fall Guy. So I was actually working
on a car in my garage as a hobby in my spare
time and I just thought it would be really neat if
there was a place I could go to where they had lifts and tools and maybe people to teach me how to do what I was
doing cause I had no idea. And a place that I could share. That was the day I came up
with the idea of The Shop. (intense country rock music) We call this place the
country club for gear heads. You can park you cars here,
you can work on your cars. We have a driving simulator machine. we have a cigar lounge,
we have conference rooms, we have work space, we
have a bar and a restaurant that’s open to the public. And you really never know
what you’re gonna get here. And actually that’s kind of
the excitement of the place, is that it’s different every day. People they walk in the front door and their eyes kind of light up. And then the next question
is, are these your cars? Which I would love to say yes to, but unfortunately there’s no
way these are all my cars. My background is probably not traditional for getting into this business. I come from the background of software. You don’t get to see that
first hand reaction of people when they’re using the stuff that I’ve worked with up in the past. In here it’s very visceral
and people are involved or are part of the shop because
they’re really passionate about the subject matter. There are a lot of car
related businesses out there that are only for a certain market, real high end, real expensive. The one thing that I’m really proud of and that I really love about this place is that you’ll see a Bentley
parked next to Volkswagen. This is a place that welcomes everyone and people can gather. (intense country rock music) We want to continue to
build the community here and not just in one city
but in multiple cities so that we can have a bigger network. You know, you pour everything into this and failure isn’t an
option, so then you succeed. (intense country rock music)

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