MineTrek 2 – A Star Trek Minecraft Server

MineTrek 2 – A Star Trek Minecraft Server

Hi there, everybody! This is Halkun and I’m
gonna demonstrate to you how I really don’t play Minecraft like other people. Now this
is a one to one scale model of the starship Enterprise.

100 thoughts on “MineTrek 2 – A Star Trek Minecraft Server

  1. hey what mod did you use to change the maximum height in the game? Also you said you used optifine and increasing available memory that minecraft can use to render more, how do you do that?

  2. There is no mod being used to change height. Also, most any launcher will allow you to increase available memory such as Digiex and Magic launchers.

  3. Don't see any art form as a waste of time. But each their own I guess?

    Though I would like to point out that I do know another language and do, in fact have a girlfriend 😉
    Also have a job and my on place.

  4. Wow! They're awesome! I especially like the Miranda class and the Akira class. Also pleasantly surprised to see the Akyazi class in there too! But, they're all very nice.

  5. i really want this map but i just figure out how to get it, is there a map seed? or is it just download? i downloaded the digiex minecraft launcher but now what?? some please help haha

  6. Hey, I'm sorry, but the map is no longer offered as a download due to a lot of people trying to claim it as their own. But you can always visit the server whenever you want to view it!

  7. Not at all! You do have to register in order to become a builder. But you can visit all of our builds with no other steps but connecting to the server.

  8. Unfortunately no. The world size and many of the features needed to make the server work are not available on the 360 version.

  9. I got banned. I was advertising and someone on the IRC told me to stop so I did, I never did it again and I only logged in one time afterwards to check out a ship on the texture pack and now Im banned and I didnt even say anything. Im really sorry and I just want to be able to play again :/

  10. O wow, that's so awesome, im a big Star Trek fan, can I please join the server? I have a plan to build the deep space nine, full scale, I have don't it on my computer, it's so awesome, but the one I want to do is even better, who ever the server owner is, please msg me, comment on my comment or something, just please let's get in touch,

  11. I remember when I helped on the classic server. in spring 2011 I think it was. Right around Easter. My name was like dylan9000.. or something. I don't remember why I ever quit..

  12. Is there an updated IP? I haven't been on this server for about a year (since the other EntD nacelle was a giant Duracell battery). Just PM it to me if you can

  13. Just top of the notch, amazing! These ships are all amazing! I nearly crapped myself when I saw the Sovereign class and the Galaxy class!

  14. Is there a prometheus class? I'd love to work on/organise that.. We should call it USS Cerberus; after the three headed dog of Roman and Greek mythology, because multi-vector assault mode splits the ship into 3 modules.
    I have built a defiant class. About as good as the one in this video, except the interior was kind of cramped and didn't look good. I am also building a Nova class now. So I can make ships as good as these. Really wanna join this server.

  15. hello, I am a trekker Italian who would like to join the server, unfortunately I place just for minecraft 1.5.2, I would like to know which version is the server to see if I can get in 
    P.S. my nickname is admiral paolox in case you want to do the inspection (I've already tried to go once but I did not succeed)

  16. my godness, i have some questions

    1) is there a decent resource pack (textures) for star trek on 1.7.10 already? if so whitch one
    2)do you have tutorial videos of each ship or something like schmatics ? i really want to make my first one… want to start with a smaller one like the miranda, a light cruiser

  17. This is awesome, I love it, what format is it, PC, Xbox or play station.
    Would love to help out.
    I only got x box though.
    Great work on it though 🙂

  18. As a trekie myself I salute you. Never got into Minecraft myself since I would not have the patients to do this but very impressive.

  19. I'm curious to know, has Halkun's Enterprise-D finally been completed yet or is that still a work in progress even to this day?

  20. Hi Ive been going on your server for a while now visiting the different builds and I am really interested in becoming a cadet. When do you think you will have a link ready for the cadet application?

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