Odoo.sh Cloud Hosting for Custom Deployment & Server Management

Odoo.sh Cloud Hosting for Custom Deployment & Server Management

Meet Odoo.sh, the Odoo cloud platform! Here, deploying a new platform is simple! Just connect your GitHub account and
select your project and hosting location. Odoo.sh connects to GitHub in real time. You can clone the project to work locally… Fork a branch to develop new features… Merge a feature… or install a community module
all in one centralized location! Every branch appears on the left and all commits are tested
automatically by the platform. These thousands of automated tests are
performed instantly on every commit to save you time and get started faster. You can even watch or filter the logs in real time… Easily install community
modules… And connect in one click
when you want to test manually. Developers can automate their whole process
through the GitHub integration. Once a new feature is ready,
deploy it to a staging server. The staging server will then run the new feature
on the updated production data. Odoo.sh handles all the magic for you like deactivating emails while still allowing
you to read them in the email catcher. After the staging branch is tested
you can instantly deploy it in production. Let’s see how Odoo.sh automates
your complete workflow! Every feature pushed
by a developer is automatically tested. In just a click you deploy a staging
server to test the new feature on the production data. Finally, once you deploy into production,
the platform ensures scalability and reliability. Database replication, e-mail, DNS, backups,
and monitoring: everything is managed by Odoo.sh. And the builds page monitors all your commits
and pulls requests all in one place. Start your Odoo project now on Odoo.sh
your all-in-one development platform!

6 thoughts on “Odoo.sh Cloud Hosting for Custom Deployment & Server Management

  1. There is no integration to bitbucket, which is the second most popular open source repository (and the most popular for online private repository)

  2. Does Odoo integrate with a social network as we are creating a community network and would like to offer our members dedicated service similar to these.

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