40 thoughts on “One Tool To Make Your Website a Sales and Marketing Machine

  1. Marketing is the most important thing, then with the leads you can convert and make sales ! I say this often on my YouTube channel πŸ‘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  2. I don't know if neil will see this comment. But i will ask him can i be an expert on seo what is the process and how much tkae this i started learnig since one month now.
    Thanks neil for sharing tips.

  3. Thanks Neil for sharing this tool with us. I’ve never heard of this platform before. I’ll reaching out to them after this video. πŸ˜‰

  4. Sir I Have Uploader Favicon On My Website 20days ago, but still not showing in any search engine , showing only global default icon on search , tell me why , and also so many website i have seen in search engine with high authority , but there favicon not showing in search.

  5. I just found out that the parent of Infusionsoft is Keap.

    Guess I’m glad you said Keap. Because if you had said Infusionsoft, I would have tuned out

  6. I wish Infusionsoft had spent more money developing their software to fulfill basic tasks like properly embedding links in emails, instead of paying you to make this video.

  7. Sorry Neil, but Zoho does all of that and much, much more. We signed up to "Zoho One" which lets use use all of their amazing apps and products (and which all integrate together) for $30/month per user. And their support is ]amazing]. Not getting paid to promote Zoho in any way β€” just have to tell every entrepreneur out there that Zoho delivers unbelievable value with unbelievable business tools. I believe Keap has nothing on Zoho…

  8. hello sir how are you i am confuse that my site will rank without backlink at low comptetion keywords sir writing is very hard can i get help from google translated to use my own voice or i can use offline book to copy his text and paste in my website will my web rank

  9. Thanks, Neil great tips, so is Keap better than Autofunnel, which one should I be using to set up my new funnel pages to sell fishing products and services via my google website??

  10. Hey Neil I am a pretty big Infusionsoft/Keap user would love to get see if we are using it to it potential πŸ“ˆπŸ˜‰

  11. Iam working on a website keywords are packers and movers… Pqckers and novers in delhi … Pkm pune but my site is not in top 100 pages of google

  12. Ty for your great work πŸ‘, can you please tell me that how can I follow my unique visitors as i only know their numbers not any kind of contact about them?

  13. Neil – I reached out to KEAP. . I told them I'm in the LEAD generation business. . And, they replied; "We are NOT working with any type of LEAD generation business. ." Now I'm totally confused because all they talk about on their website is how to capture better leads while staying streamlined and efficient. . Which is what I'm trying to do. .
    Another thing that's LACKING and much needed in their software is call πŸ“ž tracker and follow up to have higher conversion rates. . Sorry Neil thumbs πŸ‘Ž

  14. Love how you use simple techniques like "stick till the end to hear what I say about this…" in order to keep people engaged all the way through while also having people finish the whole video to do better in terms of youtube. Not only do you consistently offer amazing advice but you also use simple techniques that many people probably don't realize but should start picking up on. Thank you for yet another amazing video!

  15. Sir, what's the strategy to find out the best DA & PA sites for any backlinks. Tell me shortly,pls. I am Bangladeshi.

  16. Thanks for the tips! I definitely plan to look into this software and will need help setting this up. As a busy solo entrepreneur I don’t have enough hands to manage all of these necessary marketing functions to maintain and grow my business.

  17. Thank you for this great content!

    I have a WordPress blog and put adsense ads on it, but I have a few earnings, and I only have a $ 100 budget! How can I get a lot of traffic in order to get good profits ??

  18. I haveΒ a website, which does not getting rank on google.
    My pages are not coming even on the 10th page of GSRP.
    Hence I want it to be on the first page and first position of the GSRP.
    Btw, I am done with the sitemap process and site is also indexed in google search console.
    Please help me out by answering my question.
    I had not created even a single backlink and outbound link, does it affecting my crawling?

  19. In an earlier video you spoke highly of Getresponse & their Autofunnel software. How is Keap different from Getresponse? Or is it Getresponse linked to Keap ? Could you please clarify. Thanks.

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