President Moon begins three-day trip to Bangkok to attend ASEAN summit meetings

president wounding has started this
three-day visit to Thailand to attend the ASEAN summit coming just weeks
before Korea’s hosting of a special summit with the regional bloc president
moon will work to consider consolidate backing for his peace drive on the
Korean Peninsula we start off with our packagin who is traveling with the
president president moon jae-in travels to Bangkok on Sunday to attend the
annual ASEAN summits where he will focus on gathering support for his peace
efforts on the Korean Peninsula and this month South Korea ASEAN special summit
in Pusan dirtiest and related summits president moon will explain our
government’s efforts on various issues including the Korean Peninsula he will
also gather SNS continued support for the success of the 2019 South Korean
special summit and the first South Korea making summit between November 25th and
27th after a gala dinner on the first day hosted by this year’s ASEAN chair
Thailand’s the president will attend a series of multilateral discussions on
Monday president moon attends the ASEAN plus three summit involving the 10 ASEAN
nations and South Korea Japan and China moon will emphasize the need to build a
stronger partnership for sustainable development which is the agenda of the
international conference president moon will further discuss sustainable
development over a special luncheon also attending will be UN Secretary General
Antonio Guterres and IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva explaining
the efforts made by South Korea to achieve the UN sustainable development
goals the president is keen on elevating the country’s position as a responsible
middle power the East Asia Summit will be held the same day also joined by
neighboring partners US Japan China and Russia president moon will explain his
administration’s efforts to establish peace and an equation on the Korean
Peninsula and discussing transnational crime the president will highlight
Korea’s contribution to addressing security issues the role of ASEAN has
become all the more important following the cancellation of the APEC summit in
Chile the event comes amid rising tension between Seoul and Tokyo over
historical and trade issues and a deadlock with North Korea although there
will be no bilateral summits the South Korean president will
actively participate in the multilateral discussions to seek diplomatic solutions
with the Southeast Asian Nations Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will
also attend the ASEAN meetings meaning president moon and Abby could still meet
on the sidelines the blue house says there is no scheduled one-on-one but
anticipation still built around the possibility in hopes it will provide an
opening for a new dialogue Pakatan era news

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